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ACA Health Insurance Marketplaces: What to expect

Health isurance marketplaces, or health benefit marketplaces were created under the Affordable Care Act and are the primary mechanism for expanding coverage to people who are currently having trouble getting covered or having trouble paying for their insurance. And basically what the health marketplaces will do is provide a series of insurance options appropriate for a family’s size or family needs and income. What to expect will depend on where you live. Many states, about 15 states will be fully implementing the state benefit marketplaces as anticipated and in those states they can expect a somewhat straightforward modern shopping experience, where you’ll be able to look a number of different health plans, apply for a health plan and enroll in almost real-time. This will be especially important for people who are not insured. About 35 states will initially be functioning under what’s called the federally-facilitated marketplace and there the experience may vary from state to state but there will be a portal for every state, a place where people can go to look at their insurance options. Massachusetts’ exchange is called the Health Connector and the Health Connector will be upgrading all of its systems and modernizing its benefits to be consistent with the Affordable Care as of 10/1/2013 we were very pleased that the University to be a partner with the Massachusetts Medicaid agency and the Massachusetts Health Connector in building the technology for the new exchange, so we’ve the new technology is called the Massachusetts Health Insurance Exchange and Integrated Eligibility System We should look at 10-1 as the beginning of the next phase of the Affordable Care Act. In this phase the Marketplaces will open, we’ll modernize our Medicaid systems and eligibility systems, and people will get to look and understand what these new options mean. The experience may differ from state to state, but I expect that over time we will see major growth in coverage and better health care for for citizens of the United States, and it’s a very exciting time for us all.

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