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An affordable coaching platform

An affordable coaching platform

Last week I was at an event organized by
the Board of Trade of Toronto. It was where they introduced us to a report
with regard to “Modernizing employment and skills”. On one of the first pages
they say that there are “jobs without people”, on other page they say they are “people
without jobs”. But what is quite interesting to note and it’s written
here, is that 62% of the employers would provide the necessary technical skills
as long as there is a fit and, as long as these people have the necessary soft
skills. A couple of weeks ago I provided or I made five videos on five soft
skills. Another way that I’m supporting young leaders is I’m working with the
company Wiserstate, that provides an e-coaching platform. So it’s coaching on
demand and it’s interactive. So that could maybe be of interest to young
leaders who are looking for a solution a coaching solution that is affordable
or for company leaders that would like to coach an amount of a big amount of of
their young leaders/managers. I’ll put the link below if it interests you. If you would
like to know more you can always contact me and with that I thank you for
listening to today’s video. I look forward to talking to you next time and
I wish you all the best. Bye for now.

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