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1982 Mercedes-Benz 190 w201 development – design, testing, pre-production

[Music] [Music] in recent years were the general conditions human existence a quick one subjected to change the supply of the industrialized countries with energy moved into the center of a converted social consciousness the Energy shortage at worldwide growing demand has opaque world political backgrounds too strong price fluctuations with significant upward trend for the consumer guided the expansion of the road network through fiscal and infrastructural Problems partly with drastic limits set resource shortage and energy needs in the production of technical products Influence on material choice and manufacturing process increasing requirements for quality of life under the aspect of relief physical work and rising cost pressure at changed world economic influences to profound changes in the production running against the background of this economic and technological change is the Mercedes types range to a new one compact series first with the Models 190 and 190 added at the conception meetings they were from the converted ones the following conditions development goals in the foreground small external dimensions low weight low drag from it resulting lower fuel consumption after weighing all pro and contra arguments engine forward Drive in the back also for this size above average Driving behavior in demanding driving comfort high active and passive safety maintenance and repair friendliness all at one independent style but without abandon the typical mercedes benz features just in that was the real challenge to the stylists a more compact and for daimler-benz scales light vehicle to design it anyway immediately mercedes is recognizable with the help of laser beam technology the exact measurement of the size takes place the end face of the vehicle models in the Windkanal become the observed flow conditions and the on the model attacking air forces measured the results influence the Design of the one to one model in the Big wind tunnel will fine tune the exterior shape of the model in natural size made Here are the effects of changes immediately after be studied the success of every single measure becomes visible the vote of form and height of the roof contour and the trailing edge is for the drag coefficient of the vehicle of great importance on the the basis of the optimized sound model created hard model confirms the correctness of the concept finally one could drag coefficient of 0 3 3 be achieved though some measures at the outer vehicle contour in the conflicting goals with aerodynamics Optimization stand such as the water channel for dirt free disposal of side window here was aware of the safety of given preference over the aerodynamics the final form will finally be sampled and stands as mathematical surfaces model for the others constructive work available regardless of the type bound Vehicle development are focusing on the whole other wise and elsewhere Designers in new technical territory new principles are being studied with compared known structures and with the help of bills and experience on your fitness for serial vehicles checked especially the completely redesigned rear axle for the new series a significant technical innovation is every back wheel is spatially spaced by five arranged left therefore led the Designation space left axis [Music] before deciding on the final vehicle conception were extensive theoretical work and help various test vehicles also practical testing work to Chassis tuning performed [Music] the chassis development was following main objectives underlying the because of better view of the axes at Demonstration vehicle will be explained Optimization of straight-ahead since in power steering and load change reactions through kinematic and elasto kinematic tuning [Applause] above average driving comfort through multiple isolation of the suspension as well as favorable introduction of dynamic advice forces in the body over far outward shock absorbers and separated from it feathers low tire wear due to low trace and fall changes the front axle conception should raumökonomie good-natured directs properties at optimal Steering precision and good driving comfort connect with each other These requirements were realized with a damper leg axis Take the shock absorbers along with you the three ex control arms the wheel guide the feathers are next to the shock absorbers on the wishbone large-volume rubber bearings increase the fahrkomfort already in construction and calculation Stadium becomes another essential goal of the chassis development realized lowest possible weight below Consideration for daimler benz typical high demands on the Durability extensive trials on different test stands simulate both the forces and moments from the drive train as also the different burdens the from the roadway from vienna [Music] while a servo hydraulic roads Simulation test bench with the help a process computer is controlled the landing gear will be extremely stressed at the same time elsewhere extensive constructive work on the body performed calculations using the finite elements support the method designer in the design of his designs regarding rigidity and the weight of body-in-white is the weight Checking the vibration properties according to natural frequency phases position and swing shape with the goal further improvement of driving comfort [Music] on another vibration test bench he to control the operational stability and Durability the burden of a Traced bad distance higher strength sheets one by 30 percent higher energy intake ensure plastic deformation protect the occupants in heavy accidents The stem is by its special Concept for the favorable transfer of forces of the front longitudinal member in the Passenger compartment especially for protection the occupants occupied frontal collisions designed this Collision saab comes under the heavy road traffic accidents the largest meaning too therefore were resulting from it claims to the vehicle structure of especially at the beginning of development considered in an over coverage of just 40 percent just the one-sided application of force the deformation characteristics of the