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$35 FOR THIS? CUSTOM Heat Color Changing Hydro Flask +giveaway DIY Craft

$35 FOR THIS? CUSTOM Heat Color Changing Hydro Flask +giveaway DIY Craft

hydro flasks water bottles these water bottles recently have become really popular and not just in the outside world but they’ve been popping up on YouTube more specifically in the art community my artsy friends such as Chloe Rose art and soul crafts tastic have even gone to links to modify them customize them but before we try and understand why the heck these bottles are 35 dollars we need to look at what makes them so popular I am just learning here so bear with me we’re going to learn together Hydro flask is a water bottle that is mainly used by a subculture that is called vsco girls and vsco girls is not just pretty much a trendy thing but apparently a life style which in my opinion is kind of contradictory the idea behind being a vsco girl which apparently is also an app that you can edit your photos on is to have this kind of I don’t care hippie type mentality however big comma vsco girls are brand loyal so by trying to be I don’t care they end up caring about the brand’s one of them being Hydro flask and of course they wear expensive Footwear like Birkenstocks and Kanken backpacks which go for about $100 so just equipping yourself to be a vsco girl is a pretty expensive how do they not care I don’t know you know what that means time to become a vsco dork and flying high we can reach the money right come on baby you should take my head let’s go pick up a hydro flask from a sports shop let’s try and find where the hydro flasks are are there any over here I see quite a bit of stuff over there let’s see if we can find it there the answer is no typical Canadian side we’re going into the hockey area hockey site has disappointed me all right there seems to be bottles over here maybe we’ll get lucky all right let’s see what makes these special well that is I think that’s metal what are we looking at holy sugar snaps $36 all right I think I’m gonna grab this black one over here oh my god all right Hydro flask you and I we’re gonna get to know each other very intimately and so here’s my Hydro flask first one ever one of the things I don’t understand about this Hydro flask is I went ahead and tried to find information on how to care for it because it’s it’s metal on the inside but as you can see the opening is pretty small that’s what she says so with an opening this wide you would assume that you can put this into the dishwasher so that it can get a good cleaning but the answer is they specifically write on their website that this is not for the dishwasher and the other thing is I’m going to be attempting to customize this Hydro flask and I will have a give away reason being is I can’t really drink from anything metal because I’m allergic to metal so the second I drink from anything metal oh there’s echo nerdecraft is pretty cool as I was saying if I ever drink from anything that has a metal inside I actually get shocks all the way from my jaw down to my feet when I did a little bit of digging apparently that’s because my body is a pretty good conductor which means that if there’s a thunderstorm I’m most likely the one who’s going to get struck by lightning so if you want to participate in the giveaway of this custom hydro flask wait until the end of the video for details so firstly let’s get an impression of what this material is that we’re going to be working with upon first impression I thought the outside was metal but the more I touch it the more it feels like a kind of hard plastic with the inside that is metallic so this kind of makes me a little worried because I had intentions of shoving this in the oven to make it harden this little grain over here is not gonna give up because I’m still gonna try and put it in the oven if we fail I’m just gonna go buy another one I’ll say I’m doing it for science all right so let’s remove this thing over here ooh quality control can you grain see this first of all for a $36 water bottle there’s discoloration from where they put the label and the actual flask itself do grains here you go I can see it way more clearly a little bit more matte and a little darker hydro flask why aren’t we friends are you going to be another Crayola so our task today will be customizing this with some sculpey polymer clay and also this really weird but really cool substance which would use correctly why are you making me leave this thing at you what did you do confess when this paint is used correctly we can get a really cool effect of color changing so as you can see my little unicorn is sitting down and the second I touch a spot the colors going to change based on my body temperature let’s observed voila and the color will change back to normal depending on the room temperature but the more you touch it the more the color changes and of course my hand was on the other side so we’re gonna attempt to make the whole bottle this way well let’s succeed alright so the first test is going to see whether or not this thing can hold on to clay I’m just going to put a little bit of the liquid sculpey to use it as adhesive and let’s try it down here and the answer is oh that holds on beautifully alright so let’s do the doing so since I really want this design to be something that is usable I don’t want it to just be something that you would display because otherwise what’s the point of having a water bottle of course you can use it as a vase if you want but that’s entirely up to you by the way do you say vise or Vase I say vase so the design itself needs to be something that is going to be slightly on the flat side so almost kind of oh wow English number one kind of like a top view of a creature and since y’all know I have a sweet spot for dragons well you’re gonna be a vsco dragon you want this flask and so my major points of inspiration are coming from two specific pictures and I’ll be using the dragon mold texture from Sophie and toffee just to kind of add a little bit more interest on there I will be adding more color or at least attempting to add more color but that’s gonna come later first we need to make our dragon and in case you are wondering I wasn’t going with the European type dragons that we most traditionally know as the ones with wings and and then cool bodies that are kind of dinosaur II I’m going with the Eastern type dragons that typically don’t have wings and have very snake-like wise I just thought it would look cooler because it’s a flatter kind of thing so we don’t have to put the links extra don’t you so here we are the base of the dragon done I can’t help but feel like we’re getting like Game of Thrones vibes now for the part that I have no control and no idea if this is going to work if we can customize it flat by putting it in the oven with clay I’m pretty sure that’s going to be a game changer let us pray to the baking godss dear baking gods of evermore please protect my piece from burns and melted flasks and also