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B-School 2020 w/ Marie Forleo | Jorge Oros’s Scholarship Entry

B-School 2020 w/ Marie Forleo | Jorge Oros’s Scholarship Entry

Hi Marie and Team Forleo! My name is Jorge Oros, and I’m a musician, artist, and activist currently living in Moscow, Russia. So, a few years ago I wrote this book titled “Souls of Silence”, and that is a heart-wrenching story about love, belonging, and the power of dreams, also addressing four globally relevant social issues: homophobia, mental health stigma, medical malpractice, and corruption. As an artist, I’ve always seen my life’s purpose in leveraging my creative gifts to tell stories that promote intersectional social justice. And with my book finished, over the last four years I’ve spent the majority of my time networking with people from the American creative industry who can help me put my book on the platform where it can most effectively serve the people it’s designed to serve — people whose voices are silenced, dismissed, and marginalized by the culture. For me personally, it would also open the doors for emigration, rising above poverty, and starting a full-time, dead-serious creative career. Unlike when I was younger, today I no longer have reasons to question my creative talent, the artistic value of my work, or the research backing up its social relevance. However, to get my work to actually serve the world, I need to drastically improve my marketing skills, and that is the reason why I need to join B-School. I love marketing, and I still largely suck at it. I need to up these skills to effectively connect both to the hearts of my audience and — which is more important at the current point — to the hearts of people I network with professionally. So for y’all to be able to check out my work, I’ll put links to my YouTube, my Instagram, and my Website in the description below. And I do really hope to see y’all in B-School. Take care, and bye!

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