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2016/11/08: My Message to Millennials: How to Change the World — Properly

2016/11/08: My Message to Millennials: How to Change the World — Properly

Hi there. This is my message to Millennials about how to change the world and I would say how to change the world properly [of] course the question, then is well exactly what do you mean by properly and of course that’s the fundamental issue So I’m going to walk through that little bit So I’m gonna and I’ve also got an offer to make to any millennials that are willing to watch this so This was triggered in [part] by something I read recently by Jonathan hate and Jonathan haidt is the professor of ethical leadership at the nyu Stern school of business, and he’s been a very astute Commentator recently on some of the political battles that have been going on in the social sciences [noting] for example that there is very little political diversity in the views of social scientists and perhaps even less on the part of the people in the humanities And hate recently wrote something which all all what are you linked to in the and the description of this video? Where he claimed that universities have to decide between Social justice and truth and on the side of truth he puts Philosopher call named John Stuart Mill an English Philosopher who said He who knows only his side of the case knows little of that His reasons may be good and no one may have been able to refute them But if he is equally unable to refute the reasons on the opposite side if he does not Does not so much as know what they are he has no ground for preferring either opinion And then he juxtaposes John Stuart Mill with Karl Marx who said the Philosopher’s have only interpreted the world in various ways the point is to [change] it He considers Marx the Patron Saint of Social justice University which is oriented around changing the world in part by overthrowing power structures and privilege It sees political diversity as an obstacle to action male on the other hand according to hate is the Patron saint [of] what he calls truth you which sees truth as a Process in which flawed individuals challenge each other’s biased and incomplete reasoning and in the process all become smarter Hate points out the truth university dies when it becomes intellectually uniform or politically, orthodox So I guess this video is in part my call along with Jonathan haidt for young people to join Truth universe versity, but there’s a problem with that because the university is where the truth is being sought That’s the university, but there’s a problem and that is that young people want to change the world and it’s part of what Piaget the developmental psychologist piaget called the Messianic stage and there’s some real utility in that because we’re social creatures and As we construct ourselves and formulate ourselves and bring our own character into being predicated on our on our biological Platform our biological being we also simultaneously have to integrate Adjust to integrate with and negotiate with Society which sometimes needs to be changed The structure of [Society] has to be preserved But it has to be [updated] and proved as it moves forward and so part of the problem is how to update and improve it without doing [that] so rapidly that you destroy everything of any value, so The problem I have with the marxist perspective, and I’ve had this problem with it for a long time Is that I don’t think [that] you should trust people whose primary goal? when when when they’re attempting to change the world for the better is to change other people and you can tell who those people are because they’re always blaming other people and they’re looking for victims they’re looking for perpetrators and victims and then they’re going off to stop the perpetrators, and I think that’s wrong because as Alexander solzhenitsyn said he’s a great Russian writer who helped bring down the soviet union He said the line between good and Evil runs down every every [humans] heart So that so the real battle as far as I’m concerned And I think this goes along with the true tradition in [which] John stuart mill is is firmly placed in is that? to overcome Tyranny and malevolence and Chaos and Nihilism and the Desire to bring everything to a halt you have to repair the fissures And-And-and the rift that’s in your own soul, basically and that means that you have to confront the the Evil that lives in your own heart and there’s a there’s a statement from the new testament [that] I think is very much apropos with regards to this particular idea and this is This is part of the sermon on the mount which is a central text in in western in the western tradition I would say [obviously] central to Christianity but central to everything that western civilization has built and so christ says to his followers Why be holdest thou? the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye or How wilt thou say to thy brother let me pull out the mote out of thine eye and behold a beam is in [thine] own eye thou hypocrite first cast out [the] beam out of thine own eye and then Shalt thou see clearly to cast the mote out of thy brother’s eye Well, I like that quote because it places the responsibility For change at every level of being on the individual and obviously the individual interacts with society But the idea here is that unless the individual straightens out his or her [own] soul There’s no possibility that the impact the individual can have on society can be anything, but [buts] a harmful in proportion to the harm That’s still in the soul. These are important [things] to know they’re vitally important things to know So okay, so but then we’re faced with the conundrum that young people also want to change the world but that’s no problem because I [think] you can bring you could bring truth university together with the desire to to make real change, but change Change change has to start [at] the right place so I’m going to tell you how I [think] you should change yourself so that you can change the world and So that the world that you bring into being will be a better world and all the worst one Remember remember you need to know about this that the world that the followers of Marx brought into being in the 20th century Killed more than a hundred million people say in China and russia. [I] mean the soviet Union and [in] places like Cambodia and Vietnam The world certainly changed as a consequence of Marxist doctrine But it didn’t [change] in in a good direction and of course the Marxist doctrine is Making itself heard in a massive way across the west again now so all right So what should you do about that? Well? Here’s an idea? The first thing you have to do is orient yourself now You probably have all watched pinocchio and pinocchio is about how a marionette someone who’s whose strings are being pulled by Forces Beyond his comprehension [that’s] the situation of the undeveloped individual Geppetto who’s a Benevolent father so a benevolent? Symbol a symbol of benevolent culture makes a puppet his son and then wishes on a star now a star is something that glitters up in the sky and it’s and it’s associated with the Transcendent and Beyond and the divine and you know if you look up in the night, [sky] And it’s very dark [you] get a feeling of awe it’s because you’re confronting your soul so to speak your individual soul is confronting the cosmos and you can feel a relationship between you and and and and the totality so looking up into the sky is like a religious experience if it’s a starry sky and to wish upon a star is to find in a light that orient’s you like the North star and To pick a highest goal to pick the highest goal You can conceive of and so that’s what geppetto does he raises his eyes above his his Day-To-day concerns and tries to establish a relationship with the highest of all possible values and And and he has the most profound of wishes and the most profound of wishes is that the puppet that he’s created Could become a genuine individual genuinely fully