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Can You Change Low Value Man Into High Value Man?

Can You Change Low Value Man Into High Value Man?

– Hello, ladies. Hello, hello, my ladies, how we all doing? I’m gonna give it a second
for you girls to pop up. So today’s topic is. Yeah, I can see I’m popping. I didn’t remove my popups,
and now we all popping up. So today’s topic is can
I change a low-value guy into a high-value guy? Okay, and I have lots of questions, but I will answer for that. But first let me introduce myself. So my name is Greta Bereisaite. I’m dating and relationship coach. And for Bereisaite dating
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when I upload a new video every Wednesday and Sunday, and actually I’m gonna start doing, I will try doing on Wednesday’s videos. I will upload videos as
I used to on Wednesdays, and I think I’m gonna try
and test it out by doing lives on Sundays ’cause
that way we can get more questions answered and interact more and stuff like that. Anyways, so today’s
topic is can you change a low-value guy into a high-value guy, and these are the questions
that I will answer. So I have them written down. So the first question is why
do I always date low-value men, or in other words, why do
I always date toxic men. The other question that I
will answer, should you date, should you try dating a
low-value man or a toxic man? Can you change a low-value
man into a high-value man? The fourth question will
be how to get turned off by low-value man if you
always attracting toxic, low-value people into your life
and you don’t understand why and you’re like how do I
get turned off by that? And the fifth one, how will it affect you? Okay, so I’m gonna answer all
these questions starting now, and in the meantime, if you
girls have more questions toward toxic man, towards high-value man, any kind of that will
interact with each other, and I will be answering your
questions here on a spot, okay? So, okay, so first one is why do I always date low-value man, but before I tell you
this, let’s talk about what is a low-value man, what
is a high-value man, okay? So a low-value man is very
similar to a low-value woman, which is basically a toxic
guy, in other words, right. So what is a toxic guy? How would you describe a toxic guy, right. A toxic guy is someone who is
not in control of his emotions who is provocative, who’s
aggressive, who’s abusive, controlling, needy,
attention-seeking, pushes buttons all the time, plays lots of
games, doesn’t really have many goals, dreams, or
ambitions, and keeps attracting a lot of drama into your life. That is basically a toxic person. You know, also guys who are a bit. Actually, guys, I would even say guys who, basically guys who have issues,
who are insecure, right. So for example, guys who
are scared to give, as well. I would call them low-value
man because we are insecure to give so that nobody would
take advantage of them. So people who don’t give
who are like go 50/50 and who watch every single penny. They are usually too insecure to give. So thinking that you will
take advantage of them. This is why they don’t give. In life, actually, the more
you give, the more you receive. So a high-value man, in other
words, is a giver, right. So he gives, he charms. He is in control of his emotions. He values, he respects himself. You know, he’s not an
attention-seeker, sinking. He knows how to how to
treat the lady well. He has his goals, dreams, and ambitions, and all of that, right. So why do I always date low-value man? Basically, like attracts like. So a majority of the time,
you are dating low-value man because you relate to them. A lot people, a lot of girls ask me to do videos on red flags,
and I kind of refuse, I will probably do them in the future, but I kind of refuse to
do videos on red flags because we, a lot of times,
we overlook red flags. Why do we overlook red flags? Because we relate to them. So for example, if you are
a bit of low-value person yourself, right, maybe you
grew up in an environment where maybe a dad was a bit
too controlling, too abusive, or anything like, and you
thought this is maybe what a guy be like and this is what you relate to, then you’re dating a guy who’s low-value, and then you see these
red flags, let’s say him going crazy on you or
something similar to that, you will actually relate to
that ’cause you will be like oh, my dad used to do that
or my mom used to do that. So you will overlook this red flag, and you will actually think
like, oh, this is like, I can relate to that. You know, I, even though it’s probably not the right thing to do,
but I can handle this because this is how I grew up. So I understand this, right. So this is why we end up
dating these toxic people and low-value people ’cause
we are from bad, you know, if you’re from bad background yourself, you will relate to it and you
will feel comfortable in it and you will attract that because you will be okay with that, right? So how do you stop attracting
these low-value man or accepting the low-value man? When you change yourself first. So when you start to change your thinking from what you used to grow
up, from how you were raised and grow up, you start
changing your thinking and you become high-value person yourself. So you learn how to set in the boundaries. You learn how to value
and respect yourself. You understand what is toxic behavior, what is high-value behavior,
and you work on yourself. Then you change and
become a different person you will automatically not gonna accept the low-value behavior and you will spot red flags straight away, why? Because you will not
relate to them anymore. You will be like, oh my
god, this guy is behaving same as I used to behave, but
I’m not this person anymore so I can’t relate to this guy, and you will feel like
it’s going like this rather than like you’re both low-value, and your still floating
