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Adam Ruins Everything – Why Supplements Are Just Modern Day Snake Oil (sneak peek)

Back in the early nineteen hundreds, quack doctors could put anything in a bottle
and call it medicine. Step right up and try Professor
Hokorium’s extreme snake oil! Contains absolutely no beef,
fat or lead. This tastes like steak
and paint chips. You’re wrong! So to stop these
charlatans from straight-up
killing people, we regulated
the drug industry. Blast! I made a fortune
off that beef lead! But those standards were never
applied to supplements, and in 1994, the industry
lobbied Congress to cripple the FDA’s ability
to investigate them. And now we’re back
to the bad old days when any bozo could put
whatever they want in a bottle and sell it. The only thing that’s changed
is the facial hair. Step right up
and try Hoko Milk! I swear, it contains absolutely
no illegal steroids or lead. This big, dumb ape
can mix together whatever crazy chemicals
he wants, call it a “proprietary blend” and no one will stand between
him and the store shelves. Chad not big ape! Aah! Yikes! Go, go, go! Jump!

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