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Can Chefs Make Brussels Sprout-Haters Change Their Mind?

Can Chefs Make Brussels Sprout-Haters Change Their Mind?

– We Brusselin’. Everyday we Brusselin’. Everyday we do Brusselin’. (upbeat music) – I hate Brussels sprouts. – I hate Brussels sprouts. – I think Brussels sprouts
are disgusting and terrible. – I went out to dinner with
my friends from high school a few months ago and they forced me to try Brussels sprouts again. It was covered in like garlic and bacon and it was still disgusting. – Being a vegetarian, I
think people often assume that I’m typically always
down for Brussels sprouts. Like any time I tell
people it’s always this like shocked reaction. – I haven’t really given it a fair shot, but I don’t know if I’m gonna give it a fair shot today either. (electronic music) – My name is Ross Pineda, currently the junior
sous chef at Pig and Cow. – I am @HappyHealthyLatina, AKA Chef Yadi and I’m the plant-based people chef. I heard we have some picky
eaters with vegetables. Brussels sprouts. Dun dun dun! I think they have a
little bit of a bad rep. We out here coming to bring
the Brussels to the hustle. Let’s get these haters out here and turn them into lovers. We hear you might have some vegetables that are not your favorite. – They’ve not had one
single Brussels sprout that I’ve ever enjoyed. – [Yadi] Not one? – [Kyle] No. – I think they smell terrible. – Ooh they smell like what? – Garbage. – It’s like a little baby cabbage. It’s like, “Hi!”
– Well I don’t like I don’t like cabbage so. – Like babies? – I don’t like babies. (laughing) I am like beyond picky,
but it’s all in my head. It’s all about texture. – [Ross] Yes it is – And temperature. – What are some of the ways you’ve eaten Brussels sprouts before? – I’ve eaten it like the really gross way where you just microwave them and then put it out there. – Wait, who, no. What are some flavors that you like? – [Ross] What makes you happy? – I like spicy food a lot. – Ooh, okay. – I love crunchy things. – I’m like a savory over
sweet kind of person. – Savory over sweet. – Are you a strict vegetarian? – I eat seafood, but that’s it.
– Oh, okay. It’s gonna be alright, ready? (loud exhaling) May the odds be ever in our flavor.
– Flavor. (laughing) (upbeat music) – I love to mix in
sofrito Caribbean flavors. Lots of spices and seasonings that our contestants said that they loved. So I’m gonna mix that with something that they absolutely hate
which is Brussels sprouts and see if we can, not hide it, but celebrate and tuck
it at the same time. I’m making a shaved Brussels slaw with some red onions and then I’m making a Brussels sprout slider, and Old Bay Brussels chippies. A lot of what people don’t like is like the texture and the shape so by using this mandolin here I’ve already deconstructed the shape and we’re gonna make it rain sprouts. – I am making a Brussels sprout salad. So it’s practically deep
fried Brussels sprouts with some cilantro, mint,
some chili-lime dressing like Southeast Asian style. Traditionally we use pork jowl which is right under here, but today I’m gonna be
using bacon and pancetta. So I’m just trying to
bring all these flavors so that people can understand
that Brussels sprouts are not that bad. And I understand that
we do have a vegetarian in our panel of judges, but you don’t have to put in any meat in this salad which is actually really good. So you can stay healthy
and enjoy Brussels sprouts at the same time. I’m deep frying the Brussels sprouts in just plain canola oil. That takes away some of the bitterness and when you hit it with the salt and acid and all the herbs it really brings out the best flavor it could possibly be. – I brought my Caribbean flavors with my homemade adobo and
sofrito inside of my panko. Then I have my American
flavors with my slider and my Brussels sprout fries and now I’m bringing the Asian flavors with what I’m doing to the shrimp. I’m bringing some garlic, some honey, some soy sauce, some ginger. Pow pow pow. That was a technical cooking term. (upbeat music) This is the American meets
Caribbean Brussels sprouts. Everyday we hustlin’, Brusselin plate. You got your Brussels sprout slider, your Old Bay Brussels sprout chippies, a miso-maple butter sauce, a shaved slaw, and some jalapeno in your face. – I just pretty much made a
fried Brussels sprout salad. I kept it Southeast
Asian with the flavors, hit it with chili-lime dressing. For my non-vegetarian homies I put some bacon and pancetta lardons. This is toasted rice powder. It adds a little bit more extra flair and we are done. (intense electronic music) – You don’t even really taste the Brussels sprouts in the patty. – I said I like crunchy. She listened to me, she
made it extra crunchy. – I try to be the people’s chef. (intense electronic music) – Mmm! – It’s sweet. – At a restaurant someone put this down I’d be like, “Hell no.
I’m not touching this,” but it has really nice
flavor, really nice spice. It’s like sweet and savory
kinda mixed together. – Exactly what I was going for. – I’m diggin’ it. – First dish, so good, delicious. I loved the texture of it, especially the chippies on the side. I thought it was great. The second dish, when you
put that down on the table I was like, “Hmm, cut!” The pressure was on,
the cameras were rolling so I took a bite and
I’m so glad that I did. I just want blinders on ’cause I don’t wanna make anybody feel bad. – Aw, come on. (laughing) – The second dish is my favorite. – As a vegetarian I’m always open to different slider options and this was delicious
and the chips on the side were a really nice added bonus. The second dish I also loved as well. I’m a big fan of vegetables
and salads and everything. While both were incredible, the creativity of the first dish really
struck a chord with me. That’s my favorite. – A slider is something I really like and so to do like a
Brussels sprout take on it was like really cool for me and then the salad really shocked me because I was like looking
at a full Brussels sprout and I was, you expect me
to put this in my mouth? But the flavors were amazing. They were the spices all mixed together and they were like savory and sweet, but I think I have to go with the salad. I was literally eating a Brussels sprout straight up and it was
amazing and I was shocked. I’m glad we got to
change your guys’ minds. – [All] Yeah! – Can we get some Brussels
spirit fingers going here? (laughing) Everyday we Brusselin’. – Yeah. – So Chef Ross, did we
hustle for these Brussels? – It’s all in the muscle. (electronic music)

