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The Bengali culture is one of the most sophisticated, well decorated and traditional cultures of the world. But we know, that people like to find flaws in everything. So today we decided to uncover the truth behind such bengali myths. Hello Guys! And you’re watching The Big Bong Theory! The first myth is that “Bengalis can’t live without fish!” I’ve grown up in a bengali family for 14 years now and to be honest, I DON’T KNOW how a fish actually tastes! I don’t think that its necessary that every bengali must like to eat fish. We’ve been facing one question since childhood – “Hey! You’re a bengali na? Then you must be gulping fish day in day out!!” Bro!!! I’m tired of saying that yes i’m a bong but i hate fish! I simply hate it!! This is the question we’ve always come across in our school and college life isn’t it? Wherever you go! They’ll ask you the same freaking question!! ” HELL NO!!! Just because i’m a bong, IT DOES NOT MEAN I LOVE FISH! My mom & dad are fish freaks!! Like Really! But, iI’ve never really liked fish personally like the people think. So i don’t think that this myth is true at all. The next myth is that, the bengalis only know about two teams when it comes to football – “Mohun Bagan & East Bengal Bengalis have football running in their veins! And yeah! No doubt both of us love football! Talking about my personal expereience, I love football like anything! But the fact that we only focus on these two teams and spend our lives, This fact is very wrongly asumed in the world outside TBH i don’t watch Indian League I follow La Liga I’m a Barcelona fan Watch Barclay’s Premier League, follow Man City… But yeah, we don’t always stick to bengali football, i watch Indian football a little a very little…. But somewhere i think that people must follow what they love so i think i love European football more than Mohun Bagan & East Bengal’s football. I am a die hard European football fan! Secondly, whoever wins the Indian League, Mohun Bagan? East Bengal? Whoever wins!! A team from kolkata wins! Be Happy about it! At this moment, Indian football is under a crisis They need more fan following But they are not getting any of it…i think, as a citizen We must give all our time and support to the Indian National Football Team rather then these clubs! The next myth is, BENGALI & MUSIC! Many people think that a bong are only worried about Rabindra Sangeet And spend their entire lives listening to them, And they love it the most! But i would say that this is not that true, no doubt, rabindra sangeet has a spark of its own! that no other music has but yeah! I follow many music genres and i absolutely love them to my heart! You must follow what you love! Dont go after a tradition Dont follow everyone that doesn’t make any sense! I think I think music is a thing of freedom everyone deserves the freedom of beautiful music they can like what they want to So i dont think that the concept of dependency on rabindra sangeet is at all valid!! Because the modern generation are loving modern songs and music, they are enjoying bollywood! In fact!There are bengali singers who perform in bollywood They are perforing really good. They are discovering and trying So…..NO! The myth aint true! No doubt, that there are a few who love rabindra sangeet! They stick to rabindra sangeet And i think this should be maintained The tradition should be maintained! But not everybody followa it! This myth is actually TRUE! It says that Bengalis have weired nick names! And they have n link to their actual names! It’s…right have to accept it even though i dont want to we have this weird thing in our culture we dont have any links here no connections at all We still love our names Bengalis really have strange pet namesI believe it because All of us in our family have pet names that are not common and…. I i’ve never heard a normal pet name till now! There are common names no doubt! Like pintu, chintu! ETC…… So the bengalis are a group of people who have strange pet names So if you really wanna know our weird pet names then all you have to do is help us reach 100 likes in this video! F**k Off! F**k OFF! *IGNORE PLEASE * Who the hell will watch your videos? So what should we aim for? 50?? 20!!You moron! So if you wanna know our pet names? We need to hit 20 likes in this video! Its a must! If we achieve the target, we promise to reveal our names! Yes we will.. The next myth is Bengali’s favorite myth!! Topic?? FOOD!!! Especially Biriyani! Bengalis are foodies! We love to eat! We are proud about our food! Our food is really nice! I believe, no tradition offers you food of the same taste! Everything is is Unique. So the myth is If it doesn’t have meat, potato or egg it isn’t biriyani! We’re talking about veg biriyani! See bro! It’s not any kind of biriyani! A biriyani must have meat in it! Without meat it’s called pulao!! So i want to say that… Nothing exists such as veg biriyani! It’s actually Pulao as they say it Fired rice is fine as well! BUT!! DO NOT INSULT BIRIYANI! You’ll SUffer! Both of us are biriyani lovers! We love it! BIRIYANI MUST HAVE MEAT! EGG AND POTATO IS A MUST! An extremely offensive myth this is! Bengalis are poor at pronouncing! They are bad at it! They think we dont pronounce it good! Ankit turns to O-nkit, piyush becomes pi-J-ush Yuvraj to JUBOraj It exists man!! Yes! But its limited to the old generaton only! The new generation deals with it perfectly! They pronounce everything correctly! HEY! Who owns ROSHOGOLLA? Odisha or Kolkata? Kolkata! The people of odisha! heard that you want roshogolla! Dont know if you will get the rights, but can you beat the taste of our roshogolla? NO! Never! We even made songs about it! What have you guys done? Nothing! Jokes apart! was just kidding! Roshogolla.. Is an integral part of bengali culture! We just love it And we include it in every occassion! Its a must! Its a constant! We have it everywhere! Roshogolla is a must!! Its in our heart! We are incomplete without it! That doesnt mean we eat it 24 hours! We eat it, we love it Kolkata loves roshogolla! Kolkata is known after roshogolla! We dont really depend on it..I Its totally a hoax!! So Guys! Thats it for today! This was our first video! If you loved the video, LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE! And let us know what content you want next time! MUST SUBSCRIBE! JUST CLICK THE BUTTON!! And of course, we are nothing without your support, We expect to have your support in the future! For the time being, BYE!!! And Keep watching THE BIG BONG THEORY!


  1. Bloody hale with myth of bengali
    Roshogolla is belongs …..
    We have the proof of that ….I our mythological book …..laxmi puran
    So don't dare to challenge us.
    You may make roshogolla…..but it originated from odisha…..

  2. Presentation was great,The script was good too,..It shows how much practice and hard work and rehearsal has gone into it.All the best for your new venture.Personally I would like the Green T shirt guy to speak a little more than he did this time..and also Expecting different content other than bengali things from this channel.

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