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Angela Coughlan Pool – Inclusive Change Space

Angela Coughlan Pool – Inclusive Change Space

♪ Welcome to the virtual
Walk-Through of the inclusive change space at
Angela Coughlan Pool. Inclusivity is an important
value to the City of Burlington. Through the strategic plan,
the City of Burlington has identified a “Safe and
Inclusive Community” as one of it’s
strategic goals. The new inclusive change
space will provide fully private change and/or shower
areas for all, removing the need to
have designated “Men’s” or “Women’s”
changerooms. As you enter the doors you
will notice clear sight-lines from the hallway and
the pool along all directions. All common areas such as
lockers, rinse stations & sinks are clothing mandatory. There are common area sinks,
mirrors & hair dryers for everyone There are 31 fully
private change spaces Including individual
change areas family change areas and accessible
change areas. some of the private spaces
include toilets & showers Notice the clear sight-lines in
all the common areas, Including lockers and sink
areas and spacious bathrooms. changerooms with showers
are clearly marked. Other features of the
renovation project will result in a more efficient,
up to date & modern pool facility and will include the following: Each entrance to or from the
pool will have rinse stations. The accessible washrooms
feature roll-in showers, plenty of space and
adult change tables The renovation to Angela
Coughlan Pool will help provide 21st century
services through modern, inclusive facilities. If there is ever any question
please do not hesitate to ask a staff member. We will be happy to assist you
to ensure your swimming experience is welcoming,
safe and enjoyable. ♪

4 comments on “Angela Coughlan Pool – Inclusive Change Space

  1. “Some private areas include showers”… HOW MANY? Really important if everyone has to hunt down an empty shower behind doors. There must be a shower in each stall, wouldn't make sense otherwise.

    New changeroom a consequence of Multiculturalism and population replacement (demographic change)?

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