Mainframe Modernization in a Nutshell

What is mainframe modernization? This is the question that will be answered in this post.

Ever since the mainframe was born in 1964, large-scale enterprises have invested heavily in the mainframe, nicknamed “The Big Iron”.

They were especially drawn to its ability to rapidly process large-batch jobs unmatched by commodity hardware.

However, with the advancement in technology, commodity hardware can now provide processing power similar to that of the mainframe. As well, unlike the monolithic mainframe, commodity hardware provides an open-system, which enterprises can leverage to gain higher agility, higher cost efficiency, the ability to run on the Cloud, and the ability to incorporate new technologies.

This has left the mainframe largely ignored by new enterprises. However, enterprises that have previously invested heavily are are still heavily dependent on the mainframe as it is extremely difficult to move mission-critical applications and decades worth of data to the open system.

This has resulted in a concept called mainframe modernization, to allow mainframe-dependent enterprises to catch up to their more agile counterparts using commodity hardware.

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