even though it’s a big mess, you’re still kind of relating. You’re gonna be going like this, and you’ll just be like it’s a turnoff. I don’t relate to this anymore. My mom and dad might still be like that, but I changed and it just
doesn’t click anymore. So this is what it is, ladies. You attract toxic people
or low-value people because you still click with them. ‘Cause you are still that person. Now the other one is, so should you date a low-value man? Should you try and change, how to change a low-value man, right. So you can always bring
out the best in the guy. You can always bring out
the best in, let’s say, a low-value guy or any other person by being high-value, right? So then you relate to
that person, let’s say, and you see they have some
red flags here or there or you see that is too
abusive or this or that. When you set in the
boundaries and you show him how to value and to respect you, then you become high-value,
this is when the other person doesn’t have a choice but to
treat you only high-value way because this is what you
will only accept, right. However, ladies, remember this. You can bring out the
best in a low-value person or any person, you can bring
out the best in anyone, but you can not change the person, right? So the only way for you
to change the person or to kind like inspire them to change is by changing yourself first. So then you become high-value,
and let’s say the guy starts seeing you as you’re always happy, you’re goal-orientated. You don’t attract any drama. You stop the drama, you
have your boundaries. When he, if gets inspired
by that, let’s say, let’s be positive, and
let’s assume that maybe he’s open-minded and he
gets inspired by, let’s say, by you being the best version of yourself, he will slowly start to become the best version of himself as well. So if that happens, that’s amazing. However, majority of people
are a bit more close-minded. So what will happen, you will
bring out the best in the guy, but a lot of times you will not be able to change the guy, okay? Girls, I’m gonna do your questions soon. I’m just gonna cover
this topic first, okay? Okay, so how will it affect you? I actually had this question. I tell you what happened
in my VIP-1, okay. In my VIP-1, which is a special school where we learn how to become a woman of high-value, and you have three coaches
coaching you three times a week, answering all of your questions,
working out your problems. Anyway, it’s a paid group. I will link it in the video
description if you’re interested to find out more information on that. But anyway, what has happened? This lady, she is dating
a guy, and he basically kind of mess her up. He booked the holidays,
and he paid for her. He paid for all the holidays. We all went together, and he like crashed the holidays, right. He was not nice at all, and he basically messed up
the whole holiday, right. And then she was behaving high-value so she set in the boundaries. Straight away, she pulled the
weight through the holidays. She was planning to come
back with her own plane. You know, not, you know what
I mean, not her own plane, not like a private jet, but
with her own, you know, like her own way ’cause she was
like this is unacceptable. He’s ruining my holidays. I’m not gonna be spending time with him. Even though he paid for me and stuff, I’m setting in the boundaries. I’m gonna come back by myself because he’s messing up everything. And then she came back, she
said, Greta, what would you say? Like would you tell me
to break up with him or would you say it’s okay, right? Because I’m setting in a
boundaries and I’m changing the guy or I’m influencing him
to be a better person. So when she came back, he
realized what he has done. He saw that she set in the boundaries, that she basically pulled away from him. He started pursuing her
and apologizing, right. And she said, so, Greta,
what would you do? Would you accept him back into your life because you’re setting in the boundaries and you’re showing him that
you can’t treat me this way, or do you think this is
too much of crazy behavior and you would let this person go? So my reply to her was like this. If you, if I was, if I
didn’t have a business and I was not working,
let’s say, 24 hours a day on my business, right, if
I had a nine-to-five job and let’s say I would only rely on myself and I go to my job, nine-to-five, and after I have free
time, I have friends, this, this, and that, I
would probably invest my time in setting in the bound, showing. I would probably invest
my time bringing out the best in the guy. So setting in the boundaries, seeing his low-value behaviors,
still investing the time seeing how will it change. What this person will be
like when I will bring out the best in this guy, right. So I would give it the
chance if I, let’s say, had nine-to-five and had
some free time, right. If then you run a big business, there is much bigger
picture involved, right. So then you run a business,
there’s more people involved. There is, let’s say, your
parents that you’re helping out. There might be your sister, other people. It’s a bigger picture. There is more people depending on you. So imagine this, if you’re
running a huge business, it’s your life, it’s your passion, it’s your goal, there is
many people involved into it, and somebody creates you
such a strong a drama that we mess up your holiday, right. So this drama will affect your head, but it’s not gonna affect just your head, it’s gonna affect all the
people that you are charge with or all the people that are depending you or all the people that
you are supporting, right. So because this drama, if you’re running a successful business,
this drama is affecting not just you but everyone else around you. It’s too much. As a successful person you can’t, you cannot date a guy like that. Because it’s not just you
who will be teaching him or coaching him how to be
the best version of himself by setting in boundaries
and stuff like that. It’s not just you involved. It’s a bigger picture, and you cannot risk the
