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Baldi’s Basics In Education And Learning IN REAL LIFE (Kids Choice)/ That YouTub3 Family | Family

– Guys, Baldi is right there. I can’t go for that notebook. I gotta go! – No running in the halls. – No!
– Detention for 15 sec. – Hi guys, welcome back to– – [Everyone] That YouTub3 Family! – And today we’re going to
play Baldi in real life. – Oooh. – Okay, so Baldi is kind
of what we’re learning is a jump scare game. – Yeah, if you’ve never played Baldi’s Basics in Education and
Learning, this is how you play. Basically, Baldi is the teacher, and he can hear every sound you make. He has very good hearing. He is a very strict teacher, and he gets mad whenever
you get a problem wrong. He has seven notebooks
hidden around the school that you have to go and collect. The trick is is that
when you find a notebook, you have to answer three math questions that Baldi has set up. If you get them all
right, then you’re good. But if you get one of them wrong, Baldi is looking for you. If Baldi gets to you,
then you have to restart. – Plus, there are a few other characters that you have to watch out for. – For example, there is a principal, that if he catches you
running in the halls, you get a 15-second detention where you had to stay
still for 15 seconds. There’s also superintendent
that lets Baldi know where you are in the school. There’s also a sweeper which
pushes you towards Baldi. – Yep. – There’s probably more characters too. – [Mom] Who’s Baldi? Our first route? – Dad is gonna be Baldi because he’s bald. – Easy. – [Mom] Okay, so Dad is
off hiding the notebooks. – Yep.
– Yep. – [Mom] And we are playing
at a university today, so we are in one of the
university buildings. It is a big building.
– At a school. It’s a real school.
– An actual school. – [Mom] And we are going to
try not to disturb anybody. – Okay, I’m gonna be the principal. – I’m gonna be the broom. Sweep, sweep, sweep.
– Sweep, sweep, sweep. – I’m gonna be the character
looking for the notebooks. – I’m gonna be the superintendent. – [Mom] Oh no. Okay, so we’re just
waiting for Baldi to come. – Yep, he’s hiding all the notebooks. This is gonna be so hard. Okay guys, I am in the school now, and this is where I start out in the game. I see Baldi right here next to me. But he looks really
happy and it seems like everything’s pretty good,
so we’re just gonna go ahead and find the first notebook, let’s go. Okay, so I’m just gonna keep walking down. I feel like it’s, I don’t know, I feel like it’s gonna be really easy. I haven’t seen anything. Baldi seems really nice. The school’s pretty simple. Let’s go look around and
find the first classroom. Okay, there’s Baldi again. Okay, let’s go into this
classroom, room 222. (gasps) There’s a notebook, okay let’s go. Let’s sit down and look at
the problems I had to do. Alright. Oh wow, okay, so first problem
is what’s one plus two? Three. Wow. One minus one, zero. This is gonna be easy, guys. And zero plus three? Three. That’s so easy. Wow. See, I got them all right. Oh, there’s Baldi. – Wow, you actually exist. Here’s a shiny quarter for you. – Thanks, Baldi. Wow, I don’t know what all
the fuzz is about Baldi. He’s really nice, I
actually got a quarter. Okay, so I got one notebook. One out of seven. I think I’m doing pretty good. I’ve gotta find six more notebooks. Let’s go around and see
if I could find them. Alright, let’s look around. Baldi can move really fast. Okay, let’s just keep going. I found a book, but it’s not a notebook. (sighs) That’s not the notebook I need. Alright. Mom. I found another notebook, right here. Okay, let’s see what the problems are. Alright, let’s see. Four plus four, that’s pretty easy, eight. My favorite number, eight. Five minus five, zero. Wow. (gasps) Uh-oh guys, I don’t know if I can answer this question correctly. Look at that. I can’t even read it. Like, what? Okay, I’m just gonna guess zero, ’cause I don’t even know. Zero. (buzzer beeps) – I hear every door you open. – (gasps) I gotta get out of here. I forget I don’t have stamina. I’m just gonna walk. Ugh, I see another notebook
down there, let’s go. There’s a notebook outside. But Baldi’s right there
though, you wanna go for it? Oh no, oh no. Guys, Baldi is right there. I can’t go for that notebook, I gotta go! Run! Run! Ah, I’m running from Baldi! – No running in the halls. – No!
