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5 Ways to Change Your Dominant Vibration Permanently in 2020

5 Ways to Change Your Dominant Vibration Permanently in 2020

this video I’m gonna show you five ways
of changing your dominant vibration in the year 2020 these are things that I’ll
raise it to a new level and if you even follow one of these that’s exactly what
it’ll do welcome back to another video my name’s Erin and I help people expand
their consciousness now in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you those five
ways you can go about changing your dominant vibration and just to give this
video a little more context I’m going to show my handy dandy chart right here
it’s not my handy dandy chart it’s from the book called power versus force it’s
called the chart of consciousness and that’s what’s most so you refer it to us
as you’ll see on this chart you’ll see that the emotions of the lower
vibrational emotions at the bottom is just guilt
such a shame such as fear that eventually you see anger then eventually
you’ll see neutrality then wiliness then acceptance then reasoning and love joy
peace enlightenment now this chart of consciousness reveals what and the
different levels that we move through as we raise our level of consciousness now
the thing is is there certain habits we have that may keep us in certain
vibrations there’s certain stories we have about the meanings we’ve given to
things in the past that keep us within a certain frequency within that range and
what I’m gonna be sharing is five different ways you can move up that
scale so that you raise your vibration understand when you raise your vibration
you feel higher vibrational motion every single one of you listening to this is a
high vibrational beam that went through a process of forgetting who you are
going through different reference experiences sometimes many painful
things and then the idea and the intention is to then remember who you
are and when you remember who you are you then let go of everything that’s not
you which are the different perspectives you might have about who you think you
are that have caused you to feel the lower vibrations of emotion now every
single one of us has a vibrational set point a certain vibration that we are at
a majority of the time and whatever that we are at majority of
the time we’re going to experience more and more in our life we’re going to find
other people at the same level of consciousness if you’re at the level of
willpower you’re going to meet a lot of other people that feel proud and have
that level of willpower and are want to go towards their dreams if you are at
the level of apathy or the level of fear you might find yourself around a lot of
other beautiful people because of resonance so this video is basically
going to show you the five different things you can do for 2020 because as
time goes on I think the vibration continues there’s more and more
transformation I believe happening for many people and I think that’s one of
the main reasons we’re here is to go through this transformation to go
through a transformation of consciousness now the first thing you
can do in order to change or dominate vibration AB dominant vibration means
the feeling that you have a majority of the time maybe it’s certain emotions you
find yourself always gravitating towards the first way you can go about this in
2020 the first thing I highly recommend is to find one person in your life that
has done something negative to you something bad to you and forgive them
forgive them for because this is why when we have a thing that somebody did
to us and we hold it in our mind and we
haven’t forgiven them we hold it within our energetic field so then what we do
is we go out into the world and we have this story in the back of their mind
like this person did this to me a long time ago and sometimes it can be very
dramatic traumatic things but when we have that thing in the back of our mind
that power dynamic that vibration dynamic we then go out into the world
and we’ll find ourselves meeting other people that reflect that back to us
until we actually deal with it and the analogy or the example from my own life
that I have from this is even after my abusive ex stepmom was in my life
between 7 and 15 years old what happened is I at 15 years old my dad divorced or
never had to see her again or not really have to see her again or deal with her
again I had to see her at a funeral something like that but never had to
deal with her again however when I you know she was very she was very
controlling and mentally physically and emotionally abusive or whatever now what
happened was is years later first off one of the first girlfriends I had after
she left my life was very controlling very similar type of power dynamic boys
telling me what to do and very jealous a lot of times I felt
like I was having to like bring her up all the time very similar to my ex
stepmom who was always in a very kind of negative state and wanted to bring the
other people down into it and after I broke up with her though the irony is I
broke up with her like 40 years later when I was working at Nordstrom’s and
women’s shoes I broke up with her within a week I got
promoted to a new department I went from BP shoes Bratz plum shoes at
Nordstrom’s which is like the lower end shoes the you know certain brand of
shoes and then I got moved to the salon shoes salon shoes was more expensive
designer brand it was a sales commission job so that was definitely considered
promotion the manager of salon shoes had almost the same exact type of
personality as my ex step mom now of course she couldn’t physically do
anything to us as employees but mentally emotionally either way she was able to
do things like that and it was crazy Lou everyone in the department tried for so
long because she would do some of the most bizarre mean things to people out
front of customers like the most crazy things and she’d get away with it and
then for years we tried to get her out we tried to like bring him to HR but she
was protected by HR then I went through a process of forgiving my ex stepmom I
went through a process of completing the past and when I did that within two