100 comments on “Can Chefs Make Brussels Sprout-Haters Change Their Mind?

  1. It's slightly bitter. But gawd do I love to eat it.

    Just halved & roasted sometimes too. Eaten with pork chops or some kinda straight lean meat.

  2. I eat brussels sprouts every winter cause i live in belgium and yeah brussels is the capital city of belgium. But i hate it

  3. You can cover these pieces of garbage with anything and I still think its disgusting. You chefs can't convince me at all. I hate cabbage. I hate brussel sprouts. I hate slaw. Hate it raw. Hate fried foods. I don't eat anything breaded. If you are going to hide it with other things, then I'm not eating it. Any veggies that I can eat raw, clean, or simply steamed with basic seasonings like salt and pepper, is a good vegetable. A vegetable like brussel sprouts marinated or covered with anything to mask the rubbery flavor goes in the trash.

  4. He's a pescatarian. He eats seafood. If he doesn't eat meat, fine. If he wants to eat seafood, fine. But don't berate the dude. He just doesn't know the word for it.

  5. "I'm a vegetarian that eats fish." People with glasses are just people without glasses but with glasses… Every 60 seconds a minute passes in Africa.🤔

  6. I'm not rude

    But plants are also alive, vegetarians eat alot of plants but they dont eat meat because they don't wanna kill animals

    But they eat plants that are Also alive and they kill them

  7. The chef is so hyper that even the hyper me is drained but i can't stop watching her cooking series…but lol does all asian household has that patterned plate???

  8. Ik this is not what the video is about but I feel like I just hear this mistake way too much, IF YOU EAT FISH YOU ARE NOT A VEGETARIAN.
    You are considered a pescatarian, it’s a real thing, many people partake in this life style including myself, if you would like to become a vegetarian I suggest you become pescatarian first and then work your way up to cutting out fish COMPLETELY which is what I’m currently doing and it’s working out well.Please ppl before you start switching up your eating habits drastically, do your research.

  9. i’m sorry but ya hispanics have the best seasons unlike the white folks who be using rosemary, paprika and garlic🤦🏻‍♀️

  10. For the record, vegetarians DON’T eat SEAFOOD!!!! That’s a Pescatarian !!!! You don’t have a vegetarian in your panel of judges!

  11. You shattered my faith in you. It's so f___'n simple.
    Wash, trim and cut sprouts in half lengthwise. Place cut side down in cold 12" skillet, 5 tbs reg olive oil and a lid to cover. Med high heat 5 min (during this time the sprouts will steam as they fry). Uncover and cook for 3 more minutes completing the browning. Season to taste.
    I sprinkle Cajun seasoning in the oil 1st, place sprouts in oil and follow above.
    Sprouts will have a nutty browned flavor and will be fully tender. Drizzle EVOO and sprinkle with cheese of your choice or toasted sesame seeds. Keep it simple and fast!!!

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