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3 Reasons TO Upgrade to the Fujifilm XT4

3 Reasons TO Upgrade to the Fujifilm XT4

28 comments on “3 Reasons TO Upgrade to the Fujifilm XT4

  1. I use the fuji app to check my composition. You can change all your settings and start video from it. Until the xt4 comes out, it could be worth the try.

  2. No 10bit 422 internal ,very bad in-body image stabilization for video , hunting autofocus …. it is another way to fool buyers, we take old pieces from the previous devices and put them in the XT-4 with small improvements, then we make the paid advertisement on youtube and other media channels, and the suckers buy it.
    And if they want some more functions (basic in 2020 cameras) we put them to pay extra for the gripper

  3. XT-4 plus grip for still and movies and XT-3 plus grip for still would be heaven, as you’ve always taken 2 cameras shooting wedding.

  4. How does IBIS helps you if you need to shoot at 1/160 in low light in order to freeze a walking bride and groom? I was hoping for improved sensor and processor Iso performance in low light.

  5. The handheld clip looks so smooth are you sure you really need IBIS? XT4 IBIS doesn’t seems to be that great it appears to be very mediocre.

  6. ALL the reasons you mentioned been there on the OMD olympus system… since the beginning! There's nothing you can say it has is a "game changer" .

  7. I have the xt1 and the 27mm 2.8 and the 56mm 1.2, and I really was wanting to upgrade or switch but your videos are making me think I should upgrade the body and grab a new lens or two instead! Thought or suggestions?

  8. Pre ordered mine as well keeping the xt3 as a backup! Most companies are back to work in china so we'll see how this virus will affect shipping and product availability! I'm excited!!

  9. I've been using one x-t2 and one x-t3. i love them both, but i have the xt3 set up to be downgraded… not as many autofocus points, no touch screen, etc. this is to bring them together so they work the same on a wedding day when im using both together. now, im looking forward to upgrading to another xt3 in the sales, and it will 'feel' like both cameras have been upgraded when i switch on the touch screen and add AF points.

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