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10 TIPS TO DECLUTTER YOUR HOME 🏠 : change your life!

10 TIPS TO DECLUTTER YOUR HOME 🏠 : change your life!

hello welcome to my channel so for
today’s video I’m going to do something a little bit different typically I talk
about health and nutrition because I am a nutritionist but for today we’re going
to talk about something lifestyle related because I think to have a healthy
life you need a happy life and a happy life comes from happy lifestyle. So in
this video I’m just going to discuss things that I’ve learned over the last few
years about decluttering. Let’s get started. Number one start decluttering in
the room that you use most often it can be tempting to declutter a room that you
don’t really use a smaller room but when you declutter that room you’re not going
to feel the sense of accomplishment you’re not going to want to go and
declutter the rest of your home so I always recommend start off by
decluttering the room that you use the most often which for me is my kitchen
and I live in my kitchen and once that’s done I feel really good I feel a sense
of accomplishment like yes I did something let’s tackle the rest of the
house now number two ask yourself three questions while you declutter does this
item give you joy so this is a concept that I picked up for Marie Kondo’s book
and it’s all about having stuff around you that gives you joy so if an item
doesn’t make you happy you shouldn’t even bother keeping it in
your home number two is this item functional does it work does it serve a
purpose number three have you used this item in the last year now if you can
answer yes to any of these questions keep the item if you can’t answer yes to
any of them maybe that item deserves discarding
tip number three deal with paper clutter weekly so all those Flyers and magazines
and newspapers and God knows how many letters you get in the mail deal with
them weekly otherwise they pile up and then you have a lot of things to deal
with the end here if you’re buying something new think it
through now whenever I’m looking to buy
something new I put it on a wish list first it stays on that wish list for at
least a week or several weeks and if I come back a week later and I still want
the item that means I really love it otherwise I just cross it off the list
tip number five do a closet cleanse so this sounds really daunting and to be
honest it does take some time but it will change your life trust me I’ve had
a friend who did a closet cleanse but I recommended it to her and she is loving
her new closet because it takes her much less time to get ready and it’s not as
cluttered so what do I mean by a closet cleanse what I mean is figure it out a
closet that works for your lifestyle think about it
we all spend a lot of time in our closets first thing in the morning
trying to figure out what to wear and if you can streamline that process by only
having items that you truly love and only having items that really easily mix
and match you’re gonna make your life a lot easier
tackle those junk drawer so we all have Junkers these are drawers for things
that don’t have a home junk drawers aren’t the problem
it’s when we never clean them and then it’s been a year and this is all sorts
of stuff I have one junk drawer in my house it’s in the entrance area and I
put all sorts of stuff in there that doesn’t have a home but every month I
look into it and see if there’s stuff that can be discarded or stuff that can
be moved to a new home tip number seven don’t eat the gifts
that you don’t use so we all get gifts and some are sentimental so obviously
keep those gifts don’t really attach to them and you don’t know what to do
they’re not really for you but someone else could use them sitter be gifting or
consider donating the item so at least someone else can use it
keep the visual clutter to a minimum so what do I mean by visual clutter it’s
the stuff that’s all around your home on your furniture and the decorative items
and everyone’s tolerance to visual clutter is different what’s clutter to
you may not be cluttered to mean vice versa
tip number nine get your family support so if you live in a household which is
more than just you you are going to deal with other people’s clutter and if your
family’s not on board or the decluttering you can declutter but it’s
not going to make enough of a difference 10 which is the final tip is review
every year or every six months whatever works for you I like to do a spring
clean where I do a full decluttering every year because you know what no
matter how much you declutter the clutter happens again it comes from
somewhere so there you have it ten tips to declutter your home and embrace
minimalism in the process if you like the video and you learn something you
give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching I will see
you in the next video

44 comments on “10 TIPS TO DECLUTTER YOUR HOME 🏠 : change your life!