bigger picture for somebody who does not understand
it and who creates drama in your life, not just
for you because by drama it’s not just you who’s gonna be affected but everyone else, right,
’cause you’re annoyed, you’re unhappy ’cause
somebody ruined the holiday. So the business will suffer. So they will become like a baggage and start dragging you down. However, as I said, if
you have a nine-to-five and you only depend on yourself,
no one else depends on you, and you have lots of free
time and you’re over thinking, you don’t have many things to
do, then you’ll be more likely to focus on the bad person
and see like, ooh, you know, let me see, maybe I could
actually let this go and let him to come back to me and give him that second chance, and let’s see what happens again. So you see where I’m going with this. Okay, so do you have any questions. Tell me your questions, let’s do a Q&A, and okay, cool. Here we go. Right, why did he ruin
holidays he paid for? Oh, it was just like he
had a little tantrum, and she set in a boundary, and then because literally
over that one sentence he exploded on her, and she
set in a bigger boundary, and when he was like manipulating her. You’re not gonna ruin my holiday, and she just basically,
she left the hotel, and she went another hotel, and they had like separate holidays. And then she was planning
to fly on another airplane, and this is when he actually
went after her and apologized. So it is just a guy
having a tantrum, trying. He was basically trying to
show who’s in control, right. You know when guys sometimes think like, oh, I’m the one in control,
and out of no reason he starts to pick on you. So she stood up for herself,
and when he exploded on her, and she was like whoa,
this is so disrespectful. There’s no way you’re
gonna talk to me this way, and she removed herself. So she didn’t go crazy on him. She just removed herself. Is playing too many games considered low-value for a man? It depends. It depends through those
games is he testing you or is he seeking attention? Because man will play games. You know, guys will play games. And because again, we have testosterone. So because of testosterone
we will play games, right. However, it depends on the games. If all he’s dong is trying
to make you jealous, provoking attention, you
know like if the games are really low-value and
we insane, he’s like dating lots of women in front you. You know, when it’s like
really low-value and immature, it’s literally ridiculous. Hold on, guys. This is something happening here. I’m gonna try and. Okay, sorry, girls. I just actually reported one person ’cause it was too many adverts going in. Can’t somebody just say hi
so the comments pop up again? I hope I didn’t hide the comments. Okay, my bestie who I discuss
everything with is low-value and it affects my thinking. How do I handle that? If your bestie is low-value,
you have no choice but to let that person go. You can either. This is what happened
to me, as well, guys. Like I literally, when I changed myself, I let go of all of my friends. All of my friends, I let go of
because when I was low-value and I was focusing on drama,
my friends were like that, as well, ’cause this is what
we would talk about together, drama and not having goals
or dreams, none of that. So then I started changing myself. Me and my friends, we
started going like this. My friends would call
me and complain to me, Greta, you don’t talk to me anymore or you don’t spend two
hours talking to me. It’s just all about you and your business, all about you and your goals. They got bored. We started going like this, right. And we had nothing in common anymore ’cause I had bigger goals. I knew what’s the right thing to do. I was following inspiring people. I was following Oprah, for
example, in her foot steps. So naturally these friends dropped off ’cause not only I didn’t click with them, they didn’t click with me either. So when you become high-value,
then you start practicing high-value stuff, your low-value friends will start to drop off. And if you will keep
low-value friends around you ’cause let’s say you bonded
or you’ve been with them for like, we’ve been your friends
for 20 years or something, they will influence you. And they will be putting
sticks, as they say, into your relationship. They will be like for example, ladies, I remember I was dating a guy, right. And I had a friend who was crazy, right. But at that time, I was
already practicing high-value. And I remember he sent
me a message or whatever, and I shared it with my friend,
and my friend went so crazy ’cause I read that message out loud. And she went so crazy, she was like, if I were you, I would
dump him or I would shout. She went so, so crazy. And in that instance, I
got influence by that. And literally that was the
only time when I went crazy on that guy that I dated
in a year and half. And that time was influenced
by my low-value friend ’cause her going, her
having such a reaction, I felt a bit insecure and I
ended up having a reaction of that person as well. Because as people, we are
influenced by others all the time. So you have to be very, very careful. So if you becoming high-value
and you still think it’s okay to have these low-value friends, well when don’ts make sure
not to share not one bit about your relationship. Make sure not to share anything. Maybe share some things
that you connect with. Maybe you both have the
same goals or dreams. So you both can just talk about business or going dancing together, but just stick to that particular topic. Don’t go into something that you know that it’s gonna affect you the wrong way. And, again, when you will
try to control only this part with that person in your
life, she will feel it. She will sense it, and
she will be provoking you to open up more because she’ll be like, oh, Greta, you used to share everything. Now you only share this much. I feel like we don’t
connect that much anymore. You see, so it’s like
when you change to become a better person, you need