– Detention for 15 seconds. – Okay, take me to detention. I have to go to the principal’s office. Ugh. – Detention for 15 seconds. No running in the halls. One. Two. Three. Four. – Come on, come on, come on.
– Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. 10. 11. 12.
– I hear Baldi. – [Audrey] 13. 14. 15. – Go, go, go, guys.
– No running in the halls. – Okay, we gotta get away from Baldi. I hear him, he’s really close. He’s gonna turn, (gasps) there he is. I don’t wanna use my stamina though, so let’s go down this hall. Actually, do they have
the notebook right here? Let’s go in here, I see a notebook. Hurry. Run from Baldi. Run! Run! Run! I found a notebook. Alright, let’s answer the math problems. Okay, I’ve got the problems here. It says one plus one, easy,
got this like a boss, two. Two minus three? Negative one, oh yes. Okay, ugh, not this problem again. I don’t even know, like,
I can’t even read it. Baldi has such bad handwriting. I don’t even know how to read that. Okay, um, let’s put, how
many notebooks do I have? I have two notebooks, let’s put two. Maybe it’ll work. (buzzer beeps) No! I got it wrong. Baldi’s right there. Okay, I’ll grab the notebook, and the coin, let’s go! (Baldi clapping) – Let’s play!
– No! Oh I ran into a school girl. – One. – Look, you have to get five, right? – Oops, you missed that. One.
– My sandals! – That’s it. Ditching the sandals.
– Get out of here. I’m gonna be still this time. – One, two, three, four, five. – Yes, yes, I’m free. Baldi’s here, (mumbles). (Baldi clapping) (mumbles) It’s right here. I think we’re losing him. Alright. There’s a notebook, okay. We have another one. So I have three notebooks. This is my fourth one. I’m so close, but these math problems are making me tired,
they’re kind of tricky. Okay, let’s see what
these math problems are. I got this. Hopefully there won’t be
a really difficult one. We’ve got zero minus two, negative two, like a boss. Negative one plus one, that cancels each other out, it’s zero, yes. Ugh. I have a feeling this
is how all the notebooks are gonna be, guys, look, scribbles times scribbles, what? Three? Sure. (buzzer beeps) (groans) Guys, I gotta get going. Baldi’s gonna be back soon. – Baldi! Baldi! She’s over here! – No! The superintendent! It’s calling Baldi. Okay, let’s go in here. Okay, let’s go down this way, guys. – It’s sweeping time,
girl, sweep, sweep, sweep. – Oh no, the janitor, he’s
sweeping me out of here. No! Where am I going? (gasps) Okay, you let go. We’re good. I see Baldi. I hear him. That’s another notebook. The janitor brought me over here. We have one, two, three, four, this will be our fifth one. Let’s knock it out before Baldi gets here. Alright, okay, these are the problems. Three plus three, that’s six. Alright, four minus three, one. Again, a problem I don’t
get and I can’t even read. There’s two over there on the wall. I’m just gonna write two,
because, I don’t know why, two. (buzzer beeps) No! Okay. Baldi can hear me every time that happens. Alright, we gotta get going. Oh, this is heavy. I have a lot of notebooks now. Let’s go. – Let’s play with me.
– No. I gotta get my shoes off again. – One, two. – You messed up! – Three, four, five. – Okay, let’s go, let’s
go, let’s go, let’s go. Baldi’s getting closer, I can hear it. Let’s go into that classroom. Maybe there is something in there. (Baldi clapping) The light’s on. I don’t see any notebooks, you guys, Is there in here? No, I don’t see a notebook. (groans) Okay, keep going. Okay, that is strange. (Baldi clapping)
– Baldi. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go. (Baldi clapping drown out other sound) I don’t even know. Let’s look at this one. 274, feeling good about this one. (gasps) Oh my gosh, it’s
actually right there. There’s actually a notebook in here, I can’t believe that. Kind of, calmed down for a minute ’cause Baldi can’t see us right now. ‘Cause there is protective wall. Alright, let’s answer these questions. Alright, we’ll see. Okay, negative nine plus two, that’s negative seven. (Baldi clapping)
I hear Baldi. Okay. Oh my gosh, look out, there’s Baldi. Three minus seven. It’s negative four. The last one again, um. What’s a number, zero, again, ugh. (buzzer beeps) Aah! Okay, Baldi’s getting really close. We gotta get out of here. Grab my coin, let’s go. Baldi’s right there. Run, run, run!
