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10 Most Mysterious and Beautiful Forests in the World (Hindi)

10 Most Mysterious and Beautiful Forests in the World (Hindi)

Hellloooooo, hi, namaskar how are you all? Friends, this world is so beautiful that its beauty can be seen and felt. We have become modern today, have been living in big houses, roads have been made, different types of vehicles have come to the market even in the field of technology, we have made a lot of progress but in ancient times there was only only the mountain river on the beautiful scenery on earth , Jungle etc. Not only was there but today also there is.. but now it is only a few. Today we will learn about 10 such forests, which are beautiful and mysterious Friends are welcome to your channel top ten Hindi and if you are joining our channel for the first time then subscribe to the channel and press the Bell icon as well. So let’s start friends this video of today 10.Black Forest This black forest is located in Germany. Trees in this jungle are very close-up and dense, due to which the sun’s rays can not penetrate the forest and due to the absence of the sun’s rays the darkness remains there, due to which you can go there and say sh… Anyone here? As well as being dark here, there are many stories among the people, some of which are non-heads and some related to small child. But do not panic, but it’s just stories because there are so many villages around it and many people go hiking here too. 9.Suicide forest In fact the name of this forest is Aokigahara Jungle. This beautiful forest and the scenery is very cute 😍 On seeing from here, the view of trees is seen here Even the sun’s rays can not enter the jungle. Here you will find very little tunes of birds and sounds of different birds because there is very little wildlife here Here the compass is also not able to work properly so that you cannot find the right direction I would say to you that you go here and go stay here. I just told this joke for Fun. I would like to tell you that at such places you have taken a lot of care of your safety. 8.Blue forest The real name of this forest is the hallerbos forest It is a wonderful forest that is located in Belgian City.The special thing about the forest is the carpet that is soil which is covered in blue bell flowers and is decorated The view of this forest comes out in spring and emerges. People use both government and private vehicles to visit this place So you can easily enjoy the beauty of this forest. And along with the modernization of this forest, . here you also get restaurants and hotels which enhance your facilities 7.Sacred Forest This forest is located on eastern cough hills near Maafalong village of Meghalaya and has also fallen off the fields It is considered to be a very sacred forest Many trees in this forest are considered ancient and many years old There are also many medicinal plants in this forest which help prevent many diseases such as cancer etc There are also Rudraksh trees which are considered as a form of Lord Shiva According to the local people, there is a god in the forest who lives in the form of a tiger or a leopard named Lissa. You need to get a guide to move around this jungle 6.Crooked forest his jungle is located in Poland. In this forest, about 400 trees of pine were planted in 1930 and when they grew, their shape was somewhat strange,If I say right, then I see this tree as inverted question mark which keeps asking me some questions or something. Whatever, they look very beautiful to see and it makes us to keep them for hours. They look just like you can see in these pictures. 5.Sundarban forest Yes, friends, this is the forest, all of us or many people will be aware Yes friends, you and many know about this forest ? You don’t know during the childhood the teacher scolded on this? Sundarbans is the world’s largest mangrove forest India and Bangladesh are fortunate enough to be located in between this beautiful forest. There are many beautiful trees in this forest that shine at night, due to which the name of this forest was Sundarban. It is a place where five rivers Ganga, Brahmaputra, Hooghly, Padma and Meghna meet together Here you will find all kinds of wildlife such as tigers, elephants, monkeys, chimps etc. 4.Moss swamp Romania There is Kai and Dalia jungle in Romania You can not even find the exact location of these forests on Google Maps because the entire Romania is full of beautiful and splendid forests and mountains. Many of these forests also contain Kai and Mud. So if you ever want to roam in Romania, you should surely roam in these forests but yes, taking full care of your safety. so now 3rd 3.Taipingshan National Forest Taipingshan is located in Taiwan. It is mostly moisture during the season due to which there is heavy rainfall This forest is spread over a vast mountainous area Here rivers, bay beautiful greenery, lake etc. attract you You can also hiking here. It would not be wrong to say that this is a very romantic and exciting place. Walking around here you will never forget the experience 2.Otzarreta forest Otzarreta forest is a part of the Gorbea Natural Park This forest is located in Spain This gives the forest a mysterious air, its ancient trees are lean, staining, etc Brother, seeing this, it seems that it is a magical forest in which there is a very beautiful tree, small stream of river which flows between and the orange leaves are scattered on the ground, which makes it extremely beautiful. 1.Tsingy forest, It is located in the forest Madagascar. Tsingy – The meaning of this name is the sharp pointed and thin You can gather enough information about the forest by its name Yes, this forest has long, thin and pointed mountains Tsingy forest is an incredible area, which is strong limestone made of rocks from the earth. Yes you can also learn it as a knife forest. So friends were 10 mysterious forests, so stay connected with our channel for such exciting videos and watch our So will come with another topic next time. by that time goodbye.

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