to slowly start to surround yourself with people like that as well. Otherwise, it’s gonna be a mess. Okay, someone say hi. I saw things like when (laughs), when people don’t make a comment, it literally just kind of,
the screen gets frozen. Another thing, ladies,
do not act, do not ask, do not ask advice from low,
from guys who work nine-to-five about a guy who’s running a business. These are two different people. A guy who’s working
nine-to-five has no idea how to run a business. So if he’s gonna give you
advice on this guy right here, it’s gonna be a very horrible advice. It’s not gonna, it’s just not gonna work. Right, so be careful. When it comes to advice,
be really, really careful. Right, Greta, how many
mind games is too much in a man test or seeking attention? It really depends. It really depends on the mind games. If you see a mind game such as bantering, I would not see it as a mind game. For me, let’s say, bantering
and sarcastic comments are fun. I could not, I like a guy
who’s fun and spontaneous and cheeky, right. So banter for me, I don’t
see it as a mind game. I see it as fun, as character. It makes relationship more
fun instead of boring, right. But if you see that as a mind
game, everyone’s different. It’s also different, again,
how much free time you have and how much would you want to handle. It’s just really depends. It depends on what type of games, what is it that he’s doing. For this, I would recommend
to join VIP-1 or VIP-2 so you can share your
story, and we can tell you exactly which steps to take with the guy and is he actually worth your time. Okay, let’s see more questions. It disappeared again, sorry. Send me a dot (laughs). Send me heart, spreading the love. Okay, my guy is best friends with his ex. He said should meet with her, should I? I hate Lidia, he also asked
me if he can invite her to our wedding, and we
are not even engaged. I think it’s button pushing. I think it’s button pushing. He perfectly knows but something like this would affect anyone. So if he is, if he is doing all the right things, if you are behaving
high-value, there is let’s say you’re behaving better than an ex, you’re following all
the tips that I’m saying in my videos, hopefully you got my ebook and maybe in my groups as well, let’s say, if you are doing every
single thing correctly, and you know that you’re
better than an ex, and you know that he is crazy about you, you can see all the signs,
you can see all the actions, right, and he talks about
his ex as the best friend, she is just the best friend ’cause he’s fully hooked on you, he loves you like crazy. So if it’s like this, well then
show him that you trust him and if he says he wants to
invite an ex into the wedding just don’t have any issues with that. Just be like yeah, whatever, like if you. If she’s your best friend,
she’s your best friend. She can come. So you show him that you trust him, that you’re not insecure about her. Ladies, the worst thing is to get insecure about the other girls. When you show a guy that you’re insecure about the other girls by
asking them too many questions about these girls, he’s
gonna, this is the time, and he’s gonna start
playing games with you, and have fun with you by teasing you and doing all of that stuff. Imagine like, it’s a bit
like if your boyfriend would be insecure about your guy friend, and you would feel a
bit naughty or cheeky, you will start going like oh, yeah, this guy did this and this guy did that, and blah blah blah blah blah blah, but usually we don’t
risk saying these things with our boyfriends ’cause
we usually just go like oh, so if you’re so into him,
yeah, if you’re so into him and you talk to him all the
time, why don’t you date him? A guy literally would tell
you something like that. So yeah. So you can either ignore it and show him that you’re secure with that, or you can just say something like what, if you’re so into her, go and date her. I’m fine. Do what makes you happy. So you have two choices. (laughs) If you’re strong, go
with the stronger one. If you’re a bit weak, go with the one where I’m telling you to ignore it. Okay, let’s see more questions. I need the number dot, here we go, yep. Cool, here we go. Recently walked away from
a man I loved dearly. Not easy, had money. Was generous with his
affection, as well as money, Had enough of his
dishonesty and head games. It is not easy to walk away from a guy who is treating you well, but
is playing too many games. it’s not easy, but well done. What can you do? Well done, well done. You can either see, you
can look at it like. If it’s affecting your
life, if like, ladies, in life, the first thing is you. The guy comes after you. God comes first, then you first, right. You put yourself first. If you believe in religion, all of that. So God comes first. Then it’s you, then
you put yourself first. Then it’s the guy, right. Because if you’re gonna
put yourself second, he will put you second, as well. If you’re gonna put yourself first, he will put you first, as well. So if you think it’s
first God and then guy and then you, and you
submitting to the guy, he will start taking you for granted and treating you like a slave. You will become a slave to the guy. But if you’re putting,
let’s say, God first, then yourself, you yourself, and this is when he will put you first, and he will treat you as a queen, as well. And where was I going with that? Yes, so if you feel like the
guy is playing too many games, and, as I said, it’s
affecting your life too much, you don’t have time for this. If you can handle it,
if you okay with that because maybe you play many games as well, well then it’s your choice. Ladies, I don’t tell
you which guys to date. I can explain the situation,
but the choice is yours. Why the choice is yours? Because if you are low-value, you’re gonna relate to low-value. So if you are low-value
and I’m telling you to dump another low-value guy and
