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Broken Logic: How The Eric Andre Show Bends Your Brain (Like Bugs Bunny)

Broken Logic: How The Eric Andre Show Bends Your Brain (Like Bugs Bunny)

piece of cake with its roots tangled in
the traditions of Johnny Carson David Letterman Monty Python jackass the Tom
Green Show and various forms of avant-garde performance art the Eric
Andre show is a seemingly endless bag of tricks
some of theorize that Eric is trapped in hell others choose an existentialist
frame but no one theory could apply to every element of such a sprawling
project as the Eric Andre show in this video I’m going to focus in on one
interesting trend I’ve noticed in the show style that sets it apart from its
wide range of influences Eric Andre first and foremost puts us on edge
catches us off-guard and leaves us feeling well like this to create these feelings the show ranges
from funny to weird – boring – gross – just purely insane
but in my opinion none of these adjectives quite capture the magic of
the Eric Andre show as much as the word random and to fully dig into the range
and depth of the show’s intense and at times mind-bending randomness we’ll have
to look back at a character I personally think Eric Andre takes after even more
than johnny Knoxville or Tom Green Bugs Bunny at his core is a modern
manifestation of the traditional trickster archetype according to
scholars like Paul mattock and Lewis Hyde the trickster is a type of boundary
crosser one who isn’t afraid to break societal rules one who in maddox words
actively violates principles of social and natural order playfully disrupting
normal life remind you of anyone nice cozy Paisano
I’m mr. burrito the human pizza we spoke earlier central to bugs is modernization
as a cartoon trickster is his ability to pull literally anything he needs out
from just beyond our view a technique Eric Andre is equally fond of to
translate this Bugs Bunny as trickster quality from cartoon to live-action the
show’s directors use a clever combination of misdirections and a
continuous editing style for clips that couldn’t have possibly occurred one
after another in real time but the moments I’m more interested in are those
when Bugs as opposed to simply pulling out random physical objects pulls out a
new narrative or character or intention breaking the initial logic of the
situation in this clip bugs establishes the logic
of the interaction very clearly him and elmer fudd are going back and forth
seeing who can threaten each other with a bigger weapon but his true weapon is
to completely undermine the logic they’ve established switching his
character and intentions from an enemy into a romantic partner and only through
the confusion this logic breaking creates does he ultimately win the
battle when Eric Andre ventures out into the real world this is often the Bugs
Bunny esque technique he uses to maintain control over every situation he
enters or at least to maintain attention by constantly catching his subjects
off-guard changing his character his narrative and his intentions moment to
moment even those unwilling to put up with his ridiculous antics are caught on
the back of their feet for a moment like Elmer Fudd giving him room to take the
comedy a step further check out how many times he completely breaks the logic of
the following interaction in a matter of seconds somebody ordered this beats a
ball dude I’m not paying for this this thing is straight farm to nut Grove rule
exercise let’s talk Scientology karate callenge you in your dojo you
gotta let me take when he switches from delivering the pizza ball to preaching
Scientology Ramadan Steve takes a moment to hear him out if only because this new
character is just purely confusing the same happens in the following clip when
Eric takes his car to the mechanic the initial bit already subverts the logic
of the interaction but really it’s only just slightly more creative than a
jackass praying only when he suddenly switches up his character and his
intentions breaking the logic of a situation that already had so little do
we venture out into the truly mind-bending world of Eric Andre the same often happens when Eric
translates this technique to interview questions fluidly moving from one
situation to the next without any obvious coherence undermining the most
basic conventions of not only talk show interviews but even just normal human
conversation your mom is Paula Deen who said that
that’s what it says in my notes so I don’t know who told you that Paula Deen
Paula D Pauly D Pauly D huh I’m panicking what it’s time to play the
quickness with which him and Hannibal can continue breaking one situation to
get to the next seems like it might have torn a few fundamental threads in the
fabric of Pauly D’s reality huh and you can often see his guests trying to
choose a certain logic to hold on to anything to get a foothold in reality
but Eric is a master in his trickster role and anytime they try to ground the
conversation he switches it up again why don’t you do Rwanda is Got Talent I
would imagine they do it is the number one syndicated show in the world in
Rwanda No Got Talent cuz Don Cheadle was in that movie and he was fantastic right
I mean you gotta get Don Cheadle on the show on America’s know I got ultimately
this same logic breaking concept could equally be applied to our relationship
with Eric Andre our expectation in watching the Eric Andre show or any show
for that matter is that he’s supposed to entertain us in some way but sometimes
rather than simply breaking the conventional logic of an interaction
with a guest he goes further and subvert even the very purpose of the show itself
not making even the slightest effort to entertain us his true audience hey you got another guest no equally and
with just as little fear he might catch us off guard with an obviously unfunny
bit just to keep us on our toes just to never give the viewer exactly what we’re
expecting the lady tap on his shoulder hey you swing bolsa how can I see him
that guy’s a yoga shop for you thou changest otaku Taj Oh your answer can be
found gender sir Hall Condon iike ancient oppression don’t see it so what
kind you can the peak of this concept occurred in season 3 episode 10 when his
least popular and least funny side bit bird up actually took over the show
these moments though often abrasive and uncomfortable are crucial to the Eric
Andre experience in the end even the viewers buttons are pushed by this
all-powerful trickster just as much subject to his logic breaking as Jack
Black or Howie Mandel so if he’s willing to trick even us
then what is the deeper pleasure in watching the Eric Andre show is it his
relentless commitment to his role as the trickster that we admire are we inspired
simply by his dedication to the craft but it can’t just be that all great
artists are dedicated to their craft maybe we’re just so tired of conventions
both in television and in everyday life that something which escapes almost all
of them is profoundly refreshing maybe his subversion of conventional
interaction is a way for us as viewers to live momentarily outside these
limitations maybe it even inspires us to bend and break the constant rules of our
everyday reality to live as complete individuals with all our own personal
weirdness and insanity or maybe there is no deeper pleasure maybe every once in a
while I really do just want to feel like this because at the end of the day that’s all
this guy seems to care about that’s all

