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Applying the attribute dependency theory  Creative Thinking

Applying the attribute dependency theory Creative Thinking

what do these items have in common here’s a traffic stop light the kind that changes color as the car pulls up to the light next is a crescendo alarm clock it starts off ringing very softly and then gradually gets louder until you finally wake up next our transition sunglasses the kind that gets darker as it gets brighter outside and finally happy hour do you see the pattern in each case one item is changing in response to something else in the case of the traffic light it turns green in response to the presence of a car at the intersection the loudness of the crescendo alarm clock changes in response to time the darkness of the lens changes in response to the brightness of the external light in happy hour well the price you pay for drinks at a bar changes in response to the time of day you should see that as one thing changes another thing changes and that is the hallmark of the attribute dependency technique to use attribute dependency you make two lists first is a list of the attributes of the surrounding environment and people related to the topic you’re working on now these could be physical attributes like width or length or height they might also be characteristics of people like gender age and personal preferences I suggest you always include on your list the attribute of time that could be time of day elapsed time and so on whatever best relates to your topic now be sure to number these attributes 1 2 3 and so on the second list are the attributes of the product or service you’re working on attributes are different than components where a component is usually a physical or tangible thing you can see or touch an attribute as a characteristic of the product or service for example the screen of a TV is a component while the size of the screen would be an attribute now be sure to list these out with letters a B C and so on now you’re ready to apply attribute dependency randomly select one attribute from each list for example attribute five and attribute C now here’s the critical part create a simple phrase that sounds like this as attribute five changes so does attribute C that becomes your virtual product using function follows form you identify potential benefits and target markets and finally you modify and adapt the concept to improve it look at the previous examples like the crescendo alarm clock our virtual product would have been as elapsed time increases the loudness of the alarm increases these attributes would have come from the two lists we would have created to demonstrate attribute dependency I’ve provided an exercise fountain attribute dependency is powerful so be sure to use it the right way to create amazing creative concepts

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