date a high value guy, you’re not gonna be ready for it. ‘Cause you relate to low-value. The only, the only way. Like this is why in my VIPs
I never tell to the girls, like never ever say to
a girl to dump a guy. Because if you’re here low-value, if you’re not ready to dump someone, and somebody is pressuring
you to dump that person, and you’re not ready, ’cause let’s say, you’re still low-value. You’re not that high. You’re still clicking with
this other low-value person, and someone is pressuring
you to dump that person, if you will agree to the pressure and you will dump the
person, what’s gonna happen? You will blame everyone else ’cause you’re still clicking with them. You’re still clicking with them. You’ll blame everyone else, and you will be back to them, as well. So if somebody is pressuring
you to dumb someone, try everything, like don’t
get into that pressure. Instead if you see logically, it’s not the right choice for
you to be with this person, but you cannot break up with them. Practice in loving yourself. Then you will really learn
how to love yourself, and you will see for yourself
your own value and worth. This is when you won’t
need any other influence telling you to dump this person. You will dump them yourself ’cause you will know your value and worth, and you will be like
this is not good enough. What am I dealing with? This is wasting my time. This is ridiculous. And you will dump him yourself, but you need to become,
you need to love yourself, like you need to learn how
to love yourself first. So, again, to the ladies
who influenced others to dump the person, stop doing that. This is ridiculous, it’s not gonna work. It’s gonna backfire you back, and to the ladies who think
like, oh, my god, you know, I know I’m not with the right
person, but he’s going crazy, but I know I maybe should
dump him, but I don’t want. Like learn, practice self-love. Work on yourself so you become strong, and then you’ll naturally
start going like this. You know, ladies, when I had
my low-value friends around me and I was dramatic myself,
if somebody would tell me to let go of this friend or that friend, I would be like I’m not
letting go of my friends. Are you crazy? These are my friends,
these are my besties. I’m not letting go of them
’cause I was low-value myself. I was crazy myself, right, but then I practice self-love, and I grew, and I still tried spending time with them. I saw that we don’t click anymore, and this was when we
naturally dropped off. So the same with guys, exactly
the same thing with guys. Okay, let’s see, any more questions? I’ll have a bit more
time for a couple more. Let me press on comments. Yep, cool. Greta, I have. Okay, I’m gonna try and
answer somebody I have not. How can I get rid of victim mentality when a guy behaves low-value with me? He’s a co-worker and degraded me. I can go to my boss, but my energy’s low. Victim mentality, let me think. So thinking like poor me, blah blah blah. There is no poor you. By taking responsibility for yourself. Take responsibility for yourself. If somebody is abusing
you or anything like that, you either ignore that. Like by taking responsibility for yourself and also understanding that
it has nothing to do with you. That the person who is abusing
you is low-value themself. This is why we are abusing you, right. So for example, then I have haters, right, and you go like, Greta’s
this, Greta is, Greta is that. In the beginning, it used to affect me. Now, it does not affect me anymore ’cause I feel sorry for those people. I’m like you’re literally
wasting your time at writing me a comment how much I’m
this or this or that. First, no one’s gonna read your comments. Second, I don’t care about it. Third, you writing this
comment, you’re actually, you’re actually providing, not value, you’re actually engaging
on my YouTube videos. The more engagement I have, the better it is for my YouTube channel. So like it’s because when
you’re secure and confident, these low-value people,
they don’t affect you ’cause you see that they are a low-value. So you automatically don’t
have a victim mentality. Also taking responsibility for yourself. So if you’re in a job where
people are abusing you, you are not a tree. You can move. I know it’s a difficult thing to do, and this is why a lot of
people stay in the jobs ’cause it’s a comfort zone, right. You’re still going to work. You’re still getting your salary. You understand who’s low-value, who’s not. So you’re kind of like
it’s still a comfort zone, but if you want to change that, you can remove yourself from that job. Same as you would remove
yourself from the guy. If the guy’s low-value, you pull away. You don’t confront him. You don’t do this or that. You pull away. So then it’s a job thing,
you find another job or you start your own business. It’s the same thing. Greta, could you please
enable paid questions option like every YouTubers do? What is paid questions option. I didn’t know about that. I’m gonna check it out. That sounds like fun. (laughs) Fun for me. Yeah. How to handle a man who lies a lot? Unsupportive of my fitness weight loss. He seems selfish sometimes. Sometimes he will be sweet or giving. He says mean nasty things to me. I am marriage with him, okay. Setting in boundaries,
setting in boundaries. Ladies, setting in boundaries. I have done many lives on boundaries. So I would recommend you
to watch something like one of my lives or videos. But it’s boundary setting. Again, ladies, this is a big
thing in my VIP-1, as well. Used to be a big thing, and now the girls kind of nailed at it. So like we okay. But a lot of girls learn how to. This is what I find that a
lot of women struggle with, the boundary setting
’cause we people pleasers we too scared to set a
boundary ’cause we think if I will set a boundary,
he will break up with me because I’m not pleasing him anymore. So I’m too scared to say no because he already
doesn’t like me that much. So if I will say no, he will