fully developed human being and that’s what you can wish for [yourself] That’s you can wish and and and and aim for that in yourself and then You see that’s how you deal [with] the suffering that’s attendant on life because life is suffering and because life is very hard and people Get sick, and they become mentally ill and and and there’s malevolence in the world And there’s tragedy and so life is very very hard and if you’re not properly oriented with regards to life the fact that it’s hard and the fact that it’s full of suffering can can warp and twist and Bend you until you become murderous and resentful and and even go Beyond murderous and resentment to wish for for genocide and evil even to wish for [the] destruction of everything and So you have to learn [how] to strengthen yourself as an individual [so] that you can bear? the Burden of being without becoming corrupt you have to decide that that is what you’re aiming [for] is that you want to become [a] fully developed human being and stop being a Pathetic Marionette whose strings are being pulled by Horrible Forces behind the scenes So I would say to wish on a stars to Aim at the highest good in the question, then is well What what is the good? well We can answer that in two ways We could say that the good is the opposite of evil And I can tell you what evil is evil is the conscious desire to produce suffering where suffering is not necessary and so if you read about What happened in the NaZi Concentration? camps for example or in the in the Russian concentration camps during the soviet time of the soviet union you’ll get a good flow favor for what constitutes evil and evil is the desire to exploit the vulnerability of other people to self-consciously exploit the Vulnerability of other people and to elevate their suffering beyond their or anyone’s ability to tolerate and so the good is the opposite of that Whatever the opposite of that is the good is harder to get a handle on but here’s one hint and I got this from reading jean Piaget partly who’s a developmental pSychologist and Piaget talked about the Equilibrated state and in equilibrated state is like a game the children play Where every child wants to play the game you have a little social group? And that’s the children’s play group and any of us the individuals within it those are the individual children and the structure is the game and it’s a good game if everyone wants to play it and And piaget noted that a game like that will outperform a game that people have to be terrorized to play because it doesn’t entail it doesn’t require any enforcement cost and so I’ve sort of developed the idea of [nil] equilibrated state to think that if If you’re aiming at the good, then you want what’s good for you? And I mean good [for] you as if you were taking care of yourself, and we’re good to yourself We were treating yourself like someone you loved That was good for you in a way that [would] also be good for your family, and then it would be good for you And your family in a way that was also good for society and then it would be Good for you, and your family and society in a way that would [be] good for the world And then it would be good now And it would be good next week and the week after and a year from now and is long into the future [as] you can See, so the good is something that’s equilibrate across multiple levels of being in multiple time frames simultaneously And it isn’t necessarily that you know what that is going to be at any given moment, but you can orient yourself So that’s the state that you [want] to exist in and I can tell you As far [as] I [can] tell when you exist in that state even moment by Moment Your life is imbued with a sense of meaning and that sense of meaning can help you transcend Suffering the Philosopher Nietzsche said he who has a why Can Bear [anyhow] he who has a why? Can bear [anyhow] and so Nietzsche’s idea was that if there was purpose in your life of sufficient grandeur that? not only could the suffering in life be a but maybe it even be appreciated like it could be that you’re willing to bear the burden of being because of the Exciting things that you can do with being the things you can build and the things that you can bring about and that might be The highest imaginable state of being and that’s that’s a form of paradise, but it’s not a paradise that you attain by transforming others It’s a paradise that you attain by transforming yourself and That’s a very difficult thing to do and it’s a very frightening thing to do because it means that you’re you’re Retooling your soul, and that’s that’s a job for a real That’s the job for a forthright and honorable person and it’s an exciting enough Task so that it will keep you occupied for the rest of your life and then magical things will happen to you well your While you’re doing it, and the world will arrange itself around you in the most wonderful way in a musical way So that every part of what you’re experiencing plays off against every other part in a manner that has meaning embedded in every aspect of it and you experience that by the way you experience that when you listen to a piece of [music] that You love music represents that and that’s why people it’s why music Nourishes the soul why it’s the highest form of art at least in my opinion. So you have to live your life as if Being is a symphony, and you’re playing you’re playing your instrumental part Once you are it yourself. Then you have an [obligation] I would say an obligation to the development of your soul to speak the truth you have to be oriented properly though Because the truth is is something that Exists in service to an ideal an ideal of sorts then you can imagine that you could use your [language] two ways you can use your language to manipulate the world and To extract from it what you want, so for example Maybe you go out on a date with someone and you decide that the end goal of the date is to Have a sexual partner for the night and then you can craft your language to manipulate The person into providing you with you with what you want, and that’s like an instrumental use of language But the problem with [that]. There’s many problems with that But one of them is is that what if your idea about what you should want is wrong like maybe that’s not the way to treat someone that you’re on a date with out on a date with maybe maybe you’re minimizing and reducing the interactions between you from what could be a healthy and Elevated state of interaction and discourse to something that’s that Basically the pursuit of impulsive pleasure and not maybe that’s not good for you Next week and the week after and a month down the road maybe orienting yourself towards impulsive pleasure is a very bad idea Remember what happens in Pinocchio pinocchio goes to pleasure island and pleasure island is a place where impulsive pleasures can be had at a moment’s notice but what pinocchio discovers along with Jiminy cricket that pleasure island is run by masked Totalitarians there they’re all dressed in black you remember. They’re there turning the children and Adolescents who are on Pleasure Island? They’re depriving about their voice turning them into brain Jackasses and preparing to sell them as slaves to the salt mines and so there’s an implication in that story that the pursuit of Impulse of pleasure is One route to totalitarianism and slavery, and I believe that so perhaps Orienting your language towards the gathering of the impulsive pleasure is a miss is a misuse of your highest gift You’re the gift of logos the gift of communication The alternative is to orient Yourself towards the highest good as we already described and then speak the truth which and you can you can tell when you’re doing that? because or you can tell when you’re not doing that because if you’re if you’re not telling the truth if you’re using someone else’s words You’re being Elated into sense by forces that are behind the scenes. You’re not using your own words You’re the puppet of an ideology or another thinker or your own impulsive desires And