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AWS This Week: AWS Systems Manager Change Calendar and more!

AWS This Week: AWS Systems Manager Change Calendar and more!

Hello Cloud Gurus and
welcome to AWS This Week. It’s so early in the year but the
announcements are still flowing from AWS. This week AWS introduced the AWS
Systems Manager Change Calendar. Amazon SES now lets you use
existing IP address ranges, Amazon Translate has introduced Batch
Translation and we announce our Guru of the Week. You’re watching AWS This
Week with me, Nick Triantafillou. [inaudible] If you’ve never used it before, AWS Systems Manager is a service which
gives you visibility and control of your infrastructure in AWS. Basically, it lets you automate operational tasks
across all of your AWS resources. Well this week AWS have introduced the
AWS Systems Manager Change Calendar, a feature which lets you schedule calendar
events to ensure changes are allowed or blocked at the right times. If you have a huge marketing promotion
or event where you expect there to be a high demand for your resources, you can automatically block any changes
from occurring until that time has passed and it can be done
programmatically. For example, before an AWS Lambda function is
invoked, which may change some resources, it can automatically check the calendar
to see if it’s a good time to do so and if not, it won’t execute. Very cool.
The Amazon Simple Email Service, or SES, now has a feature where
you can bring your own IP address. This is useful for companies who might
have built a solid reputation for not sending spam from their own
mail server IP addresses. If they did want to move to SES, they would have to rebuild that reputation
and possibly risk being blacklisted if someone else using SES does
start sending spam – a risk, some companies wouldn’t want to take. So now SES guarantees you can use your
own IP range and you will solely be responsible for your email delivery
source address. Next up, Amazon Translate, the fully managed neural
machine translation service
which has introduced Batch Translation. You’re now able to translate up to a
million text or HTML documents in an S3 bucket asynchronously using the Batch
Translation Service in a single API call, which is really useful for when your
application doesn’t need a real time translation. The Batch Translation Service accepts
a batch of up to five gigabytes in size per API call with each document
not exceeding one megabyte. Now onto our Guru of the Week. This
week, our winner is Asim Maltare, an AWS Solutions Architect from
Infosys in India. Congratulations! A t-shirts, sticker and hand-signed
card are on their way to you, and you’re also in the draw to win
a free ticket to re:Invent in 2020. If you’d like to win Guru of the week, please be sure to check out this week’s
Question of the Week in our forum link below. Alright. That’s all from me, keep being awesome Cloud Gurus
and we’ll see you next time. [inaudible].

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