definitely not never text me, never call me, and nothing like that. Now, ladies, respect is hot. Self-respect is hot. How self-respect is hot. Ladies, look at the guys. Guys who respect themselves
are the hot guys, not guys who don’t respect themselves, but guys who respect themselves
and who know their value are the hot guys that we get hooked on. So for them is the
same, a woman who values and respects herself is a hot girl, right. Not a woman who’s people-pleaser and does everything for you and lets people walk all over her, no. A woman who respects herself, for guys, is a hot girl, as well. So by setting in a boundary,
you are actually bringing your value up in his eyes. Even though if you’re scared, it’s, a value will only go up. He will respect that. Respect is always sweeter
than wrong attention or anything like that. Like, without respect there is no love. It’s literally like that. So if you’re gonna let
a man disrespect you because you yourself are too
scared to set in a boundary, this is why men walk all
over us because we assume that we should just have these boundaries. No, then people come into your life, we test your boundaries. We don’t just like, oh,
I’m gonna respect this man, blah blah blah blah. No, he’s gonna test your boundaries. He will see what he can
get away with, right. So if you’re gonna show
like no, no, no, no, I respect myself, you’re
not gonna do this, right. This is when he will start to value you because, again, without
respect there is no love. It’s the same with kids, right. It doesn’t matter how much
how much a child loves you, he will see what he can get out
from you as a mother, right. So if you’re gonna be
like you can have this. I love you so much, but
these are the boundaries. He will adjust to the boundaries, and he will be more
respectful for you, to you, but if you’re gonna let
him walk away with stuff, he’s gonna be like walking all over you and throwing tantrums anywhere you go. Same thing with a guy. Same thing with any person. When you’re a people pleaser,
when you give give give, your best friends take advantage of you. Stop giving, and they will
see like oh, you have changed. Oh really? You can’t take advantage of me anymore. A man will respect that. A man who is in there to use you, yes, he might actually break up with you. If he’s, but who wants that guy? Ladies, imagine this. You’re dating a guy and
you’re giving giving giving, and he’s taking taking taking. You’re setting in a
boundary, and he dumps you. Why was that guy with you even? He was there to use you,
to take advantage of you. Now he can’t take advantage
anymore, so he is gone. Do you want to spend, let’s
say, the rest of your life with this type of person? No, right? No. but if a guy has, if a guy is decent guy and
majority of man are decent. Guys who use woman and like
to take advantage of them is very very small percentage actually. Guys admire woman who respect themselves. So then you will set in a
boundary, he will be like oh my god, I’m gonna have a power, but this was hot. You know he’ll be, he’ll
probably throw you a power game, ’cause he’ll be like oh
my god, I had the power of this one before so I’m
gonna get the power back, but that was hot. This is what you’re gonna get. So okay, let’s see. Another question. Greta, could you please share how to end relation to the low-value man? Ladies, there is no good
way to end the relationship. You can, like whichever
way you choose to break up, you break up. Like if you think about it, guys, a lot of guys just ghost girls. So (laughs) it’s like if
you’re gonna give him a taste of his own medicine,
I’m not gonna judge you. There is no good way to
break up with someone, literally there is no good way. Obviously I wouldn’t
like, don’t ghost someone, but whichever way you like. Just tell them, tell him it’s
not working for me anymore. I’m breaking up with you. It’s not working for me anymore. I wish you all the best. That’s it, that’s it. There is literally no good way, and a lot of times whichever
way you choose to break up, it’s more like not how
you choose to break up with that person, it’s more
how that person will react to the break-up. So to some people, no
matter what you will say, we will all go crazy. Not all, but like some
of them will go crazy. No matter will you try to be sweet, will you try to be nice, will you do like, There is no right way to break up. You’re stopping the
relationship with someone. So you can try and doing
it the right nice way, but how we will react to this, it’s not depending on you, it’s them. How to handle a man
always on a mobile game. Get on your own mobile game or don’t spend your time with him when he’s on a mobile game. Why would you be. Like you arranged the
date, he arranged the date, he asked you out, and he’s
always on his phone, right? He’s all day on his phone,
and he asks you out. So you go on a date. He gave you, I don’t know,
15 minutes of attention, and he gets on the
phone and like doing his playing video games, right? What do you? You go home. Why would you spend your time at somebody who’s not giving you any attention and all he does is playing games? Like why did I come here for? So you look at that. Let’s say you give it a bit of time. Maybe he’s busy, maybe he’s
sorting some things out. Let’s be positive, right? Give him a benefit of a doubt, and then if you see an
hour later he’s still on his bloody phone
playing games, okay, well, I have to go home, I have
things to do at home. That’s it, and you go home. You set in a boundary. If you’re gonna behave like this, I’m not gonna around anymore. So if you want to see me,
spend some quality time with me or I’m going home or I’m
going to see a friend who I will have a quality time with. That’s how you behave. Okay, let’s see more. ♪ Let’s see more questions ♪ Okay. I try breaking up. The person uses treats
ever hurting himself. Why? Victimizing mentality is bad. Somebody’s trying to hurt themselves. Oh, you were trying to
break up with that person and the person is hurting themselves. It’s victimizing themselves,