– No running in the halls. Detention for 15 seconds. – Principal got me, no! 15 seconds? Baldi’s so close. Oh no. I only need one more notebook, you guys. I have six notebooks. – One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven– – Seems like it’s taking so long. – [Audrey] Eight, nine,
10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. No running in the halls. – Oh no, he’s right there guys. No that’s not an exit. No! – I got you. – Baldi got me guys. No, I had one more notebook left. I guess Baldi wins. – I win, I win. Let me show you where the
last notebook was hiding. – They were here? I was just in that room? – It was right there.
– The whole time? – Right next to where you got caught. You were this close. Yet this far away.
– Ugh! No! – That was super fun playing Baldi. Guess what’s happening, you guys? – [Everyone] Mail time! – This is from Rachel in Massachusetts. She sent us some Minecraft characters. – Cool.
– Cool. – Mystery box ones.
– That’s awesome. – Fidget spinners.
– Nice. – And sour jelly beans.
– Oh. Who likes sour jelly beans?
– Mom’s favorite. – [Mom] I do not eat sour. – [Jordan] I would love sour. – [Mom] That’s a good challenge though. – Mike and like sour. – Look, that’s your shirt.
– Oh, more sour! – And bean boozled. – [Mom] Another challenge. I see some challenge for you guys. – Awesome.
– That’s awesome, thank you. – Thanks Rachel.
– Thank you. – Thank you. – This box comes from
Maisie in Mississippi. Maisie has a dog name
Buddy, which is cool. Said we should do some
more treasure hunt videos and then gave us some cool pictures. We’ve got some minions and some candy. And slime, but I have a bad story. The slime looks like it opened up and so it’s like all stuck inside the box. – That’s okay, though. It didn’t get on anything else. – The choice of candy’s good, but the slime, maybe we’ll be able to get some of these out. Looks like they’re all in individual bags, so I think only one bag opened, but, thank you so much! – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Thank you. – This next box is from Cailee in Gorgia. – Whoa.
– There’s lots of green thing. A nerve blaster.
– Whoa that’s cool. Oh Logan wants it. He’s like, ooh, I want it. – This is for Jordan. Lots of pink. – That’s so cool. This is for Ty, this is for me and Ty. More goodie, goodies. And some slime for Jordan. – Oh.
– It’s pretty. – Thank you. – Some stuff for Audrey. – Oh that was nice.
– Nice. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – This next package is from
Samantha and Sophia from Arizona and they sent some really
cute pictures of themselves, which I’m not gonna show
but they are super cute. And they also sent some
little, it looks like gold, which is so cool, false gold maybe. And some little action figurines. Logan’s so excited. But this is not for him. This is for Audrey, it’s
a little lion teddy bear. – How cute.
– Kinda looks like Logan. – That was nice.
– It’s so cute. Thank you so much! – Okay, so this last package
comes from Gemma in Texas. Gemma drew us a picture
and wrote us a nice letter. Gemma is seven and a half
years old, about to turn eight. And Gemma sends some slime for all of us. Look at that, it’s a pretty yellow slime. It looks like it’s a
little bit translucent. Thank you so much, Gemma! – Alright guys, so that’s
it for today’s video. We hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, give it a big thumbs up. And if you want to see more
characters from the game Baldi, comment down below, and
we will play it again. Also, if you haven’t already subscribed, turn it from red to gray and– – Hit the bell! – And make today an adventure! We’ll see you all next time. – [Everyone] Bye! (playful tune)

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