weeks she got fired now is it because I did that then she got fired
I don’t know all I’m saying is that I believe our reality is a reflection of
our energy and I completed that within myself and then she no longer served me
in my life anymore than she left so all I’m saying is
you do the inner work you might find that certain people that no longer
resonate with you having to get the pattern or remember and understand that
you can let go and forgive then you let go of it in your energetic field you no
longer need to repeat the past when you complete the pass you no longer have to
repeat the past one of the easiest ways to forgive as well is to realize that
they know not what they do they know not what they do they are doing what they’re
doing from their same level of consciousness you know that scale of
consciousness imagine that they’re at the level of anger they’re taking out
their anger on everyone else and it makes it easier understanding that
they’re just kind of caught up in their own level of consciousness so we don’t
to take it personal people will always make choices from their level of
consciousness so then I look at my extent mom for example she was abused
when she was a kid she was treated a very negative way as well so in a way
you know the statement hurt people hurt people
she was someone else hurt that was doing it now does it make it right does it
mean all I enjoy all those times I went through that stuff but it does help me
understand a little bit more and in that understanding I can then forgive when I
forgive it left my energy field I’ve never had to deal with a woman in my
life again it was always woman – is interesting I never had to deal with
that again though and if it does come up is if I’m able to see it I don’t go into
it but I don’t have never had to even deal
with it so the thing for 20/20 I recommend you do is to forgive somebody
that’s done something to you and that when you do you let go of it from an
energetic field and you’ll find that then your level of vibration is able to
raise because you don’t have that thing tempting you or bringing you down into
lower vibration now when you look at this vibration right here you will see
that of all of those emotions now you’ll see at a certain point one of the things
that have changed my life the most that’s why it’s the second thing on this
list the second way you can change your dominant vibration is by implementing a
level of meditation meditation will resonate at 250 or above that of
neutrality being able to observe the thoughts when I learn meditation back in
2012 my whole entire life changed I instead of trying to control
my thoughts was able to observe my thoughts and then realize that I mean
think thoughts but I am NOT my thoughts see prior to that I thought I was all my
negative emotions that I was feeling I thought I was my past I thought I was
all these things when I learned how to observe it and to let it be there it
would come in and go out so for 2020 what I recommend you do is bring in some
type of meditation practice which will help you to neutralize any of the lower
vibrational emotions and when you neutralize those emotions they then
begin to leave your life understand as well that the way you raise your
vibration is not by taking on the perspective of love joy peace and
enlightenment and piling it on top of all the lower vibrations it’s by just
letting go and cutting the ties imagine it like a hot air balloon and then you
cut the things that are keeping it on the earth and then it’s able to actually
go up your with a cup of sandbags off that’s all you do you don’t have to lift
the air balloon up you don’t have to lift it you just cut all the resistance
and in the same way you can cut the resistance to that of the things holding
you and lower vibration and meditating observing your thoughts every day for
just 5 or 10 minutes a day will change your life now here’s the thing doing it
once or twice might not have a profound difference but if you do it every single
day for weeks I promise you it will change your life in very powerful ways
so that’s at the level of 250 that’s at the level do neutrality also for the
first one I have that whole pono pono audio that you can listen to the more
you listen to it the more you say it as well
the more it begins to change the energy field in your body so I’m going to link
that below as well but that’s one of the most powerful ways you can change your
vibration and listen to it for 21 days watch how your life begins to change so
that’s the first one is letting go and forgiving the second one is bringing in
a meditation practice which is that resonates and calibrates at 250 now the
next calibration is going to be something to do at the level of 310
which you will see is willpower now what I recommend you do is you find one thing
you do every single day that brings you closer to your passion into your
or to your vision and if you don’t know what that is you set the intention to
find out what it is intention is a very powerful thing set the intention to
figure it out let go of the outcome and see what like flows into your life now
willpower is at 310 you do one thing every day that is a part of who you are
now now we realize in life you don’t always get that which you want you
always get that which you are you will always get a reflection of who you are
so with willpower what I recommend you do is identify the best possible version
of you that you prefer to be and notice what that version of you does every
single day do that thing every day that’s what I did I did I decided all
the version of me that does the way I prefer to be is making daily videos you
probably heard me tell the story a million times but basically what
happened is I was working a nine-to-five job at Barneys New York and I said oh I
want to be making video so that’s what I did is I started making it as every
single day and I’ve done that for about three years now and my life has
dramatically changed but remember this when I was talking about with the
meditation do it every day yet it gets a big difference
it tends to be Groundhog Day for most of us our vibration is on autopilot based
