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3D Canine Anatomy App for Veterinarians | EasyAnatomy

3D Canine Anatomy App for Veterinarians | EasyAnatomy

Hi, this is Laura from LlamaZOO Interactive.
EasyAnatomy is a software application that enables veterinarians to virtually
and interactively reference and explain canine anatomy in 3D. In this video I’ll
take you on a quick tour of the application and highlight some of the
key features that make it a valuable, time saving edition for modernizing your
veterinary practice. EasyAnatomy was developed in partnership with an
international group of veterinary institutions and educators, including
Michigan State, and the University of Pennsylvania. The 3D models are based on CT and MRI scans obtained from our university partners, and are crafted into
3D using the latest technology and a specialized team. As you can see, you
have complete control of the 3D model. You can rotate, zoom, pan, and peel away
layers, enabling vets to view and inspect from any angle, depending on the client
or procedure. If you want to take a closer look, you can zoom right in on the
lungs and even fade them to see the bronchioles. For any view you might
want to return to in the future, or think you might reference frequently, you can
create a bookmark with one simple click. Now this view is stored for quick and
easy reference at any time. You’ll notice written content popping up in the bottom
right-hand corner anytime an individual structure is
selected. Veterinarians always tell us that their time is in high demand and
they have very limited windows of time to reference materials during or between
meetings and surgeries. EasyAnatomy comes with complete labeling and
summarized descriptions for every structure, written by our anatomist team,
that highlight the key things veterinarians need to know, such as
insertion, origin, and attachment. You also have the freedom to create your own custom
notes stored right in the application. Now we’ll jump over to the knees using
a pre-existing bookwork. We know that practices see things like luxating
patella and ruptured ACL on a daily basis. We see EasyAnatomy being a tool
for vets to use not just behind the scenes, but to show clients what has
happened to their pet in a more visual and understandable way. With annotations,
you can create detailed case notes and explanations right in front of the
client, helping them gain a clearer picture. These notes can be saved and added to your practice management
software, or either emailed or printed out for the client review at home. All of
this helps but save time, and improved client comprehension can lead to
increased compliance and revenue for the practice. Hopefully this overview has been an
enticing introduction to EasyAnatomy, and has demonstrated some of the ways in
which it’s helping veterinarians to save time, improve client communication and
increase revenue for their practice. What we’ve created, and what we’re continuing
to develop, has never been seen before in the veterinary space. We’re really
excited and encouraged by the reactions we’ve received from practitioners and
their clients. EasyAnatomy is the type of tool that engages today’s clients in
a compelling manner, and has them talking about their vet visit long after they’ve
gone home, as it really brings a conversation to life. Thanks for taking this tour with me.
Again, I’m Laura from LlamaZOO Interactive. You can learn more about us at our
website: If your interest has been piqued, you can book a
demo there too. Thanks!

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