you can tell when you’re speaking like that because it makes you feel weak It makes you feel weak and ashamed and you can localize that feeling physiologically if you listen to yourself talk you can tell when when you’re speaking Properly you will experience a feeling of integration and strength and when you’re speaking in a deceitful or manipulative Manner You’ll feel that you’re starting to come apart at the seams and what you need to do is practice Only saying things that make you feel stronger, and that’ll mean to begin with it You’ll notice that almost everything you say is a lie. It’s either a lie or someone else’s words It’s very hard to find your [old] words, but you don’t actually exist until you have your own words So okay, so then you you try to teach yourself how to speak your own truth And you listen to other people while you’re doing that because they can help you shape and correct your words They’ll react to them badly if you formulate your ideas Badly and if you listen and pay attention then you can learn to formulate your words More and more clearly and accurately and that makes you more and more powerful It makes you it gives you more and more authority which is the which is the beneficial form of power, okay? So you do that, and then you have to make a decision of Faith And that’s basically well that you can either either use [your] language to manipulate the world and make it do what you want or you can use your language to try to articulate the truth as carefully as you possibly can and then [you] can see what happens you have to let go of your desire For the for the consequences that you want you have to assume that if you speak the [truth] The results are the best that is possible under the circumstances [and] so it’s a it’s a it’s an exciting way of living in some sense some sense It’s like continually walking off a cliff because you don’t know what’s going to happen next [if] all you do is say what you think? You know and maybe you’re at work, and you say what you [think] and you get fired you think oh my God? That’s a terrible catastrophe, but maybe it’s not because maybe if you’re working somewhere, and you have to lie to maintain your job Maybe you shouldn’t be there Maybe it’s deadening your soul and damaging you in some permanent manner and making you corrupt and so You have to orient yourself you have to speak the truth as carefully as you can you have to listen to others so that you correct your speech and then you have to allow the Consequences that ensue to unfold as they will that’s the ultimate act of Faith I would say and that’s what you do if you belong to truth university All right, so more practically speaking then you should educate yourself and it’s not that easy to do now because You have to find people who can [actually] tell you mostly what to read and maybe also how to write because writing is a way Of formulating your thoughts ever more precisely that’s why you go to university to learn how to write if you learn if you know how to write you can think if You can think and speak and communicate in writing? You’re you’re unbelievably? powerful in the Authority Manner because arguments move the world Forward and if your arguments are tight and [well-constructed] and Lucid and well edited and carefully thought through and you have five rationales for everything that you’re doing Which is what happens if you learn to write properly, then you’re like a force of nature man No one can take you down And that’s one of the things that people aren’t taught about why you go get educated especially in the humanities humanities education if it’s real organizes your pSyChe grounds you puts you on a Rock and makes you a force to contend with [but] you have to read the right people and so and those are the great They’re the great people of the past in [my] list they’re the great men of the past and that’s just how it is and So here’s who I would recommend I put reading lists up at Jordan B Peterson Com there’s two of them and the people that I recommend Primarily are their books written by the followed list of people Fyodor [dostoyevsky] Leo Tolstoy, who I think perhaps the greatest novelists the world has ever seen Alexander solzhenitsyn another great russian novelist. I don’t know what it is about the russians, but man they produce they produce writers that are incomparable Alexander solzhenitsyn wrote a book called [the] gulag archipelago where he analyzed the soviet prison Camp system that arose after the leninist revolution in the second decade of the 20th century and details [an] absolutely precisely how the [tenets] of Marxism the Marxist tenants that are supposed to free everyone and change the world produce legislation [that] was that was absolutely murderous in its consequences and solzhenitsyn Painstakingly traces the logical Pathway from the original Marxist principles to the legislation to the to the genocides because you’ll hear people who are basically marxist to say things like well true Marxism never existed and Solzhenitsyn took that bad argument apart in the in the [mid-70s] and and the gulag archipelago was an intellectual bomb it it it demolished any Credibility that Marxism had to intellectual respectability you have to read the book The book is about the central issue in our culture at the moment if you don’t read it. You’re not informed You can’t participate in the debate except as a puppet and so I wouldn’t recommend Participating in this debate as a puppet because you don’t know who’s behind the scenes pulling the strings if you remember the pinocchio story The forces that we’re pulling the strings were not They were not forces that were acting in Pinocchio’s best interest that’s for sure George orwell English essayist incomparable commentator on Socialist totalitarianism even though he was a left winger and a Brilliant one aldous Huxley wrote brave New world Had some very brilliant things to say about the potential demolition of sexual choice of choice of sexual partner as a part of part of a you dystopian future Friedrich Nietzsche a Philosopher who described himself as as Someone who thought with a hammer and Nietzsche is a very very dangerous person and an absolutely Brilliant writer and [Carl] jung who? Was a student of Nietzsche and who Nietzsche was the philosopher who announced the death of God back in the late? 1800s and jung spent his whole life Attempting to revivify God that’s one way of thinking about it, and so if you or educate yourself And this is [a] really good place to start if you read these authors then you’ll know what else to read if you read these authors it’ll it’ll take you a good long time and it will be very very hard on you and and You won’t be the same person when you come out? And that’s very frightening and because being torn down and rebuilt his note is no joke But it beats the hell out [of] the alternative which is just to stagnate and stay as stagnant infant Which is which is not something. I recommend there’s nothing uglier than a stagnant 40 year old infant So that’s equivalent. Just so you know – pinocchio back to the pinocchio story rescuing geppetto from the underworld remember and he was he had kind of turned into a half jackass after being at the Pleasure Island where he was enticed by the way from a couple of people who that was the fox and the cat who attempted to? entice himself into believing that he [was] a victim and needed a vacation, so pinocchio was enticed [onto] pleasure island by two two figures that played on his sense of Victimization and neuroses and suffering to convince him that he didn’t have to he didn’t have to take any [responsibility] for his own existence And he could just busy himself with impulsive pleasures right that’s how he fell into the hands of the totalitarian, so on Pleasure Island Anyways, Pinocchio after he left? Pleasure Island had to go into the ocean twice and the second time [he] went into the ocean he was looking for his father well everyone’s father from a mythological perspective is dying in the underworld in the Chaos because