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Build your B2B Sales skills with our innovative development program | AT&T

Build your B2B Sales skills with our innovative development program | AT&T

(music) (Narrator) Sales is one of the most dynamic and lucrative professions in any industry. And that’s why it’s such a popular career choice for college graduates. Here at AT&T, we’ve spent over $250 million on employee education and professional development programs and provided more than 24 million hours of training as a testament to how invested we are to our employees. One of our most innovative development programs is the B2B Sales Program. Unlike most first jobs, the B2B Sales Program is a paid talent development program where you’ll essentially go back to school and learn about our most innovative solutions and how to position them with our business customers. (Ting Ting) The solutions that AT&T provides is way more than I ever could have imagined. Before coming to AT&T, everyone always thinks it’s just a phone company. But once you are here for just a week, you find there’s so much more to AT&T and our business services. (Narrator) We know the world of technology can be complex and not everyone has a technical background. That’s why AT&T has developed a training program that hires recent college graduates with little to no experience and guides them through the technical knowledge and sales skills they need to be successful. Trust us. By the time you complete the B2B Sales Program, you’ll be more confident in your sales skills than you could have ever imagined. (Micah) Before coming to AT&T, I felt really nervous talking on the phone with people I didn’t know. But because of the resources and management staff that we have, I feel much more prepared to talk to our clients about our solutions. (Narrator) With hands on coaching, training and access to successful sales professionals, you’ll learn how to best connect, protect and mobilize our business solutions to tranform how our customers conduct business. Believe it or not, AT&T is no longer just a telephone company. We are a modern day media company with a unique set of capabilities that enables our sales team to best leverage our unique assets, both underground and in the sky to create best in class business solutions for our customers. Oh yeah, and we also have a lot of fun doing
it. (Kash) In sales, there will be days where you’re just on the phone all day talking to customers. So here, we try to make it super fun. We’ll have days with themes or we’ll even cater lunch so everybody can get together and have a very fun, high energy day. (Saumya) In the B2B Sales Program, we work really hard. And when somebody makes a sale, we ring a bell and the whole floor cheers and celebrates together. (Narrator) At the end of the B2B Sales Program, you will relocate to one of our most in-demand sales markets and be well on your way to a successful career with unlimited possibilities. (Casey) Since graduating the B2B program, one thing that I’m really grateful for is the relationships and resources that I’ve been given. Not only will it help me now with my mentorship, but also throughout my sales career. (Jonathan) This program has given me the ability to be a leader and really hone in on those leadership skills. It’s a really cool opportunity to be the point man for my manager because we’re able to work directly with each other to see what my team needs. (Alex) Whether it’s joining a company of over 260,000 employees and immediately joining an elite network, to the executive exposure you’ll have being here in our global headquarters in downtown Dallas, or perhaps it’s just joining a role that literally pays you to learn how to do your job really well. If any of those things resonate with you, I would really encourage you to consider the B2B Sales Program. (Narrator) Be sure to check out more about our B2B Sales Program and Reveal What’s Possible for you. (music)

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