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$3.6 Million FTA Grant Helps Modernize Allegheny County, PA Bus System

$3.6 Million FTA Grant Helps Modernize Allegheny County, PA Bus System

Secretary Chao’s number one priority
for the Department of Transportation is safety and by modernizing the bus fleet
in Pittsburgh it will go a long way to making the system more safe and more
reliable. In April the Federal Transit Administration announced 264 million
dollars in grants to 139 projects and fifty-two states and territories to
improve the safety and reliability of America’s bus systems and enhance
mobility for transit riders across the country. FTAs Buses and Bus Facilities
Infrastructure Investment Program helps transit agencies replace or rehabilitate
buses or related equipment. In Pittsburgh the Port Authority of Allegheny County
received 3.6 million dollars to replace buses that have exceeded their useful
life. By replacing buses in its 700 plus vehicle fleet the Port Authority
continues to prioritize safety. New buses have fewer breakdowns and enhanced
safety features. They reduce operations and maintenance costs they also make a
smoother more enjoyable ride for the close to 180,000 passengers riding every
day. The Port Authority will replace buses
from 2003 a lifetime in bus years. Nearly half of commuters in downtown Pittsburgh
rely on transit. High quality bus service takes people throughout the city to jobs
and opportunities. In 2015 Pittsburgh opened a Transit Center connecting
several bus routes. Funded in part with a 15 million DOT grant the
East Liberty Transit Center which serves more than 1,000 buses a day has
transformed the neighborhood. According to the city the Transit Center will spur
285 million dollars in private sector investment and reinvigorated the East
Liberty neighborhood with apartments and retail. The East Liberty Transit Center
is a perfect example of how an investment in this area has changed the
neighborhood by doing this, the value capture that they’ve done through this
investment, is very indicative of the importance of a local state and federal
partnership. Oh

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