everyone inhabits a culture that’s that’s sick and old so to speak and it’s sick [and] old because it was made by the dead and the living have to revivify it continually in order for it to be a Dynamic Force and the living have to revivify their connection with the culture internally to because you’re Constructions of culture although not only constructions of culture and you have to understand history Because otherwise you can’t understand yourself You’re a historical creature And so you have to rescue your dead father from the belly of the beast from the dragon Guests remember the whale in pinocchio is also a fire-breathing dragon [and] that means you have to face the thing that you most fear and when you do that, you’ll rescue your father from the underworld [these] are very complex ideas and you can read about them in my book maps of meaning if you want it’s on the reading list I put a free copy of it on Jordan B. Peterson [Com] so you can download it I take apart these sorts of things in detail. So anyways you have to revivify your father before you can become real and that’s part of the problem with the The [feminists] in feminist and Social Justice warrior insistence on the existence of the patriarchy it’s like Everyone’s known since the beginning of time that culture is corrupt and tyrannical But it’s also protective and benevolent even the language used is a product of culture and so you don’t overthrow the patriarchy Yuri vivify your culture and you do that by adopting Responsibility for your own being and then acting as a moral agent in the culture, that’s what you do To become educated so read these books read these books they’ll change your life. I guarantee it. They’ll change your life They’ll take you apart. They’ll devastate you and then they’ll rebuild you into something far greater than you are now [you’re] [hurt] Don’t worry Jenny You need to get yourself out Follow the chamber, and you’ll find wrong you You were brilliant folks. [I] just [wasn’t] quick enough Of course Phoenix tears have healing powers Thanks it’s alright today and That’s what to aim for So then and here’s something that will help you my colleagues And I have developed a series of online writing programs called the self authoring suite And they help people write about their past and organize that and their present Personality and organize and understand that and then the future and the future authoring program asks you to write about six different dimensions of your life so it asks you first of all treat yourself as if you’re someone that you want to help and Lend that someone that you love and take care of and someone that you want to help and then It asks you well if you could if you [could] organize your life in the best possible Manner and in keeping with those principles We discussed earlier um What do you want? What? Do you want for your career like what do you want? What would make your life meaningful? What do you want for your career? What do you want for your family and from your family? What do you want for an intimate relationship? How are you going to handle how are you going to take care of your mental and physical health? How are you going to handle drug drug and alcohol use it asks you a series [of] fundamental questions like that To get your mind moving, and then it asks you to write for 15 minutes about what your life could be [like] fifty three to five years in the future if it was laid out like you were laying out a life for someone you deeply cared about and so you’re asked to write for 15 minutes about that without worrying too much about structure the structure of the [argument] or Any grammatical niceties that [that’s] put off for later, so that gives you a little heaven dame for right? It’s like well If I could have this my life would be clearly worthwhile even if I had to put up with a fair bit of suffering along the way that’s what you’re trying to construct and you can think about that as a heaven worth moving towards and then the second part of the program asks you to write about what your life would be like three to five years down the road if all of your bad habits and nihilistic tendencies and proclivity towards resentment and lack of Desire to shoulder responsibility if all your weak points got the upper hand and just ordered you into the ground and Everyone knows that you know what you’d be like if you just let everything slide and and you know what particular hell You were ended up heading towards and so the set the second part of the program asks you to write about What your life would be like three to five years down the road if everything just went to hell around you and so that gives? you a hell to avoid and heaven to strive for You need both of those because that’s what keeps you properly motivated in life And then the second half of the program that the next part of the program helps you turn your vision of the desirable future into an implementable reality and to Articulate it fully and to articulate the arguments for why you want that and those even help you overcome your own doubts, right? It’s not only to argue against other people It’s to argue against the chattering Demons of Nihilism and hopelessness and ideological possession that that exists in your mind and in society Simultaneously you need powerful weapons to fight back against those so here’s an offer for you We’ve made the future authoring program available free for the next while I don’t know how long a while be but let’s assume a week or something like that and so if you go to WWL farthing Com Slash future authoring Dot HtML You can read about the program there and [now] I got to tell you we’ve used this program on about 5,000 university students so far mostly in Holland, but some in Canada as well, and what we’ve shown Is that they the program if you if you complete this program even if you do it badly? And I would recommend it do it badly man It doesn’t matter you don’t have to do it perfectly do it badly And then maybe do it better as you move forward, but at least do [it] badly it increases the performance of University students it increases their grades by between 20 and 25 percent and Decreases their dropout by about the same percent And so we have doubt on [5,000] [people] one of those papers has been published and I’ll put that in in the description in the [description] of this video and so this program really works if you do it and And so I would highly recommend that you do it anyways you can read about the program there click purchase for 1495 Then enter this code change yourself that’ll give you a 1495 discount and that means you can have the program for free and So here’s what Millennials should do if they want to change the world the first thing they should do is orient themselves to [the] good and that’s away from Evil away from malevolence away from the Manufacture of pointless suffering and pain away from Auschwitz let’s say and away from the gulag archipelago And the terrible soviet camps and the massive murders that occurred in China you want to get it end you want to get as far away from that as you possibly can whatever direction is away from [that] is a good direction and and then you also want to contemplate what the highest possible good could look [like] for you and your family and your society we already discussed that and Then you need to speak the truth in Relationship to that and then you need to educate yourself and then you need to Shoulder your responsibility responsibility is a good thing because it makes you strong to bear up under it makes you strong You can turn yourself into a you can free yourself From your strings and turn yourself into a genuine individual and then you can shoulder the world and then you’re in a position to make To make change as a person like that your mere being will change the world in a positive direction And that’s what you should be aiming for so Read the books that I put up on my site and do the future authoring program, and that will improve your life dramatically And that’s how you can change the world