stem and the rigidity of the passenger compartment highest demands a newly designed steering arrangement prevents even with this unfavorable stress too far penetration of the steering in the passenger compartment all collision will be tender according to their importance in the body design in numerous will try the Structure of the vehicle checked and based on the results obtained further improved with that is that Crash behavior of the entire vehicle according to the latest findings of the daimler-benz research optimized this vehicle can as well as the other types of rows from daimler benz on request with an airbag for the driver in addition to the belt and one Tensioner for the passenger be equipped also the protection of outer Traffic participants were with one essential development goal despite various optimization measures through compliant design of the entire bonnet area up to hood rear edge with partially recessed wipers are at these are always the limits of the protection possibility by constructive measures on the vehicle clearly The ease of repair is at try to impact with less impact speeds under proof put the possible section here Repairs reduce costs everything that regenerates itself bumpers contribute to the reduction of Repair costs for trivial accidents at impact speeds up to four kilometers per hour were not yet lasting damage experienced in driving tests was the vote of your own behavior through targeted Changes in the elasto kinematic characteristics of the front and rear axle at stationary and in stationary driving through to the border area one over the steering angle changeable translation at the Mechanical steering could Steering precision can be increased without that when parking too high steering forces must be applied finally, driving characteristics became achieved the new standards set in trying with different caravans and became an experimental followers safe driving characteristics also in the Team operation does not exist on request, the vehicles can be ex works with a detachable trailer hitch be equipped in case of sudden air deflated tires the control force lever is the one that works geometry results from the front axle Stabilize direction [Music] the already proven anti-blocking system still steering at full braking also possible stands for this series as special equipment available even with one-sided slippery roadway the braked vehicle stays in the track on driving comfort can be objectively Measure with the help of a mass seat cushion and acceleration will be the vibrations in driving on mass track and track different Frequency ranges analyzed longer wheelbase large spring travel soft suspension and gas pressure shock absorbers give the Low frequency range a good one fahrkomfort higher frequency stocker vibrations and vibrations in the drive train analyzed and over screen time served played even with the most diverse load condition remains the comfort receive different climatic conditions although partly on test stands can be simulated on rides in different countries and climate zones in the testing work involved at a great height In cold heat, dust and moisture The vehicles must also be under heavy load during driving prove in connection with the damper at Front axle developed fist saddle disc brake offers except the Ease of maintenance also the lower essential advantage sensitivity to calm brake discs temperatures on the test bench can extreme loads are simulated the engines are further developments of the proven four-cylinder n100 series 2 the performance vote with high torques in the lower speed range takes into account the Vehicle size and driving resistance also at top speed, the carburetor and injection engines the known high stability on the two-liter injection engine is through Retention of the mechanical reason Systems are particularly sturdy electronically controlled additional functions improve the mixture preparation further the result more favorable fuel consumption low Pollutant emissions and good adaptation on different driving conditions In addition, contributes to the favorable consumption of the vehicle as well low drag also low rolling resistance in one special trailer can be the rolling resistance at becomes isolated from environmental influences even at high speeds be determined with elaborate electronic Measuring devices will reduce consumption in the driving for the different gearbox variants exactly determined [Music] next to the mechanical four-speed gearbox is a new 5 gear gear as well a new four-speed automatic for disposal For the first time, the automatic transmission can be switched on wish with two sound programs be equipped a standard program and a additional economy program the one especially quiet and economical way of driving allows [Music] at the final vote of the Chassis are the elasto kinematic properties of front and rear axle so on each other Voted that a maximum Driving safety and driving comfort achieved becomes [Music] done on largely finished vehicle different noise measurements here require ever increasing demands new ways of rating one Specially tuned art head technique allows using a digital record an accurate and reproducible interior noise Appraisal for the outside noise Measurement can be done in the large room test bench also free-field conditions simulated become the result of several years of research Construction calculation test bench Simulation real vehicle testing objective vehicle measurement as well subjective assessment is finally one from scratch and in the details completely new series of theirs Development here are just a few key points and cutouts could be shown The products of daimler-benz based on high for the first time in a more compact vehicle series realize to the known advantages of a high quality standards high life and stable in value driving characteristics of high comfort contemporary stylistics and about German kicker active and passive safety now come the other benefits lower air resistance low weight and as a result hereof low fuel consumption with the new models 190 and 190 e became finally the promotion realized the from the beginning a self-evident goal was also this compact vehicle is a real mercedes

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