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Can Israelis and Palestinians See Eye to Eye? || Creators for Change

Can Israelis and Palestinians See Eye to Eye? || Creators for Change

100 comments on “Can Israelis and Palestinians See Eye to Eye? || Creators for Change

  1. Thank you so much to YouTube for making it possible to produce this important episode of Middle Ground. We want to say thank you to our participants but also to our audience for always enabling respectful and meaningful conversation in our comments. We know this discussion does not address all aspects or perspectives of this very deep and historical conflict, but we did our best to represent as many perspectives as we could. For those of you that don’t know, Jubilee's philosophy for Middle Ground is to bring people together and have an open dialogue in order to develop a deeper sense of understanding and empathy. We hope you all enjoy 🙂 If you felt as moved as we did by the conversation, please share the video to as many people as you can!

  2. I know nothing about this issue but I literally hate the man in the suit because he has no emotion towards the Palestinians

  3. Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. You are not the Jews, and the ones that have scattered around the four corners of the earth are revealing themself which are the “blacks”. This is end time prophesy

  4. I am Iranian and I support Palestine, Long live Palestine. You can take back what is already yours 🙂 🇮🇷🇵🇸

  5. I m so sorry but i m from Europe exspecaly Lithuania and i don't understand this situacion and way are they mad at each ather? Can someone exsplane?

  6. I’m a Palestinian and would love peace and some land for my country and that Israeli guy was being foolish but there’s no hate I know there’s a solution for Israel having a heart just I don’t like war and I keep hearing again and again sorry Isrelians and have a great day and we would love land in the south and I’m from hebron

  7. History made it clear that Israel doesn’t exist and it was forced therefore there is a land called Palestine long before.

  8. I just want all of you to remember that each one of these people speaks for themselves, and themselves only. And therefore thinking that every person of that individual's nationality thinks the same as them, is incorrect.

    I'm an Israeli, and I can tell you that innocent people die on both sides. It doesn't matter if they're soliders, brothers, sisters or anyone else for that matter.
    Does it matter which side looses it's people? I don't think it does really.
    Have a nice day, and if you are tired of comments like these, maybe just stop watching videos about controversial topics 😉

  9. Everyone is complaining about the guy in the suit but the Israeli girl with dark hair was the most frustrating to me

  10. I'm so sad for the palestenian guy. I'm actually gonna cry.
    But, with all due respect, if the producers were fair, they would bring a israeli who suffered a family loss as a result of the conflict Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
    And believe me it wouldn't be hard to find someone like that, and it's so sad.
    And even sadder is that you don't even know it.

  11. I must confess, I was touched by everyone there except the taller man. He just angered me with his ingnorance. His slogan is, "I want peace, but only under my terms". I feel sorry for people who want peace and have to deal with people like him.

  12. Everyone here is talking about how much the Palestinian guy lost and how little the Israeli lost. The Palestinian guy SUPPORTS the government that caused this war and Israelis could do nothing but defend themselves from extremely violent and aggressive neighboring countries.

  13. It sucks that everyone was chill but Ran. Tchelet was amazing though. She was so open minded and really just wants peace.

  14. I’m not even Muslim and I know that Islam means peace because my Muslim friends tell me since they know Arabic

  15. Im from indonesia and i will always stand with palestine,just like the first president of indonesian said(Soekarno) indonesia cant fell freedom if we let palestine still on collonialism

  16. I'm Mexican and don't have a side in this conflict. But after hearing the man in suit talk, I felt like punching him through my screen.

  17. That Israeli girl should really educate herself more.. she just seems like a hypocrite asking others to compromise but least willing to do so herself if and when needed.
    And damn that suit guy is seriously closed minded and so unempathetic. I feel bad because for people like him with those mindsets cause such horrific outcomes to human kind.

  18. as there are not so many muslims here i want to tell you something our Holy prophet PBUH said that isreali state will not only cover palestine but also egypt syria lebanon jordan saudia arabia except makka madina so it will happen what ever we do

  19. Almost all my family is in the idf yet they want everything for everyone that was discussed In this plus I’m a Jew and all my family has very close Palestinian friends and the radical organizations have nothing to do with the whole of Palestine

  20. This honestly makes me sad. It’s all because of religion. If everyone just lived on one big island and all believe in the same think will be happy

  21. arab is such an angel. i can see how he holds his patience even when some of the israelis say the most upsurd things

    he is so pure and i hope he always stays safe and his family too. that man in the suit is the most deluded man i have ever heard speak in my life. he is an entire contrast to an "empathetic" individual. bless him.

  22. arab is definitely born to live and he carries so much patience, strength an greatness within him. the way he held himself together when she said that he is empathetic towards israelis.

  23. israel is never a state and will never be one. when will this conflict ever end? i, as a muslim, am very heartbroken seeing the palestinians not having power over anything. is there any way we can change this?

  24. I really wanna learn about their history .. Cuz I really luv isreal but then we have Palestine 🇵🇸

  25. This is by far the best one. I hope one day we really can live in peace all men and women globally. Starting with Israel and Palestine.

  26. Middle ground for what exactly?? As if the Israelies were ever serious about peace.
    Israel was, is, and will always be an aggressor, repressor, thief, and racist entity. Dont dream of a peace that would be achieved in Palestine as long as this cancerous object planted by the British is remaining.
    All respect and love to the Jews as fellow human beings, but Israelis, you will get nothing but hate and rejection.

  27. This is a perfect example of the simple mind of humankind. I dont believe in God, of any form, but if you did, would he/she/they/it REALLY condone the murder and abuse of others humans over it, or land??? If so, maybe that's an even better reason to leave religion behind. We need to treat each other with dignity, respect, and fairness, and then you'll all achieve the afterlife you're seeking. Even more importantly, you'll enjoy this brief miracle we call life. GET OVER YOURSELVES.

  28. Some people arbitrarily told the dude in the suit that the land was his and he really thinks that entitles him to lord over the people they ripped it from

  29. I'm from Israel and I have to say that the suit guy is very radical in his opinions and very close minded, it's almost like he is brainwashed, I think they shouldn't have picked him to represent Israel because he is comparable in his hostility to the people living in Gaza who are being brainwashed to hate.
    I think that kids should be taught to love and not to hate and it's only the radicals in each side which are preventing peace.
    Also props to the Israeli girls and the Palestinians for being more open minded and more mature than the suit guy.

  30. Comment1: suits are bad because Trump sorta

    Comment2: and that guy had a sister and looked super sad

    No one: I came here to be less biased.

  31. Where else in the Middle East besides Israel can the Muslim blonde girl have the freedom to dress like that in public?

  32. I'm a Christian and I dont support zionist Israel because prophecy says God will establish Israel not the United States

  33. Peace actually can be granted. Theres no win win solution. But lose lose solution. But the talks need for sure as long israel wish to do that.

  34. The fact is (zionists) took over with the help of europ and america. And to be honest me as a muslim you can have you f…. peace of land stik it up you … there is nothing there 80% comes from over seas. Life on your Mountain and stay on your mountain and by the way why talk with people that beleef that its there land because its in the tora. Biljon muslims and 50.000 jews i feel sorry for them i hoop the christians wil keep helping you because if they stop your fucked!!!!!

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