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  8. So why should I go to class? Why should I go to work? Idleness is a devil's tool. That's why. Boredom acts like a magnet for comfort, seeking pleasure to fill the void of nonexistence. Wait, is that it? Nonexistence? Passive living? Inactivity? The Bhagavad Gita illustrates that one should be an active painter of one's life. Only weak minds cling to the idea of predestination.

  9. I appreciate your views, though I think you mischaracterize Marx and overlook ideological and circumstantial difference between someone like Lenin, who I view as an opportunist. I also don't think you separate the broad spectrum of socialist thought, of which Marx is only a member, and therefor prevents reductionist attempts to superimpose the two of them. I personally am an Anarchist in the tradition of syndicalism, and I think the Coop model to be the most viable means of reforming society to deal with it's inequality problem. I do not believe equality-of-outcome is desirable of even possible, and I recognize there is an avoidable place for markets. As such, I consider myself on the left as a libertarian-socialist, but I do not often identify with what gets called the left in terms of identity politics, which I view as highly cancerous and unproductive. Not do I believe in the blank-slate or epistemological relativism. What I think has been happening is that identity politics have usurped the classifications of left and right independent of economics, which presents a high dilemma for talking on the issue, since what appears to be hidden within the enclaves of tribal identity is a lurking right-wing economic position that uses the left in the ambition of seizing resources for their own group. Anyway, I am a dual-major in Linguistics, focusing on Semantics, and History, focusing on the Ancient Near East- The Biblical Levantine Cultures and Mesopotamia (I focus rather heavily on Assyriology, as I have spent a lot of time to become a Cuneiformist), if it would be at all possible to have a conversation some time I would most appreciate it. I think I would be able to present to you a rational argument for Libertarian socialism of the syndicalist variety, and provide a good example of how we are not all Marxists or subject to Post-Modernism (even though I think Foucault is a great thinker in matters of Historiographical methodology, which we can discuss if you want. From watching hours of your videos and reading many of your articles, you appear much more moderate than your tone often suggests, and for that reason I think it is unfortunate the Right has bee trying to claim you for their own. As you said, Left and Right necessary for the balance of society. My best to you sir, and keep up with the great videos.

