Mainframe Rehosting via an Optimal Solution

To reduce costs and improve business agility, many enterprises are migrating from the mainframe to the open system using mainframe rehosting solutions. But not all mainframe rehosting solutions are made equal. For successful mainframe rehosting, it is of vital importance to choose an optimal rehosting solution.

ONE- Huge Reduction in TCO

Rehosting via an optimal solution allows enterprises to reduce total cost of ownership as much as by 66%, and achieve positive ROI in as little as 12 months. This is made possible via built-in modules, which reduce migration time, thereby reducing labor costs. Another reason is that customers are now no longer locked-in to mainframe applications, which means much lower license costs.

TWO- Preservation of Business Logic.

With an optimal solution, you can simply lift and shift business logic from the mainframe to the open system. This is made possible with built-in tools that allow mainframe resources such as JCL and COBOL to be migrated to the open system without any modification. The result is an open system that runs exactly as the way it ran before, eliminating all risks associated with migrating away from the mainframe.

THREE- Automatic Storage Migration to RDB

An optimal solution providesĀ built-in tools that automatically converts mainframe datasets into a table structure, allowing direct migration to RDBMS. This allows customers to upgrade their flat file database to a relational database of their choosing such as Oracle, SQL Server, and Tibero.

FOUR- Full Package

One of the major problems with many rehosting solutions is that they do not provide built-in compilers and utilities. An optimal solution comes with a bevy of compilers and utilities, saving you money.

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