on the things we do consistently how we think feel and act every single day if
you bring in a meditation practice such redit ation practice or a practice of
you doing what you’re passionate about every day that will change your
vibration one of the highest vibrations you can have is doing what you’re
passionate about so find out what that is that the intention to find out what
that is and realize that the more you decide to do it the more you’re bringing
that energy into your life the the fastest way to raise your vibration is
to let go but it’s also to be who you really are and I believe that your
passion when you’re doing what you’re passionate about that is who you really
are now the the fourth way that you can
raise your diamond a vibration in 2020 is that of understanding the level of
reasoning into 400 and 500 400 is reasoning it is the intellect it is the
mind and it is like us realizing a lot of
what I teach is your beliefs create your reality become aware of your beliefs
you’re then able to change your life that’s at the level of the identity and
it could be very powerful but there’s a way to go beyond the identity great
Eagle beyond that the current belief system and that is to do something you
have never done before to look at your current identity to realize there’s a
current way you think feel and act that has been on autopilot do something your
current identity would never do and by doing that you get out of that reasoning
box and into love and do something that challenges that all belief system so for
example last year going in 2019 I never saw myself as somebody who
danced I would be like oh I just I can’t keep a beat Dutch’s the way I am oh this
feels so weird and this is how I dance but then what I realized is every
opportunity I had I would push myself to dance not me not every out but someone’s
like I was like I’ll have the opportunity to dance right now while I’m
like doing doing I don’t know this video this audience anyways but here’s what
here’s what I realized is by doing that I began to tear apart that old identity
so when we were at that place in Costa Rica there was a static dance workshop I
said you know my old identity would have never gone to that it wouldn’t fit into
the belief systems about Who I am so what I did is I said that’s why I’m
going then I went to that Tony Robbins event which is six days long 13 hour
days in the 40-degree room and what I did you mean partially you’re just
dancing because you’re trying to warm your body up it’s like 40 degrees is so
cold but you have six days of dancing pretty much it it’s really date look
dancing I mean it’s date with destiny it’s awesome but do your dancing a lot
and by doing that sorry to see myself differently I’ve started a challenge
that old belief system that old reasoning and one of the things you
could do is to decide reduce time that challenges the old belief system you’re
somebody else like I would never do yoga that is so weird and kind of woo
whoo I would never do that that’s even more of a reason to do that for me
there’s certain things that I would never do and I’m gonna I’m gonna do that
you know what I mean try some type of food you’ve never tried before break out
of the old belief system and as you do you might find that you start to get to
a new state remember doctor don’t suspend just said this by the way he’s
like how you think feeling act is on auto pot kind of what I’ve been saying
in this video if you get into uncertainty that’s where miracles can
happen miracles can’t happen in the known they can only happen in the
unknown in the known you’re just gonna get more of what you always got because
the mind and the probable quantum field knows and it’s already kind of like it’s
in the memory here to create more of it you do something you’ve never done
before you step into the unknown then magic can come into your life so that’s
something that that is very powerful well now the fifth thing you could do in
order to raise your vibration of the higher state is an esoteric concept that
I really believe in and if you look at the scale you’ll see that of reasoning
method you see that I’ve loved now something else you could do is realize
the universe we’re all connected every single one of us on this planet are
connected what you put out what you get back because what you do to someone else
you do to another aspect of yourself so when you have this intention of adding
value to other people it’s magical two things that can happen
it’s almost like you know actually I heard that said the Tony Robbins
conference you’ll see a lot of times people if they have just intention of
like bettering themselves there’s a certain level of resource energy the
universe gives them if then that person has a kid and a wife or a kid in an
offer or whatever then what might happen is they have more of a reason to push
themselves for success and they have more they normally they will get more
resources from the universe because they’re why is not just for themselves
as for more people if you then extend it out to your
community and your why is to help your community you have a new level of
resources available for you if you want to help all of the whole world there’s
going to be a new level of resources given to you so the more people the more
you want to add value is the more that then there is that kind
of value that can be added to you it’s that is that that’s what really can help
now something else that I have is well that is going to go live or already went
live is on January 1st it is that of a meditation that is for changing your
dominant vibration permanently this video is going to go out right after
that you’ll see it right here in the top of the description box you’ll see at the
end screen as well listen to that meditation for 21 days read what other
people said about it in the comment section it’s extraordinarily powerful
meditation for changing your dominant vibration permanently so take any of
these five things apply them in your life watch real life changes do that
meditation for 21 days watch how your life begins a change and other than that
I’ll see you later peace or slow it down this day

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