putting themselves in a victim position so you
would feel sorry for them and get back to them. This is why, guys, I say be
very careful of who you date. This is why dating toxic people. This is a very toxic behavior. This is why dating low-value
toxic people is dangerous. I know my client who’s
actually my friend now shared a story recently how
basically her ex-husband started dating a woman,
and she said I saw, ’cause I coach her so she
knows high-value and stuff, and she said I saw that girl, and she said like she
behaved very low-value. It was like oh my god, my husband is not gonna
take long with her, and what happened was five months later, her husband broke up with that girl, and what that girl did,
she killed herself. She killed herself, she
jumped off the bridge, and she killed herself. So this is what happens when
you guys ignore the red flags and you start dating a low-value person. And I’m not judging that girl. I understand everything,
and it’s very sad. It’s very sad, and obviously that person
needed a lot of help, but from the other perspective,
I’m not looking at, let’s say, at her, right. Let’s look at you. Like do not date people who you see that they cannot control themselves. If he threatened to kill himself once or anything like that,
you have guys like that, there are people, there
are girls, there are guys, you stop it with that person. Stop their relationship with that person. They need help. They need to love themselves. They need a lot of help. They cannot be in a relationship. The problem is that these type of people look for relationships the most ’cause we are so needy of others. We don’t know how to
make themselves happy. So we look on how to rely on
others to make them happy, and these are the people who should not be in the relationship until they actually become a stable person
who loves themselves. So when you start dating
this type of person, like what kind of risk
you’re putting yourself into? Think, think. You know like you go on a date, and I understand that these
type of people will be giving their life away for you
and doing many things and stuff like that, but
they will be provoking and creating drama, and then
you see the drama flags, let it go, let it go. ‘Cause when it gets too
much, you don’t know what they’re capable of, they crazy. You know, we need help, they need help. It’s like I’m not judging them, but they need a lot of help. Okay, next comment, let’s see. I’m just sorry waiting for
comments to pop up on my screen. There is literally a million of them, but (laughs) nothing pops, nothing pops. I can’t see it, okay. Maybe I’ll have to open. Oh, here we go, thank you. I am constantly seeking
reassurance from my boyfriend after we had a breakup a few months ago. No, that low-value behavior. We are back together,
and he will be happy, and then I will seek reassurance again, and he gets annoyed. How to stop the cycle? Self-love, self-love. Why you’re seeking reassurance? Natalie, why are you seeking reassurance? What it is that you’re insecure about? Okay, this is what you need to think like, think about it like why
am I seeking reassurance? What am I insecure about
in this relationship? Will he ever FV? What is FV friends with? I don’t know what that means. But you need to think like why? What am I insecure about? Is he playing games on you? That’s why you’re insecure? Is he not telling you that he loves you? Is he not telling you that he’s into you? Is that why you’re insecure? Is he pulling away? Does he not message you first? Does he not chase you? Does he not pursue? Is that why you’re insecure? Is he not treating you nice? Is that why you’re, why are you insecure? You need to think what is he doing that it’s making you
insecure in the relationship. And then we need to think
on how to change that. How are you not insecure? So if he is, for example, playing games, and you’re insecure about it, it’s because you don’t
understand the games that he’s playing and why
is he playing these games. Then you will understand the
games that he is playing, the reason behind it and
why you will not be insecure about it anymore, right. If he’s pulling away
and you don’t understand why is he pulling away, what is happening. He pulled away, he didn’t
text me for a few days. You don’t understand why,
you will feel insecure. So once you learn why,
exact reasons behind it, you’ll feel confident, right. If he is not texting you first, not pursuing all of that,
you need to understand why. Is it a game? Is he turned off? Are you chasing him too much? You know, so then you will
understand all this why he’s doing things that he’s doing. All your insecurities will go away, okay. Knowledge is power. And, ladies, if you’re
insecure, go through my channel. I have like bloody 300 videos, and literally every single
of these questions is are answered in my channel. Games, I have a million games in my videos that guys play and how to
respond and why we doing that. With pursuing, I tell you
exactly way, how to pursue, what to do about that
if he doesn’t chase you. Why man pull away? Have it, I have a video on
every single thing. (laughs) If there’s a thing that
I don’t have a video on, it’s in my, we talk about
it in the private coaching or one of the VIPs. Because in those groups,
like here I’m giving you as much as I can, but the
tiniest little detail, the top top top thing comes
in one-on-one coaching or with VIP. So it’s up to you. Do you want to join it or not? And I’ll add, again, all the links to it in the video description. All women are hyper gamey. I think a lot of women
are like man, as well. You know we like drama. If you’re a person who,
again, is more low-value and likes that drama ’cause
maybe this is the background that you came from, you will
automatically play games. So it’s kind of same. You know, it’s the same. And you know like, again,
I see banter as fun. I don’t see it as a game. Although it is kind of a game, but it’s more like, it’s yeah. Everybody plays games,