  10. "You don't actually exist until you have your own words." – Boom! Headshot. Brilliant. Think about that statement from sentience perspective. If all you do is parrot someone else's words/ideology – you really DON'T exist. Your an extension of someone else. . . .

  11. So the figure of Jesus on the mount has Clint Eastwood superimposed. Yup, I love Clint..but amazing how there is no discussion as to the offensiveness of this. It upsets me at a Christian..but I am also a huge free speech supporter. The real issue is inconsistency and selective outrage. If it was Mohammad, well..we know what would happen next. Christianity has been marked as acceptable for public blasphemy.

  12. I have to say that it has been really hard speaking the truth, holding on to a positive direction and avoiding lies since age of 19 or so. But 13 years later, it definitely pays off. You can notice things definitely shift around you. I have to read those books.

  13. And He said to Them:
    " Which of You shall have a friend and go to him @ midnight and say to him
    " Friend"(?) For in Them the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled, which says:
    " Hearing you will hear and shall not understand, And seeing you will see and not perceive", for the hearts of this people have grown dull. And the king was sorry ! Nevertheless, because of the oaths and because of Those who sat with Him, he commanded to be given to " her".
    And He said to Her,
    " Daughter, be of good cheer.. your faith has made you well. Go in peace.".. and having been perfected, He became the author of eternal salvation to all who obeyed Him, called by God the high priest, of whom we have much to say and hard to explain, since you have become dull of hearing..
    (( I thank God for you every day , but not because it is written, for you we die daily :))

  14. Dr Peterson thank you for the lectures and videos . I wonder if possible any subtitles in Spanish with your foresight to keep the message intact.

  15. I hope i'm not the only one who has a hard time understanding what he's saying some of the time. For example, just before halfway in to the video he anwsers the question of what is good in life with saying that which is good for you, your family ect. I'm so confused by this. Why does he describe good as good. And I don't think it gets any clearer by his following statements.

  16. Could not help but smile at the fact that the picture at 11:59 is from the list of biblical references, the next step of which is the (similar looking, just red) visualization of its thousands of contradictions.

    The good thing being that this means he actually gave these a thought, as one would expect of him. Which makes it more puzzling, however, that he still identifies as a Christian (from what I gathered so far) even though he talks and knows a lot about people's mechanisms to cope with the world and the need for archetypes and mythologies.

  17. Regarding the carmina burana clip, if you read the complete lyrics it seems clear that by "you are changeable" it is not meant that a person can change it but that fortune is chaotic. Or did i misunderstand the point you were trying to make?

  18. I love this pictue of Clint Eastwood dressed as Chist. Has anyone a link to this hi-res picture? I want to print it and hang on the wall.

  19. Right at 15:00 where Jordan speaks about speaking in your own words was absolutely spot on. He could not have explained the feeling you get when your "parroting" peoples beliefs that aren't your own, or lying, better than he did in this video. This man is absolutely brilliant.

  20. I have watched a number of videos of Jordan Peterson, I think he is more often right than wrong, which I do not say lightly, he is also more often right than left, which I say with the tongue in my cheek. I didn't watch more videos for some long time, because I think I got the core message, and I have a "room" to clean and no time for videos. Nonetheless, I got here trying to do a recommendation and I was shocked by the amount of "chaos" in that room. Really, shocked, I had to comment. I'm still trying to assimilate that information.


  22. "I don't think you should trust people whose primary goal when they're attempting to change the world for the better is to attempt to change other people". By that logic we shouldn't trust Jordan Peterson either :O "You can always tell who those people are because they're looking for ,,,, perpetrators and victims and going off to stop the perpetrators."

