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5 WORST Name Changes In WWE History

5 WORST Name Changes In WWE History

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the video! After switching to Raw in the 2005 WWE Draft,
Chavo Guerrero denounced his Hispanic Heritage to debut his new persona “Kerwin White,”
a stereotypical, middle-class, white, conservative, Anglo-American male. Dressed as a country
club man with dyed blonde hair, Kerwin White drove around in a golf caddy and preached
the phrase: “if it’s not white, it’s not right.” He blamed his Hispanic heritage
for holding him back from achieving big. But if being Hispanic wasn’t enough of a shame,
Kerwin White also targeted Shelton Benjamin for not being white. However, with the unexpected
and unfortunate death of Eddie Guerrero, Chavo was forced to drop his Kerwin White gimmick
and went back wrestling under his real name, Chavo Guerrero. After following a battle with drug addiction,
Tony Atlas returned to the WWF for the third time but not as the former bodybuilder Mr
USA Tony Atlas, no… but as Saba Simba, an African tribe warrior complete with a headdress,
shield and spear. Although Atlas credits the Saba Simba character for saving his life as
he was homeless and living on a park bench at the time, nothing could prepare him for
what Vince McMahon had in mind for him. Vince McMahon the same guy who said this… Even
after Roddy Piper referred to Saba Simba as Tony Atlas, Vince McMahon justified this by
saying Atlas had “discovered his roots” during a trip to Africa and was “proud of
his heritage”. It’s no surprise that the Saba Simba gimmick only lasted for just 6-months. After an alleged coin flip that took place
between Terry Taylor and Curt Hennig to see who would get the “Mr Perfect” gimmick,
Curt Hennig ended up winning which meant Terry Taylor was left with a gimmick that essentially
killed his WWE career and that was as The Red Rooster. Complete with crimson garb and
a fowl strut, The Red Rooster made Terry Taylor look like one big joke and tarnished any potential
he had as a top star. The gimmick was so ridiculous that it even had Terry Taylor literally mimicking
rooster noises during his promos… When Erik and Ivar were called up to the main
roster from NXT, they debuted under a new name: “The Viking Experience”. As you
can imagine, social media went crazy over this change and reacted in a very negative
way which was understandable considering they went from the War Raiders in NXT to The Viking
Experience on Raw. This forced the WWE to change their in-ring name from The Viking
Experience to The Viking Raiders with The Viking Experience instead being the name of
their finishing move. It’s certainly an “experience” we’d like to forget about… After being belittled for his height week
in and week out by Shelton Benjamin, Chad Gable persevered through it all to only be
belittled by King Corbin just weeks later… It was then King Corbin got the announcer
to announce Chad Gable as Shorty Gable but instead of choosing to dismiss this ridiculous
name, Gable just accepted it. I mean if you can’t beat them, join them, right? After
giving an inspirational speech about his struggles as a short person, it was then Chad Gable
adopted his new name, Shorty Gable, even going as far as to “shorten” his name even more
to “Shorty G”. Shorty G debuted his new look the following week on SmackDown, a look
that resembled something a basketball player would wear. Oh, the irony! Because he’s short…

100 comments on “5 WORST Name Changes In WWE History

  1. I just want jason jordan back so we could possibly get American Alpha back. Like…wtf did WWE do to them. Like they were the shit

  2. You forgot Husky harris who then changed name to Bray wayatt..which also didn't worked so he changed again to the so called boring Fiend!!

  3. I wouldn’t write off Shorty G yet.
    Vince loves him.
    Chad Gable was a jobber.
    Since the same change his been on every ppv card.

  4. Not only is Shorty G such s lame name, his new gear is horrible. Gable has a great body and always looked fantastic in the ring but this new gear is simply awful.

  5. I still call them the War Raiders and Chad Gable! They'll always be the War Raiders to me, and Shorty Gable and Shorty G are just stupid

  6. 1:17
    me: stares in black girl confusion

    Also, WWE does know that Hispanic means to come from a Spanish speaking country? So like, idk, SPAIN!

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