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78 comments on “Cam Once Faked a Breakup – Modern Family

  1. Omg! These 2 are toxic for each other, their whole schtick is that they are constantly lying and hiding things from one another. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️TOXIC!!

  2. If only they'd give talented little Joe more screentime. The show's about to end, we're not gonna see him grow up anyway, why not give the gorgeous young talent a couple more chances to glow!?

  3. Is it just me or are some of the characters getting more unlikeable this season? This is the second episode in a row that Gloria has pissed me off and Cam is almost becoming a caricature of himself. Manny was unbearable too…

    But other than that, solid episode. Loved the Jay/Phil/Dylan story-line.

  4. I know this is a sit com and characters should be taken lightly, but the amount of people in the comments agreeing with Cam's actions and saying they would do the same thing is highly disturbing.

  5. Dealing with cam no doubt is like dealing with your wife. Can a woman make a man lose his mind? Damn right cause it happens all the time…

  6. Cam and Mitch has been jealous for 11 seasons now. Same thing over and over, we get it, it's not really funny anymore. It really was time for this show to end, honestly.

  7. No wonder that cam is the worst treating Mitch like garbage faking a break up to get please from his friends there relationship is poison it’s time for them to break up for real

  8. People hating on Cam, which I agree what he did was fucked up, but lets not pretend we wouldn’t all literally hunt down people if they dared break Cam and Mitch off. Especially with this being the last season. Every time they do something fucked they learn and there’s a lesson. That’s literally the main premise of the show.

  9. Since when MIT and Cam fight every single episode to a degree that its annoying?

    If your marriage causes you such unhappiness, get a divorce seriously. LOL

  10. Cam is toxic. Having a relationship with him is not mentally good for Mitchell and i do hope they break up before the series ends cause i do NOT like how Cam always play the victim card when really is his fault and most of the time do not apologize to Mitchell.

  11. Where was lily she is now one of my favorite characters and I hadn’t seen her much. This was thanksgiving a family episode yet she wasn’t there? Also I really dislike Cam he is always so petty and selfish.

  12. Joe is the cutest, that attitude is everything. Longinus and Pepper are my most favourite queens of their friends. Cam, Cam, Cam!

  13. I love how Cam is the biggest drama Queen ever 😂🌈🦄how he gathered all his friends for a fake breakup…I hope that we lesbians don't steal this idea 😂

  14. Cam & Mitchell are still my favorite couple on the show. They’re much more realistic than the others. They have flaws, quirks & talents and always support each other (well, eventually, lol).

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