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9 Month Old Baby Development to 12 Month Old Baby Development – What To Expect

9-12 Months baby development: what to expect? At this point in your baby’s life, they can crawl on their belly, and even lift themselves up to crawl on their hands-and-knees. As they crawl, their balance system and independent movement abilities in space continue to develop. We must continue to guide your baby through the next developmental stages. At ages 9 to 12 months your baby can crawl on their belly and on hands and knees. As they lift themselves up to crawl on their hands and knees, your baby begins to move towards independent sitting. Here, for the first time, your baby must use
a narrower surface for support and learn to balance themselves with their upper body. At this stage of sitting, your baby’s balance system and ability to balance their body’s center becomes crucial. This allows them to detach their hands from the floor and implement their fine motor skills. They can apply this to clapping, eating independently,
drawing and more. Additionally, you will see your baby’s first
attempts at standing up on both feet, while leaning on an object. Another characteristic of this stage is your baby’s ability to communicate with their surroundings in a clearer way as they begin to stand and play around. Or even in some cases, begin to circle around
objects, and start to take their first steps. Each stage is built upon the previous one. Your baby must complete each stage in their development. Therefore it’s important to continue guiding
them and instilling a solid developmental foundation that will lead them to the next
stages. In this video series we will focus on topics such as: independently transitioning to sitting, continuing to develop the balance system,
confidence in independently transitioning to standing, confidence in standing, and more. These videos provide guidance in dealing with the changes your baby goes through in the transition from independent sitting to attempts at standing up near objects or standing up on their own. These videos will equip you with practical
tools enabling you to carry out different exercises, focusing on transitioning from
crawling to sitting, from sitting to standing, and vice-versa, or in taking their first steps. Additionally, we will see how to lead your
baby to move and navigate space safely and independently while sitting,
during this stage, and later when walking. Learning these stages forms the basis for
reaching additional milestones such as standing, walking and more. Select the next video to continue providing your baby with the tools they need for success in the next developmental stages.

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