  23. Fantastic stuff but where Jordan Peterson has a blind spot , in my opinion, is the impact of a corrupted 20th and 21st Century Capitalism which started off as an ideal with Voltaire, Adam Smith, Hume et al who rightly saw it as an immense advance in terms of prosperity and the potential to encourage individual freedom and which quickly turned into an exploitative system that required (and still requires) at the very least, a radical overhaul because it doesn't serve the individual freedom anymore than does Marxism.
    I have great admiration for Dr Peterson's work and thinking which I hope will influence and assist young people to help the human world to be less awful, and assist in reducing unnecessary suffering, but would caution against accepting his thought uncritically,and particular his use ( elsewhere) of the concept of hierarchy ( i.e that we need the best people at the the top.This is an idea that originated as far as I can recall from the Greek Philosopher Plato) I don't disagree with him in principle, but he uses the concept rather simplistically to justify( or at least he does so by implication) the rights of those in power. Unfortunately, those in power, or in positions of authority have rarely got there wholly through individual excellence ,effort or merit ( there are a minority of honourable exceptions as always) but rather by way of birth into the right situation and patronage or by brute force at the expense of many others, and they tend to protect their pyramid positions with lethal force.Let us not forget Generals Franco and Pinochet amongst many others on the 'right' defending their own versions of capitalism against 'socialists and anarchists'. They were every bit as unpleasant as Stalin or Mao, although they didn't succeed in killing as many because they had fewer people to play with.
    This misuse of authority and power through the ages explains the resentment which gives rise to social unrest and movements ( in my country) like the Chartists , Suffragrettes and Trade Unions who eventually changed society for the better through collective action.The challenge usually comes from the'' left' because the challenges from the 'right' are usually internecine struggles between those already in power.
    In his address to the Oxford Union in 2018 Dr Peterson gave a masterful explanation of left and right but something in him seems to shy away from the communal as something suspect and in which individuality is dissolved in some Orwellian Nightmare and in which the current Western Liberal Socialism ( as opposed to exploitative capitalism) is still too collective.

    Having had some experience of Buddhist teaching there may be a way out of gets very far on their road without 'Sangha' / Community and too much emphasis on the individual is another road to hell.The 'economic' system, which Adam Smith and Karl Marx studied and came up with their ideologies has changed profoundly , and is producing a world where true individuality is being be dissolved and any true community eroded.
    Good Luck Millenials!

  24. Prf. peterson
    The problem with the argument that rationale brings stability is that it is not real because if there is no power behind it authorities and string pullers could crush it
    Say the fox steals Pinocchio by force even though he chooses not to go to pleasure island

  25. It would be really productive if Peterson could discuss the click-bait titles where Peterson (schools, takes down, owns, destroys). It seems to me these post’s titles, most often from right-wingers and not Jordan himself are contrary to his message. Please “like” if you agree.

    PS I posted here because this is NOT one of those click-bait titles.

  26. How can this content be here, online, FOR FREE? I’m serious. Its value is crazy and i’m watching this lecture at home. This is simply amazing. Thanks Jordan, you are the man.

  27. so basically to change the world properly you need to stop being a marxist and to strengthen yourself. the best thing i can save from the video is the name of Solzhenitsyn

  28. so i wonder if the UNCONSCIOUS desire to produce suffering where it isn't necessary is considered evil? if not, what is that!? also, according to this definition of evil we would definitely have to define "necessary" and that opens a vast universe of alternate definitions of evil. oh well… words and ideas are an interminable rabbit hole… :/

  29. What is the artwork at 10:29? Is it a series of concentric circles-representing the “good”, ultimately encompassing the world with a pathway to “heaven”.

  30. Great work as usual

    I'm scared of doing this program, I see failure as weakness instead of an opportunity to learn and improve, keeping things vague helps, no clear goal equals no clear failure, so everything becomes a gray area

    Time to get cracking.

  31. Just like J. Cole said, "What good is taking over when we know whatchu gon do. The real only real revolution happens right inside of you."

  32. I was wondering why Millennials are so closed minded recently. I try to talk to them, as I am one and I get the exact same MSM responses. No facts, just regurgitating remarks.
    I'm so disappointed. When did they start latching on to corporate news outlets?

