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5 tips – How to stay self-motivated ( Personality development and Motivational skills video)

5 tips – How to stay self-motivated ( Personality development and Motivational skills video)

Hello everyone, you’re with me Niharika
and welcome to Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world. Well, life is pretty
tough these days, too much of stress, financial stress, work stress, family stress. So how
do you get rid of this stress? What is the most essential thing that you require in order
to be happy, stress free and enjoy the things that you do? Well, its Self- motivation, you
have to be self-motivated to enjoy the things that you do. So in today’s session we are
gonna discuss some tips that would help you to self-motivate yourself. The first thing that can help you to self-motivate yourselves is celebrating little wins. Well, no matter
how small these wins are, it’s important for you to celebrate the success of it. Few
things like kudos and appreciation from your boss, from your co-workers or even from your
family members, who just come up to you and say that Wow! You did a great job, celebrate
that win. If you think that yes you did a great job then you do need to celebrate this,
now if you end up celebrating these small little wins, which you just think that, Oh!
They are just small wins, how does it matter. Well, you will see the difference. It does
matter; it will create this positive energy. It would help you to stay focused on your
bigger goals and of course it will help you to make your surroundings and yourself really
happy. So the next thing that you need to do to self-motivate yourself is to celebrate these little wins. Well, the next thing that you need to do to stay self-motivated is to
keep your cards close to you. Well, you are running a marathon, probably you are really
excited about the new diet plan or you are working on a new big project. Wow! Good for
you congratulations, but you need to share it or announce it to everyone. It’s okay
to share it with your family members or with your close friends, however announcing it
to the world and going gahgah over it, it’s not gonna help you. Let’s take it for example
that you put in this status of yours on Facebook, sharing the big news. Well, of course positive
comments are gonna gush down on your wall page, however that’s not gonna work for
you. The reason because once you end up reading these positive comments coming in from your
friends, from your family members, from your co-workers, you will think that you have achieved
your goal already, but actually you haven’t even started working on it, so it’s quiet
a negative thing that you do, if you end up sharing it to the whole world. So keep your
cards close to you, need not share the big news with the world. You can share it once you achieve success that should help you to self-motivate yourself. The most important
thing that you need to quit doing is stop comparing. Well, be gentle with yourself,
yes we live in the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, where people share accomplishments
on daily basis. And then you think to yourself, what am I doing? Why am I not able to achieve
success? Well, that’s not real, probably the stories that you see are not real, because
grass is always green around the other side. So you need to stop comparing yourself with
the world, just put in your efforts and your hard work in what you do. I’m sure you will
achieve success. The stories that you see on Facebook are not real, trust me, because
nobody is gonna share their difficult times on Facebook or on Twitter. It’s always the
happy times that people love to share and put it on, no difficulties or hardships you
are gonna come across on Facebook. So be gentle with yourself and stay focused in order to achieve success. Definitely stop comparing with the world. So what’s the next
thing that would help you to be self-motivated? To love what you do. If you are passionate
about something and you work towards it, trust me success will follow. But you’re gonna
be careful here, your love and passion should also help you to make a living. For example,
I love playing a guitar, but I can’t really come out as a rock star and make a living
out of it. So you gotta be careful with the things that you are passionate about, you
need to make sure that the things that you love and if you work harder towards it. It
has to help you to make a living out of it, so for example, if you love sales, then probably
you can get into marketing field or probably you can work in an organization that can help
you to make big money and of course to work passionately. So always remember, if you wanna
enjoy your work, it’s important to love it as well and if you are absolutely crazy
about something then work towards it, so that you can achieve success. And then the last
thing that I want you to do to self-motivate yourself is slash your to do list into half.
So here what I mean is, you know many people tend to make this huge list , the huge to
do list, I have to work towards success, I have to achieve my goals, I have to be friends
with my co-worker, I have to work on my new projects, Oh my god! You need to stop. Well,
you need to cut down on this list; you need to cut it into half, because you need to be
realistic. If you are realistic there will be a room of success. If you tend to write
down like ten to fifteen points that you need to do. Do you think you will really be able
to achieve them? Well, of course not, we just have twenty four hours in a day; it takes
time to achieve so many things. So let’s be realistic, let’s cut down on these to
do things, let’s work on few things first and then move towards the other half of the
list. So this brings me to the end of this session today. Well, I’ll be back with a
new session soon. But always remember that look at self-motivation as excitement and
take a break, because you totally deserve it. And do not forget to subscribe to our
channel Skillopedia, where you will learn skills for the real world. Till then you take
care and have a great time

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  1. hello Niharika.. I am learning so many things from you..You are a true master.. I like to watch your videos..

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  4. dear N.. Being able to achieve goals? achieve success? A good thing, but it depends on inner spiritual condition that usually is very immature. But the first important thing is to have clear "the meaning of human existence." Certainly, this is not to achieve transient successes. Our inner personality, the more invested in the search for transient successes, and the more it becomes a slave and dependent on them. We realize, when the successes begin to fail. Difficult to find people who remain with a smile, nonetheless. In these cases, the level of spiritual maturity is revealed and it emerges.
    The difficult motivation to proceed to overcome any adverse condition, is the act of love for God. The other reasons are weaker.
    Obviously, growth to hold up this challenge, usually passes from the internalization of weak motivation (gious celebration for a small success), up to the strongest motivation: (the love of God for each of us). Remember: when you will not get satisfaction, you will know if you really do it with love, what you are doing. Otherwise, it is easy to fall into the illusion of acting with a solid foundation.

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