  1. Love your video just subbed I am currently decluttering and getting thing in the right track before the new year.😊perfect timing I am also a small youtouber if you have the time swing by my channel it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I am loving your videos!! I did a closet cleanse today and it feels great. It's funny that you asked the question, "Does this bring me joy" because I said that to myself and let go of a lot. I have 2 huge bags to give away to WIN (Women in Need).
    Now I need my husband and kids to get on board and help me out with other areas in the house. πŸ™‚

  3. i just subscribed to ur channel , i buy a lot of books some of them i am never going to read and i know it , i was thinking to donate it real soon (reference fro ur last video things u dont buy anymore) And i dont live with my family , i live alone in an apartment. there are few things which i havent used since 2 years like an arabic perfume bottle that my friend from Sudan gifted …obviously i used it but i cant dump it . I feel joy in every second thing like earrings or rubber bands i dont use anymore . i am definitely thinking to donate some clothes because when i purchased them i didnt like them at the first place ,but i am still not sure about the sunscreen lotion i dont use the books i wont read, the used perfume bottles . What can i do ? my room is a junk

  4. I learned years ago to come in from the mailbox and sort mail OVER the trash can. If it is a bill, I have a "bill box" and if it was something to save, I had file folders. It really doesn't take much time to do it daily. Now there is a "delete" button on email.

  5. very informative and needed vedio , thanks that I found you . your tips were worthy thankyou πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. I appreciate how you mention reviewing if you used an item in 1 year as opposed to the usual 6 months mentioned by most. After all some of us have to deal with winter seasons which is why we have coats, and sweaters that only get use for 2-4 months out of a year.

  7. O always feel good when I clean out a junk drawer or my closet. I feel like I accomplished something and I feel lighter in a way

  8. perfect video as usual i am standing in front of my closet and im just thinking to remove all the unnecessary stuff i have my unwanted cardboard ready and the cherry on the cake is watching ur video right before doing the job now i have more clarity and you made it more simple actually. i can remove hell lot of stuff by asking myself those 3 questions<3 thanks ria lots of love to u

  9. Several years ago, long before I heard of Marie Kondo, I began to declutter everything. I asked myself, "Does it improve my life, make me happierl or serve a needed purpose?" Made it super easy. When getting rid of clothing, I tried everything on and it had to meet these requirements: Fit, comfort and I had to feel it represented ME in addition to feeling beautiful. That may sound silly to some, but it works for me. My parents also did this (they're in their early 80s now) and the 3 of us went from 2-3 bedroom houses to 2- a 1 bedroom and a 2 bedroom apartment. Since mom and dad don't drive, we share one car. Life is grand. πŸ˜„

  10. Eve inspired me to go through my kitchen cabinets, especially the top ones and find things that I can sell like my rice maker and snow cone machine that have plastic parts that I don't feel comfortable using.

  11. Hi Ria!
    I recently discovered your videos and I like your approach to minimalism and healthy living.
    I was wondering…What kind of tree is the one in the back of your living room?
    Thanks for the great content!

  12. Very nice – trouble is, my whole house is a junk drawer. And 95% of our stuff hasn't been used in the last year. I need help.

  13. i burn the paper clutter and my old bills in my fireplace protecting my identity and more fuel efficient. but as soon as i throw something out i notice i am looking for it soon as i need it for something. especially small house with limited closet space, its a big challenge

  14. I have to share a room with my sister who is 4 years younger than me. I am super organized, always cleaning and rearranging things. She is the exact opposite. I have begged her and my parents to let me clean her spaces (which have began to over take mine because of the huge mess) and they say no because it's unnecessary if she likes it that way. I would be doing all the work and they still say no. It stresses me out and I don't know what to do!

  15. I think the biggest trouble with me is my closet. I always wanted new clothes, otherwise I will feel bored. And I tend to keep all my old clothes because I think they might be useful one day (though not sure which day). Still trying to figure out a way to make up my mind to declutter my closet…

  16. Omg yes! Thank you for these tips 😁 I’m gonna go do all this now πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  17. O no that means I have to throw everything from my home/ well almost everything, most of itπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

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    Click here: and use the code fall2019. 😁

    If you need any help with the purchase, feel free to email me! My email address is on the product page link. You can watch the video on the workbook here:

  19. Very important especially in this materialistic world! Periodic Decluttering declutters the MIND too!!!! (I m not talking about OCDs)

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