everybody plays games. It just depends on the level of the game and how much is affecting you and stuff. Everyone plays games. The person who says we don’t play games, they play games. A nice guy plays a game of a nice guy. I’m the nice guy. I’m the nice guy. You know, a bad boy plays
a game of the bad boy. You are who you want to be. A relationship coach plays a
game of a relationship coach. You know, like it’s, we all take these. You are who you want to be. Like it’s, life is a game. Life is a game of chess. In order to win in life, right, anticipate your player’s the next move. It’s a very good quote. I don’t remember where it comes from, but in order to win, so, ladies, this is how you win in
a relationship, right. Then you, like this is how I
am in the relationships, right. When you go on a date, or
when you are with a guy, you think of the things, in anything, business, relationships,
travel, everyday life, this is how you win in life, ladies. This is gold. For every single step that you take, this is how you win in life. You think of how you will
behave if things go well, right. So you’re positive, and you
think how will you behave if things go well, plan A. Plan B, you think of how will
you behave if things go bad. Right? And you nail at these both,
and then when you nail at these both, you’re always safe. So if, for example, you going dancing, how will you behave if he’s all over you, he’s charming you, it’s nice and fun, and you’re having the
best time of your life, you’re responsive, you’re
happy, blah blah blah, right. You think you’re gonna behave, you’re gonna be receptive,
you’ll enjoy the moment. How will you behave if you go dancing and he starts flirting with other girls or like sees, tries to make you jealous? How will you behave there? Okay, no reaction. If it gets too much, I’ll go home early ’cause I’m sick. You see, both have a situation. Now if you’re gonna go to a party and you don’t know how to behave, then things are going bad. For example, he’s making you jealous and you don’t know how to respond, this is how you’re gonna fail. So girls fail a lot. Then girls fail a lot when
we don’t have a plan B. Everyone fails in life when
we don’t have a plan B. If, for example, I’m
having a business, right, and I’m like thinking
okay, if things go well, I’m gonna do this, and
if I don’t have a plan, then things go bad in
my business, I will fail ’cause I don’t, I’m not
ready for things to go bad ’cause I’m being too naive that everything will just go good. You always need to have a
plan B, everything in life. Okay, ladies, so I’m
gonna leave you with that. I think I saw some hateful comments, but I didn’t have time to read it, sorry. Oh yes, here we go. The delusional environment party, Mm, okay, cool. Thank you, kisses from London. (laughs) Okay, ladies, that’s it. So like this video if you liked it. Share it with your ladies that need it. Let me know in the comments
what did you think. If you want to join my VIP or you’re interested to find out more, I’ll set all the links
in the video description. One-on-one, video description. Self-love, video description. It’s still Black Friday. So I’ll put the link for self-love with the cheaper code, 70% off. If you’re interested, I’ll drop it down, and, yeah, thank you so much. Awesome. Bye girls. I’m just reading your bye-byes. Love you loads! Yeah, have a great Sunday evening. Oh, how do we?

19 comments on “Can You Change Low Value Man Into High Value Man?

  1. I would like to get better understandingbon why controlling man is a toxic man? Is it not that masculine man should be a protector and I like when he checks on me i.e. Asking me where I am and what time I will be back home? I'm not talking about any extreme like checking my phone etc but a bit of control on man's side is a turn on. Please correct me if I'm wrong

  2. I don't understand Bob the Builder women. If you build them.. They will leave lol.
    Eternally grateful for all of your advice Greta!

  3. I think it’s interesting how you mentioned something I’ve had conflict with, That it’s important to have a Plan B. I heard years ago on an interview with Will Smith that he does not have a plan B because it distracts from plan A (I know it depends, sometimes it is necessary to have plan B. Let’s not go to extremes). I know failures & lows are inevitable, but perhaps thinking about possible failures/scenarios that may or may not happen will take your energy/peace/joy, or even mess up the law of attraction (of what you want your plan A to be) not happening because you brought plan B into existence in your thoughts & subconscious.
    -You’ve given me something to think about more, and not put it at the back of my head. Loved your live by the way!

  4. Add standards to the mix. I struggle with a few guys I know who while they make a descent living they sleep around. They claim to have women they sleep with ranging from a 10 to a 4. Now the bigger picture then the labeling of one's looks is the fact that they are accessible sexually and any other way poaaible. The charity that ome offers to the world, and then his mate or potential mate is one good way to access one's character. Its not all about the money, that's a by product of actions good or bad. You have to be the type of person you wish to attract in your life. This way you will automatically reject bad candidates no matter how attractive they are. Whats up Greta, good work today.

  5. Greta can you make a video of how a girl that have daddy issues affect her relationships choices & everything & how to reverse all of that to start be in a normal loving relationship

  6. Similar people are attracted to each other, I would say. High value woman will recognize the low value man right away. Some women like insecure men, because they get jealous and give women certainty and safety, which they need in order to feel loved.

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