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【繁中】艾美獎惡搞影片 摩登家庭 Modern Family – Lily is a Monster

it may sound corny but our show really is like a family yeah oh it’s crazy how much I adore everyone in this cast everyone know I know it’s not a table read because all of you showed up she’s a monster can you get to makeup honey I just came from makeup really yikes hi they’re ready for you thanks honey hey what’s up hi are you okay you’re sick you’re next oh yo Bri you look so pretty today can somebody tell me what the heck you saying I’m sorry can we cut I’m Aubrey I can hear you chewing what are you eating chicken sandwich with two pickles wait a minute did you get that where I think you got it yes this is what I’m going to eat at my wedding what are you going to eat at your wedding nope don’t think she knows what she’s doing okay we’ve replaced Lilly before no one will notice and now under estimating our audience please they think I married a Sofia Vergara don’t buy anything I’m a middle-aged man and quite frankly this whole thing feels a little bit racist I’m in yeah see you Monday Lilly I like the sound of that oh wow [Applause]

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