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Career Advancement at Sodexo

Career Advancement at Sodexo

Okay.. Wait where was I? Ha ha ha When I was a young man, I moved to Chicago from the country fields of Tennessee and I wanted to be a part of something good and something big and I wanted to feel special. Sodexo made me feel like somebody. We always have the opportunity to train. Your career is in your own hands.
It’s really where you want to take it. I’m from Mexico.
And my mom, she pushed me to do the English. “It’s better for your future and it’s better for your job.” I’m in charge of thirty people. I started out as a project manager in 1989. then I moved over into Maintenance to be Assistant Director of Facilities. Every couple of years the colleges and Sodexo provided me an opportunity to grow my career. Twenty-five years later I’m a District Manager in western New York. For me it’s a way to raise my family in a beautiful community and the company takes care of my needs. I joined Sodexo in 2008 as a Biomedical Technician II. It’s my sheer hard work that got recognized and eventually promoted from Biomed II to Biomed III position and from there to Supervisor and eventually to General Manager. In my short career, I started as a front line manager
and have grown into the General Manager of my own unit. There are so many opportunities.
It’s not just food service, it’s not just facilities. There’s so many different aspects within the company
that you can grow with your career.

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