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BEST Tips to IMPROVE Memory Power | Personality Development | Yandamoori Veerendranath

BEST Tips to IMPROVE Memory Power | Personality Development | Yandamoori Veerendranath

Yandamoori Antharmukham. The elexir for memory power. Welcome to Antharmukham. Earlier we have learnt, How the children have to maintain
the concentration during exams. How to study without any pressure,
we have discussed about these topics. In this episode, In people, especially the students, We will discuss about the point
how to increase the memory power. The memory power is same in every person. Unless they are met with an
accident or have congenital problems, The memory power is same for all,
with a slight difference. But, a few students and their
mothers will not believe this. Let me tell you a story about this. A patient went to a psychiatrist. He told the psychiatrist
“I passed away yesterday”. As it is common for a
psychiatrist to hear such stories, He asked the patient how he passed away. The patient replied that he
passed away due to excess fever. Then the psychologist asked the patient whether
the haemoglobin circulates in an expired body. As the patient was educated, He replied that it doesn’t circulate
and the haemoglobin gets coagulated. Then the psychologist asked
the nurse for a needle, He then held the patient’s hand and pricked
his finger. And haemoglobin came out. “See, you have haemoglobin circulating in your
body, so you aren’t expired.” said the doctor. Then the patient kept looking at his
finger and the doctor for a while, “Oh! All these days I believed that
haemoglobin doesn’t flow in an expired body” “There is a haemoglobin circulation indeed.”,
the patient said. What did you understand by this? The people who think that they don’t have
memory power believe in this deeply. It is false.
The memory power is same in everyone. However, they don’t remember what is needed. Look at this image once. On the right hand side of this image, You will find, active neurons: 5,00,000 Passive neurons: 2,00,000. Expired: Depends on age, etc and
there are many different things in there. It means, at any given circumstance a
person would remember 5,00,000 things. Ear, eyes, hair, shirt etc in this
way they will remember 5,00,000 things. If we ask who was the heroine in the movie,
‘Size Zero’, You would say it is Anushka. But, if we ask them about Archimedes principle,
they say they don’t know it. Out of the 5,00,000 things, which ones are
to be remembered and which ones are not to be, It depends on the person’s friends,
his likes and his routine. That is the reason we suggest to speak less. Look at this image once again. It is shown as electromagnetic waves. If you ask me a question “What is your name?”, That question would go here through my ears.
There are neurons present here. The answer would come from here. We call this as a sense organ. We call this as a work organ. Look at the image once again. The question came and there are two
arrow marks at the bottom. One arrow mark is
taking the question inside. It went towards a neuron. There, the neuron had responded and the
answer came out through another arrow mark. You have watched it, right? The question
went inside and the answer came outside. Let us assume that each
neuron remembers one thing. Whether it is true scientifically,
we will check it later. Let us assume that it remembers. The 5,00,000 neurons that are on
the right hand side are active. If any question is asked,
they answer immediately. Who was the hero in Athadu movie?
Mahesh Babu. Who was the hero in Jai Simha movie?
Balakrishna. In this way, the ones which answer
immediately are called active neurons. When we ask what is the differnce
between Phylum Protozoa and Porifera, “Protozoa… Protozoa means…
Protozoa Protozoa.” It would seem as if you have read it some
where but you cannot completely remember it. We call them passive neurons. When we ask what is sine
theta by cos theta, “Sine theta?” Shakespeare, Collridge…
Sine.. is he a poet or philosopher? If he asks this way,
we call them as dead neurons. Pure neurons mean, as we live, many pure
neurons will transform into active neurons. They are in some crores. A pure neuron will become an active neuron
and an active neuron will become a dead neuron. Hence, as we talk unnecessary things,
the active neurons which are useful to us, Will become dead neurons. There is a phrase ‘diarrhoea of
talking’ which means non-stop talking. The more we talk, we end up wasting
the space of the neurons. We have to safeguard the
neurons very carefully. Let me give an example for this. In a train, a female passenger asked a woman
in front what her husband was doing? She replied,
“My husband wakes up early in the morning”. “He does brushing, takes bath,
has breakfast, goes to the office” “After the office,
he comes back to the home in the evening.” “He plays with the children for some time,
Later he has dinner and that we both..” “Do you want me to say further?” The co-passenger asked
“Why were you telling all of this to me?” The woman replied, “It was you who
asked me what my husband does?” The co-passenger said “That’s not what
I have asked. Why do I need those”, “I have asked regarding
where your husband works.” The woman replied,
“Why do you want to know that?” I don’t say that talking or
friendly conversation is wrong, Telling you how much neuron space we waste
with unnecessary talks is my objective, Whatever we talk, is not even
worth a buck for the opposite person. They had a lot of dirt in their minds, Passing the dirt from our minds to them and
