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18 comments on “Background work with JobScheduler (Android Development Patterns S3 Ep 12)

  1. Why bother putting on lipstick and getting your hair done when you are a fat disgusting pig? Start working out and stop being disgusting.

  2. JobScheduler seems really useful to create battery optimized background jobs. However there doesn't seem to be a compat version for pre-API 21. Any possibility this will come to the Android Support v4 library in a future revision?

  3. Should probably mention on android N, setPeriodic(long intervalMillis) only works for 15 minutes or above. Google, give me a job please. 🙂

  4. in Nougat version not working, setMinimumLatency it call only one but setPeriodic call every minutes

  5. thanks !! is it possible to change constraints after launch scheduling process ? for example, sync whith shared pref data

  6. I want to give users the privilege to start and stop scheduling. eg: he/she might want to start scheduling at 10 am and stop it at 10 pm. How can I do that? This is the exact question in the stackoverflow what I want to do but no answer here.

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