let’s take one last look at it flask I bid you adieu here we are back from the oven and grains I’m really sorry to tell you it’s just no it’s my job let me talk ok so what I was trying to say is that here we are back from the oven that was a hit and run Oh help me my parrot just hits and runs Proud of yourself yeah go back me then you okay there as I was saying we are back from the oven and this is a game changer you can indeed probably don’t do it at home put a sculpture on a hydro flask that’s pretty cool right Birb that was rude you didn’t have to say that bring it but okay right have things to say cuz I’m gonna grab your butt what so would you want so I really do have to say that I am surprised and really happy because they say this can’t go or shouldn’t go in the dishwasher which worried me quite a bit because I thought that maybe the outside would be plasticky and might actually burn but there was no change whatsoever in the actual shape now for the fun part let’s paint it so I’m going to be using masking fluid in order to keep the logo on there and as well as the words hydro flask I’ll be using a paintbrush and this is my first time ever using a masking fluid so I really do hope that it works on plastic I’ve never ever tried it even on paper so look at me I don’t know what I’m doing hey you didn’t have to agree with me Oh does this expire it smells like fish Oh gross no you don’t want to smell that that’s that’s gross birb that’s really gross you don’t want to sniff it bird I said listen to me listen you know no I knew you would do that what now that our Hydro flask logos are secured at least I hope so I’m going to go ahead and take some masking tape to close off the entrance the nozzle so that whoever gets it if they want to drink from it it’s secure hopefully nothing goes in but just think if you are the winner make sure you wash it either way as I’m prepping my surface I just realized that I actually need to put the masking fluid after I put my coat of mr. super clear because I really want something for the paint to hold on to so I’m gonna have to use this if I use it on top of the the sticky thing what’s it called masking fluid that’s what I meant then the issue with that is that I potentially will be sealing in the masking fluid so I should be putting it afterwards so at least we know what works before going on any further let’s look at all the different ways putting on a color-changing Thermal paint can go wrong when I use it the first time I use a sprayer type mechanism and what ended up happening is that the blotches of spray were so fake that it just kind of looked gross and gooey next I tried painting it on but the same thing happened the layers were just way too thickened and gross and I just I didn’t want that no mold and then last but not least I used a mechanism like this slightly diluted it with a couple of drops of water and sprayed it on that’s what ended up giving us the perfectly kind of layered unicorn is it going to work on this hydro flask I have no idea for those of you wondering this paint is called liquid crystal and it was sent to me by solar color dusts thank you I’ll leave their links in description box below all right time to shake and in order to ensure the maximum benefit of success I’m going to use very thin coats all the way around waiting for it to dry naturally and then trying a second coat come on straight that’s the issue with this one one eternity later so as usual this sprayer had a bit of a hard time to work so what I’m going to do is switch the canister and hopefully the next one works better obviously using an airbrush would be way better but mine just doesn’t work with thicker material here is attempt number two and pls oh there we go please so much like the previous one I’m still going to be very patient and hope that the spray does come out eventually we will get it one of the things I noticed with the liquid crystal is that it’s really easy to peel off even when I’m removing the masking fluid it’s like nah bro I’m gonna come up so you have to be very careful otherwise you’re going to get some ugly edges kind of like much so as soon as I got those pieces off I went ahead and put another coat of mr. super clear because I don’t want to risk having to repaint the whole thing again so as you can see when the flask is actually cold it is almost purely black there are some blemishes from the liquid crystal paint but so far I haven’t figured out yet how to get a non splotchy type texture but I mean look at that dragon oh yeah look at that dragon with that very very nice and curvy body look at that those long long mustachios that go all the way from its snout to practically half its body oh boy that dragon is one smexy dragon as the room is getting warmer it’s less and less black because it is a thermal paint so if we want it to be even more colorful we’re just going to grab the water bottle you know cuz I am thirsty look at that you can see the color already changing under my fingers oh my god oh that is way cooler than I expected that is really neat I think now I’m sad I’m giving it away as you can see – the one where your hands are the more of a texture you’re getting and that’s why it chose to do these swirlies in either blue or green so they blend in when you’re trying to kind of hold it more or less look at that so for your viewing pleasure let us press some different spots I got it cooled again let us press some spots so if ever you’re thinking of using liquid crystal make sure that you do use an airbrush or the spray kind of mode look at it go back how cool is that get a dragon egg I’ll color it up here yeah oh no oh no in a window time so let me know what you think of this project do you want me to do other kind of modifications for hydro flask if so make sure you leave a thumbs up the more the better for a chance to win this flask make sure that you fill out the google form below make sure that you are a subscriber have notifications turned on all notifications and leave a comment down below to tell me what’s your favorite kind of craft that’s it make sure you fill out that google form though why’d you have to hit me huh I know you’re laughing at me but I’m a person and I have fillings not feelings I have this week’s shout outs go to sprinkles lava Rizzy hot hash bling blang I love your profile picture zuzia Celia the wolf dragon sano dark angel cshyster and Monterey May I love that I’m holding my sharp pointy thing if you want to shout out in my videos don’t forget to hash tag nerdiificationsquad in the comment section within the first 5 hours of the video’s release or hashtag nerdecrafter on instagram twitter or facebook any time with any of your creations if you want to watch the previous liquid crystal project as well as so many different color changing projects make sure you check up here and if you want to watch a video YouTube thinks is just right for you make sure you check down here until then I will see you grains in the next video

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