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Accelerated Psychic Development

Accelerated Psychic Development

Hi. This is Lee Van Zyl. I’m the owner of the Montclair Pyschic School located in Rutherford, New Jersey. I’d like to talk to you today a little bit about Psychic Development or Intuitive Development Why should you take Psychic Development? Although this class is structured to teach those who wish to work professionally as psychics, people from all walks of life have been taking this class. We have policemen taking the class, business people, lawyers. We even have people who work with the bomb squad and go to Iraq and have incorporated psychic development in their training. This is really to teach the everyday person to trust their intuitive abilities Psychic development is not really for a secluded few people. who might be very gifted. We are all intuitive. Just think about this. Have you ever met someone and, on sight, don’t like them? Why is that? It’s a feeling that you have about people. How many times have you ignored your Gut Instinct about a person or maybe a business decision and then you had that inner voice in your mind starting to have an inner debate with you and eventually you change your mind going against your Gut Instinct? Or you might have someone else trying to dissuade you and going in opposition to what your initial Gut Instinct was. I’ll guarantee you, each time that’s happened to you you’ve either lost money or you’ve had your heart broken. Business people who are very successful nowadays are all very intuitive. They have vision. They use their third eye and they have vision to see the broader picture of things and how businesses will enfold. They are attuned to their clairsentience or their psychic feelings. They can sense what people are like. They pay attention to how they feel a person’s energy and they know how to surround themselves with people who will be very successful in their business and whose energy will jive with their own corporation. They also trust their Gut Instinct. Successful people can make a decision just like that. They trust, trust, trust and that’s all that there is to Psychic Development. So during this class Accelerated Psychic Development, I will teach you all about the the Psychic Gifts Clairvoyance, the gift of seeing, Clairsentience, the gift of feeling Clairaudience, the gift of hearing, and Claircognizance, the sense of just knowing. I will teach you how to pay attention to these psychic gifts, and teach you how to put it all together so that you, too, can incorporate Psychic Development in your every day life. Why be a day late and a dollar short? Learn to work with the inherent gifts that you have be successful and live your true potential. Thanks for joining me.

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