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100 comments on “10 SKILLS That Are HARD to Learn, BUT Will Pay Off FOREVER!

  1. What about being selective honest to yourself and improving yourself on weak areas. I have been lucky to have a network of friends who can make weakness strength.

  2. A good friend is the one who knows your weakness and strength and guides your way by creating situation that boost your confidence and critically think about your problem areas.

  3. To do things that are creative you need to hibernate or incubate for months on the idea you are passionate about.

  4. Empathy is about bring out the hidden thoughts in your DNA. The survival would have gone with the strong once upon a time now the smartest and in future we do not know.

  5. Empathy over used actually becomes an enabler of destructive behaviors. Empathy as a primary action is a two dimensional thought process which limits far reaching results. Its only a two way activity, that I personally would not suggest to be a strategy used to govern a society.

  6. Sharma ( #3 ) is confusing Passion and Self-Certainty/Self-Command.
    Fire is Passion,
    Self-Certainty/Self-Command is having been forced into KNOWING one's unconscious,
    earning the bedrock of one's own meaning.

    Salut, Namaste, & Kaizen!

  7. Evan Carmichael, you, unlike most, are holding-focus on what we CAN do,
    on what we NEED to be doing,
    on leaving-behind defectiveness/brokenness…

    Thank You.

    Keep keeping going, Dood!

    Salut, Namaste, & Kaizen!

    ( :

  8. Confidence,time, skills, believing, I think these are the most common tools in our own lives we have to develop ourselves I understand all this stuff and things one word "CONFIDENCE" not come into practical very easily but after many experience it comes to understand what is confidence because of before that many activities doing ourselves but without confidence. So they are not successful. If there put this words with confidence after many experience it will be sure successful. So all this stuff like that,
    In my life I have many experience and many skills I am not in hurry up to get that fruits of success but I always practices It when I get it I don't know but I have confidence in myself so TIME is there to take every point like that "BELIEVE" means my thoughts what I think for so we can practice on it, every aspect is like that
    Thank you so much for my opinion, if you want to say some suggestions, you can.thanks again.

  9. I loved them all, I'll apply it all to my life thanks so much for your help and support and encouragement plus it's the last thing I listen to before going to sleep 😴 God bless planet earth.

  10. Oomg!!I'm so Greatfull to you for this mushed idea of the video! I was really need to have in a one place!

  11. LISTENING – after all these years, still working on it. But definitely got much much better.
    This is my rule: "Listen and allow the world to reveal itself as it is."
    (it helped me calm down chatter and focus on the full message being displayed right in front of me.)

  12. Skill number 11, have faith and understanding that life doesn’t end with death, this alone will add more sense to the rest of the other skills mentioned in the video.

  13. Everybody needs this page in his or her life, it's school how it supposed to be. Turn this page into a social system and we're in the 11th demension in no time 😂

  14. be carefull of the time stealer. thank you sir. Go. Focus on your Value. SUCCESS is a process, it is a Journey. this Video help me a lot 👍👍😁😁

  15. # 7 is from Lao Tzu If you are depressed you are living in the past if you are anxious you are living in the future If you are at peace, you are living in the present. # 5 is from Confuscious Life is really simple but men insist on making it complicated.

  16. You have to have the confidence to speak up about what you believe in but also, the confidence to listen to others without needing to constantly prove yourself.

  17. I don’t understand why people laugh at some of the most serious speeches. Nothing was funny about Meryl Streep’s speech yet the audience laughs. I believe most of them don’t understand or are ignorant to the truth or facts.

  18. 10 skills with 7 of them coming from people who have zero credibility and is taken out of context to fit Evans narrative, ya dude this is YOUR opinion in what you think are important skills but WHO ARE YOU? I dont want to be like you, i want to be like elon so i will listen to him in context

  19. Great now Priyanka has Mastered Consistency of being Hypocrite👌
    Anyways who am I to criticise her ,she has won National ,and international Awards 😐

  20. I enjoyed listening to your all ten skills, in particular having confidence and listening. Being present in the moment means always meditating on Krsna for me. Thank you.

  21. Ryan I agree 100%. Role models and mentors are so key.
    I would also add that you also just need to go out and do it.