100 comments on “Broken Logic: How The Eric Andre Show Bends Your Brain (Like Bugs Bunny)

  1. The goal is anarchy, complete chaos that is not anything bad. Its totally benign if only people loosen up a bit (lot for them).

  2. "is it his relentless role of the trickster that we admire and are inspired simply by his dedication to the craft?" Da fuck, you some kinda psychologist. Here you s what the show is ,alright. It's a dude who doesn't give a fuck and does some random shit. Some times, he isn't funny. However, most episodes are funny.

  3. Difference between him and bugs is tho random bugs normally has one distinct objective but he doesn't seem to

  4. Eric andre dosent care what the fans want the show is to entertain himself he dosent care what we want on the show he dose whatever the hell he wants

  5. When he went to a Maga/republican rally n got on the podium I almost died they were so geniuinely putoff n Soo angry it was amazing. Love me Le Andre tres manifique

  6. He also makes his guests super uncomfortable. Like they turn up the heat, spin them in circles. Keep them completely in the dark it's Soo epic only the real ones can just go with it. Tyler , ASAP, jack black Seth Rogan . I wish he would of had will Farrell. He reminds me of Zach between two ferns even though his show had less tricks it was still so good at catching the audience off guard except alot of the guest we're in on the bits. Where as Eric didn't give a shyte. Also Hannibal is a real one.

  7. the part that annoys me is people that make these kinds of videos dont understand eric andres humor. they are trying to examine and dig deeper to find some hidden meaning on why he is the person he is in front of the camera. there is literally nothing to find. He just thinks that the things he does are funny (which they are).

  8. im deducting one point because when you asked the question "is he just that dedicated to the craft" you failed to use a background video of Kraft Punk

  9. I hated Bird Up until I saw the Bird Up episode and now I am wondering why they aren’t making a full length motion picture.

  10. Easiest theory to Eric Andre show. He’s tripping balls on drugs during the shows helping it be just so wild and random. Andre has said he does drugs himself.

  11. You forgot to include how Lance Reddick was a the only genius to make ERIC the one caught off guard. The way he dragged Eric to believe he was fooling him was masterful

  12. I really don’t like philosophers. Over thinking shit to a point where they begin to make shit up in their minds that simply isn’t there in reality. Eric Andre just likes to fuck with people. It’s as complicated as that.

  13. Less creative then jackass? Jackass everyone except like one person is in on it. Or they all are. Stupid ass fer.

  14. Eric Andre kind of reminds me of Johnny Knoxville , Tom Green and Tim and Eric awesome show all mixed together with Bugs Bunny.

  15. I think it should inspire us to live out our personal weirdness and insanity. I liked that point the most. Can you imagine the beautiful chaos??

  16. "Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You understand it better but the frog dies in the process." – E.B White

    Although I really believe in this statement and we might have killed a lot of frogs today, I feel like explaining some part of comedy can be very interesting and somewhat fucking fascinating to wrap your head around.

    good job bean <3

  17. Nah nigga. It ain’t that deep. We watch because we understand it and watching it viewing it through those eyes you find it funny as fuck lmao

  18. This is why I hate millennials and dont respect them at all. Nothing in this youtubers opinion applies to Eric Andre or Bugs Bunny. Clearly this dumb fuck likes the show, is sexually attracted to Andre but understands nothing about the show. Narrator you are a stupid fuck and failed at over thinking this show. You get a thumbs down because you made this video just to fish for likes from the fanatics.

  19. I went to high school with Eric and he was just as funny back then he had us all laughing so hard daily being removed from class teachers hated his disruptions

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