  33. I think that Russian language is certainly adding up to the power of Russian writers. I speak Kazakh, Russian, English and French, and it seems to me that Russian language is the most flexible language, where each word can be put in like 10 different places in a sentence. So it’s like, where English is just a statue, Russian is like an action toy with each body part flexible and movable. Interesting

  34. Hi all,
    I really enjoy listening to Jordan. Even when I honestly disagree, I still feel that the struggle to construct my thoughts in a well organized way rewards me with clarity and focus. Let me give an example.
    At 8:40 Jordan says: "Evil is the conscious desire to produce suffering where suffering is not necessary." In my opinion, this may be true in many cases, but not all. That is because evil can also be the conscious desire to produce pleasure where suffering is necessary. And if we ask ourselves: is suffering necessary at all? Then my answer would be yes, development and growth in consciousness are built upon pain, suffering and the lessons of the past – as this lecture explains.
    So that still leaves the question open: What is evil? We know within us in everyday life if something is good and right or evil, but is rather hard to give it a word definition.
    Regards and thank you

  35. Btw ; WHERE WAS JORDAN PETERSON WHEN I WAS YOUNGER!? I didn't have any proper life-changing guidance. You lucky bastards…

  36. I’m an elder millennial and fellow Albertan,

    I was gifted your book this Christmas and have always been opposed to “don’t take this in the wrong way” self-help books. I was opposed because I feel that I have a strong meaning of my life and don’t need help in defining that. I decided to do my research on you prior to reading it. After reading the Foreword and Overture of your book “12 Rules for Life and Antidote to Chaos” and discovering your Wikipedia page; which then found me finding your YouTube channel…. I stumbled across this post. I can say that I’m intrigued…

    I’ve yet to read your twelve rules/views but I’d like to thank you so far based on what I’ve read of your book and listened to of your post. It’s helped me to question certain aspects that I perceive in my life.

    It’s already made me question Being vs purposeless which I then view based on how I as a human survive and thrive framing that around needs and wants. I am a Millennial, and I believe wants are just as important as needs. I decided to ask myself some simple questions which I answered on “how I believe I can start to change the world…properly”

    Q: What do humans need to survive?

    A: Necessities

    Q: What do humans need to thrive?

    A: Relationships

    Q: What do humans want to survive?

    A: Betterment

    Q: What do humans want to thrive?

    A: Meaning

    What I learned so far in life is that each person could have different questions and answers but as long as there is a being with a positive purpose to life…that’s how we can change the world properly.

    Anyways; thanks again for striking a nerve and putting out content that is enlightening. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of your book.

  37. I hear your message and am digesting it.

    To follow the footsteps of Christ, i must first build myself up so that i am a strong individual that is able to influence the world positively.

    Because as i am right now, weak and vulnerable, any action i take will not have my desirable impact.

    Makes sense. as the meme suggest, bUt aM i gOnNa?. This really challenges what i am and what i stand for right now. It breaks me down and forces me to face myself.

    The values and virtues i stand for rest on my willingness to shoulder burden/responsibility.

    Fuck me right in the lazy.

  38. Does anyone know what symphonic orchestra piece is playing in the middle of this video? I’d love to listen to the whole thing

  39. I don't know how I ran across this video but THIS is a man of Wisdom and I wish people like him were teaching in our Colleges instead of the Marxist Puppets for the "Elite". I always speak truthfully to the best of my ability. I've read all these authors!! Oh I hope young men and women watching this read those books!

  40. Our generation clearly needs some sort of a direction — we need to find meaning in life and in suffering. Your words clear paths, Sir. Thank you for your wisdom, Dr. Jordan Peterson. My perspective in life gradually changed after I found and listened to your lectures. I'm a 23 year old little lady from the Philippines, an artist. May you continue to touch many more lives! God bless you!

  41. Well yes the Marxists have done more wrongs than rights but some important social policies were created by them (not necessarily the Soviet Union but also by the pressure built by Communists in Western Europe), like a national free healthcare system or a educational system. Those are policies that are considered socialist but are used in most of the countries with a substantial hdi

  42. Hey Jordan B Peterson,
    ztankoz has sent 10 Tube to you. In order to receive your donation check out bittubeapp(dot)com

  43. I’m curious about Jordan Peterson’s thoughts on how society has gone from being based in agricultural farming to being based on information farming, and how these changes will effect the psychological values of growing up in the modern era. I have noticed that families, 100 years ago, were formed to help and continue the family itself, the larger unit, and now it seems that families are formed so individuals can fulfill a biological duty or psychological need – people want children (or they don’t), but when they have them, the family’s life is dedicated to improving the child’s life – when before, people had children to advance the family’s goals and well-being. More kids meant more help on the farm, etc. these days it means more mouths to feed… and more colleges to save for…

  44. Gracias, por ser la persona más sensata que he visto en el último tiempo, no sólo porque comparta las ideas que pregona, sino también por demostrar que independientemente de lo que se considere "bueno" siempre van a pesar más los hechos.

  45. This is what got me to pay attention to JBP. That phrase "highest conceivable good" came right when I had a revelation of what was naturally calling me to do, how I had been wandering since. The wandering was not bad, the way I responded to it, even disaster, made me capable and stronger, to endure, and have low expectations for reality. Not pessimism or nihilism, but to be realistic about what is likely to happen and what can be done. JBP's philosophy coming to prominence and unfolding directly paralleled where I was, even though generally I'd attained my own independence at a young age by then, there was still the world to confront and the challenge of living by my own morals when so many people resist and don't even realize the extent to which they create the majority of their own suffering. Just by willingness to surrender to experiencing what is happening, to acknowledge it is reality, is the majority of liberation.

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