  22. Thanks very much more than this 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  23. In this video the skill#5 by Bishop T.D.Jakes fuels the speech of Mr. Robin Sharma .When you collaborate these two person's speeches then we can fill the holes that we don't understand in sharma's sir speech . I mean we understand those words clearly but don't actually know the essence of them..or how to put them into action..and sir Bishop's speech here helps refine those words and can actually help how to build up on mr. Sharma's words.

  24. 11.Good handwriting because if you have your own handwriting in 4th grade it will most likely be the same for the rest of your life (Even if you write every day)

  25. Tips for heroic missions, my dear friends please master all these amazing skills and make this world beautiful world for all noble human beings❤️

  26. To me all skill are very important for a great successfully person but the only one I'm going to apply in my life is practicing to speak last and even when I disagree with a preson I can say no, but asked questions or when agree.

  27. About the LISTENING skill, he is so so true, but before getting into training yourself to listen, be aware that you shouldn't do it in a way that makes others uncomfortable. There are people out there that listen good to you and give a feeling of being heard. Then you may even feel you can trust them. But in the ptjer hand, there are also people just listen and give you a feeling of competition! You feel like you aee telling your opinions and theirs are hidden! It happened to me with some people that when I finished telling my opinion and asked them to tell theirs, they were like asking another question! Just ignoring that I needed to hear them as much as they need! Listening should be in a boss way, it should make the situation even more friendly.

    BTW I encourage you to watch the whole speech of simon sink which was cutted in the video.

  28. Can anyone give me advice? Let's see if you can speak up?

    So I'm 25 and im at the point in my life where I'm tired of being closed minded I'm tired of not being knowledgable I really love alot of things in life like other cultures and languages and like the video said 80% is time wasted and 20% is productive tasks,

    But if let's say my life is set already as in I have a job I go to work I have days off and in those days I do chores and have time to myself to rest and do stuff that I enjoy, but how can i be more productive if my money and time is limited, i do have the best tool in the world the internet,but I feel like I'm in a hole right now and if I dont get out of it now I wont be out of ever.

  29. 16:55 – 17:00
    What did she say..😵
    🎵she beginning feeling like a Rap God RAP GOD! 🎵🎵
    Any Foreigner subtitles plzz

  30. Just an idea, but If we can change ourselves and families – our thinking and actions- couldn't this be extended over time into a change in culture – at least bits and pieces of culture? A change in values? i keep reading comments online from people defending every aspect of their culture, but I doubt those people realize how culture is formed and also that there were gurus/leaders from their ancestral lines who did things differently which may've led to better results. perhaps the bully or the big mouth or the richest, most powerful of their clan won out, but not because of logic and reason. Maybe some of our traditions came about under extreme circumstances and simply aren't helping us today. Don't be slaves to your culture or traditions. Life is for the living, not for your dead ancestors. Surely your ancestors would want you to be as healthy and happy as possible. So many of you seem addicted to the traditions which make you the unhappiest. Unchain yourself.

  31. Thanks for sharing brother. Lots of great information that I will apply in whichever way it manifests and applies. One very important thing that I have been learning is “Persistence.” These top 10 tips are great but applying them consistently can be difficult for anyone who is not already doing it. At the beginning you may be able to knock it out of the park 1% of the time and miss the other 99% but if you apply yourself everyday, that margin will reduce itself until it eventually clicks. If something means that much to you it will make no sense to quit. There will be difficult times when we do not believe we can do it and even times where we go a short or long lapse of time without application. Just keep doing it and it will eventually click. We had to fall down many times before we learns to stand and just as many times before we could walk but with consistency it eventually happened. Treat it much the same way. A child doesn’t have an inner voice at that age telling them they can’t do it. They just do it until it works. Apply yourself the same way and ignore the thoughts that say it’s not possible. Everything eventually sticks with persistence.

  32. Enjoy all your emotions!
    Disappointment is a segway for improvement. Worry is only stressful when coupled with anxiety. Mild depression can feel like complaint, and one can enjoy complaining. Fear can be sarcastic, exciting, or simply useful.

  33. People in the comments are so careless that they rush to the comments. If you watch the full video you’ll get ideas on the important part. Taking action.

  34. Study until you get the hang of it but give yourself until sunset so that you won’t get a burn out or stressed. And then repeat on the same day. Focus on the things you see progression and enjoy the most and use other interest as hobbies that you can do in the weekend or your day off. That’s how you do it. And if you don’t want to work all day on your talents until the sun goes down then go ahead and waste 15 years of your life to learn something you can do in 3/4 years with persistence and daily practice.

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