recieving the dirt of their minds is conversation. I feel it is a meaningless conversation. Once upon a time,
around ten years back, When Chiranjeevi had
established Praja Rajyam party newly, I was travelling in a train
and a passenger asked me, A person asked me “Sir, since you are
close to him, would his party win?” I said “I would tell you
if you pay me 100 rupees.” “100 rupees?”,
he said and started reading newspaper. Again after 5 minutes, I said I would
tell him if he pays 10 rupees. He sadi no. I told him that I would tell him my view
on Praja Rajyam party if he pays one rupee. He did not speak anything. This is just a fictional story. What do we understand by this? Our opinions would not even be
worth a rupee for the others As we are so idle that the other
person would start a conversation. There are many other good things
to do than this. You could read books, look out of
the window, asses yourselves deeply, And you could do much more. I don’t
say that you should not talk but, When you are suffering from memory
loss, avoid the conversation. Let us go to the next point. Look at the image once again. Observe the picture, triangle
plus 2 is equal to the pentagon. The pentagon plus 1 is equal
to the triangle plus triangle. Let me explain this in detail. When a question goes inside, it goes to
a neuron and the answer comes out from here. During exams, when we see a question paper, The questions go from here,
the neurons respond, And the organ of action,
will write the answer. We discusses that the relation between
sense organ and the organ of action is memory, Now if you question me,
“What are the names of your parents”., The question would go inside, Mother, father, both the names would
respond and both names would come out. If you ask what is A plus B whole square, The question would go inside and A square plus B square plus 2ab which is
called triangle bond, would come outside. The thin threads that bind the bonds,
are called axons. These axons change from time to time. When asked, who were the
sons of the emperor, Dasharatha, Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Shatrughna.
It is called a square bond. Who are the Pancha Padavas? Dharmaraja, Arjuna, Bheema, Nakula and
Sahadeva. This is called pentagon bond. There is no bond more than penatgon bond. It means that an axon can
only bind 5 neurons. Look at the image once again. If 2 new things get added up to the triangle
bond in our mind, it would become pentagon bond. To a pentagon, if a new thing is added it
doesn’t become six but it would become 3 + 3 Again if 2 is added to this 3,
it would become 5. And this process 3+2=5, 5+1=3+3,
will occur continuously. These are called thoughts. At the time of thinking, If there are any new thoughts
that are other than the study, This triangle bond will be altered. I will give you an example for this. If you have read A + B whole
square the entire day. A square + B square + 2AB bond was formed. Later, when you go home in the evening, you
watched TV and in that, a song came “How long do you stay above? If you say
you want to come, would I deny you?” Immediately the triangle bond
will become a pentagon bond. A square + “If you say you want to come”
+ B square + “Would I deny you?” + 2AB is what it becomes. When it is this way, Be it with your friends or with brother,
or with mother while having dinner, If you would ask whether you like the
first song or “How sweet is your slap”. Look at the image again, 3 + 2=5 5 + 1=3 + 3. The bond which was there till now,
would transform into two triangle bonds. A square + “If you say you want
to come” + “How sweet is your slap”. B square + 2AB + “How tasty it is”,
it becomes. Since our brain has only 5,00,000 space,
one bond will go outside. Tomorrow if they ask A+B whole
square in either exams or interview, A square + +…
and you will go no further than this. Atleast sing “How sweet is your slap” song,
you wouldn’t remember it completely either. Or “If you say you want to come, would I
deny” song.. you would remember nothing. This has only one solution. You watch the TV or
chit-chat with people but, Before you sleep at night,
study for 10 minutes, Put aside the book and sleep immediately. The matter which you have studied
from the morning till evening, If you read it for 10 minutes at night,
it gets cemented. By the next morning,
there will be nothing like forgetting it. This is one point. Apart from this,
there is another solution. They call it churning. Like churning the buttermilk
to separate butter from it, Similarly, the more you churn the
brain the more sharper it becomes. Let me tell you how it can be churned. For example,
twinkle twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are! Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky. We shall try it in reverse. Like a diamond in the sky. Up above the world so high, How I wonder what you are! Twinkle twinkle little star. This is called brain churning. Johnny Johnny,
– Yes papa. Johnny Johnny,
– Yes papa. Eating Sugar?
– No papa. Telling lies?
– No papa. Open your mouth,
– Ha Ha Ha! We have to tell it in reverse by churning. Ha Ha Ha!
– Open your mouth, No papa.
– Telling lies? No papa.
– Eating Sugar? Yes papa,
– Johnny Johnny. If you churn the way in this way,
you will achieve extraordinary expertise. On one side, the concentration and
the other side, memory power, If they both will be
grow simultaneously, You would become like
Einstein or Abdul Kalam. Wish you all the best.

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