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Change Anything with Law of Attraction, Awakening and Your Spiritual Butt Kick with Landria Onkka

Change Anything with Law of Attraction, Awakening and Your Spiritual Butt Kick with Landria Onkka

Welcome to Landria Onkka on YouTube here to help you to break through those fears and live an awesome life I’m gonna give you the tools to manifest anything Do you love your life? Do you love how you’re living every day? Yes No If you said yes Congratulations, you haven’t accomplished an amazing goal because we’re on a planet that doesn’t encourage that you realize that if you’re unhappy It is not your fault It is totally not your fault. However, that being said you are Fully in control and hold the power to change it So why is it not your fault? You came out of Planet where we are programmed not to love our lives we’re totally being controlled by others who are unhappy too who think that if they control us and control the money and how we work and live and how we think That that’s gonna give them satisfaction. They’re just coming from a lower frequency density and that’s the whole plan It’s been running that way so you came here to change that it starts with you Do you get up in the morning and look forward to your day? Do you love what you do every day deal up your situation if you don’t why aren’t you getting out of it? Why give me one reason I wanna hear right now. Tell me why Give me comments. I want to hear everybody’s why am I not getting out of my situation? Why am I not changing it now? Some of you may say well I’ve tried to Trying is not doing it’s just trying Medicine tried ten thousand times it wasn’t till ten thousand and one I’m sure it was probably not exactly ten thousand that he invented the light bulb He wasn’t trying he was doing which meant he kept going Trying is when you do something and you usually quit Doing this when you’re going to get it done Then between here and when it’s done, you’re doing it in other words I’m not eliminating eliminating eliminating all the things that don’t work to find the thing that does cuz I know it exists That life exists for you right now It does I found it. I’m talking from experience. I’m telling you right now That it is possible. I know people have done it. I’ve done it myself I want you to remember challenges are never gonna go away. You’re never gonna go to that place where everything is perfect People don’t get sick or die or get all this other hoopla that goes on in this world. That’s very disturbing, but it’s changing its changing because you and I are taking the steps to make that change if you told me you don’t know how To get into that beautiful life that you want to live Congratulations, if you’re willing to put the time and attention in you can find those solutions Now this whole channel my whole business and it is a business believe me because it’s work but I enjoy what I do is To help people get spiritually in alignment to understand their power that they are unlimited amazing beans and then the second half is focusing strictly on skills Money all those things that are going to get you out of that situation That self-limiting situation or unhappy situation and finding that pathway where you can spunk Chinon this planet We could talk about woo. Woo and all this stuff all we want but the bottom line is you got to pay your bills and Whatever you do for a living. You really should love it now I know a lot of wealthy people, you know I have to tell you every single one of them works their butts off, even the ones who don’t have to they continue to work and Most of them don’t really want to be working the way they’re working or what they’re working in But they’re in successful careers. Like I was I was an investment baker for 25 years. So what do you do with that? I was like I had nowhere to go in my in my head. There was nowhere to go What could I possibly do? That’s gonna top that that’s like an amazing career. My connections were amazing My clients I was around very successful wealthy people faves and famous people pro athletes You know it appeared on the outside to be an amazing life and career, but not you don’t feel it here Not if you’re doing things every day that just didn’t make sense And in my opinion, we’re not contributing to the planet in a very positive way It was always about the deal. What is the deal? Is that contributor to the planet? Are we funding companies that are not doing good things? And you know what’s going on in that whole equation and I had to make a decision But I had to find a way to change it. I couldn’t just quit I Saw an ad if you guys have seen me I give these free workshops I saw an ad by this guy who had founded actually founded the company And I knew that that was my ticket out but here’s what had had to happen. And this is what’s gonna happen for you You have to take action and it’s gonna take you to a space. That’s very uncomfortable because 2020 is about expansion and that’s gonna be very uncomfortable for you. Trust me It will be no matter how exciting you know, you can go into my internet marketing You can go find a new job or whatever it is you want It’s gonna be uncomfortable Because there’s gonna be this realization at some point. Oh my gosh. This isn’t just gonna be handed to me I don’t just go here. And oh, I’m making a ton of money and life is wonderful There’s still a journey within that path that you take but here’s the difference You’re going after what you love and you’re passionate about it. If you don’t do that, you will be in the same position I was no money. No prestige No, whatever is going to make you feel here inside that you’re in the right place And I also some of you may say oh well if I had the money I’d be happy No, you wouldn’t trust me not if you’re loving not loving what you’re doing So when you bring that passion in then all of a sudden that journey to accomplish those goals Even if it includes abundance and it always should you’re no good to anybody if you’re broke Why do we separate that? You should be wealthy You should have all kinds of money coming in not because that’s your goal to get as much money as possible But because everybody can flourish and guess what you could do with that money a lot of really good things but the the 1% of the wealthy that control 98% of the wealth you Know that you know that how I’m saying, that is that’s so wrong But guess what? They took the effort to do it everybody else believed that their their limited but their percentage Their controlling everything because they have money and money buys a lot It buys a lot of bad things too that will do anything to stay in the money and the power What if you had a high frequency? you really gave a crap about the planet now and other people not just yourself and You went after the things you love and you said you know what? I’m going to not only do this but I’m gonna find a way to earn money because you’re in the material world. I’m sorry We’re still we stopped to rely on money right now And I’m going to be that person who’s gonna go earn that money be successful I’m gonna achieve my goals. I’m gonna contribute positively and everything I do No bullcrap, you know people out there promising all this stuff. It’s a load of crap I’m telling you right now you’re gonna have to put work in you could have to be very uncomfortable if you have to make some changes and if you love what you’re going after it’s so worth it and You can be successful. Why because you won’t quit When you love what you’re doing, you won’t quit because that passions gonna be there and you’re enjoying it So even if you’re struggling even your you know, you hit a roadblock in iron or not gonna do this I need some help here and whatever You will never consider quitting because when you get up in the morning, you’re inspired and the challenges, you know I get ya. You don’t have a choice. I have to go through with it because I love what I do. What’s the alternative? Doing something I don’t love to do and struggling there – Right, you’re always gonna struggle no matter what you always have to have the next position the next Raise the next whatever What are you going to do right now? You’re going to have to make a decision to find those tools. Now. I give you some I’ve got all kinds of Courses to get you past that limiting thinking on land director comm you go down in the description all kinds of courses They’re not expensive Spend time with me spent a whole year on breakthrough fear at your leisure I’ve got a code down there for discount and then you’ve got my internet marketing. Why aren’t people taking this? It’s not for everybody. These are skills This is a day. Let’s go chase money again not doing what we love This is learning skills so that you can go out there and say what can I do with this anything? teach other people Apply it to you know reach global audiences be an affiliate marketer sell things Responsible things and you can get rewarded It’s going to take some work pick what you love and go after it and find those things That’ll help you you don’t have to be the best at everything Well, let’s say you love music and you love to sing and play, but you’re really not that great at it Right people don’t really think you hire. Maybe you love it. Doesn’t matter. You can still be an affiliate marketer Promoting other people’s stuff that people do want to purchase Right instruments or songwriting or whatever and still be involved in that thing that you love There are no excuses none We’re the year of expansion and going way beyond that That means you must go into the uncomfort zone in the things you love get the tools take the action and work and you’re gonna see people Working way harder than they ever have and feeling really great It’s like going for a ride just came back from a run a little scruffy here. I Love it. Does it feel good now? I actually had to stop once I had to catch my breath for a couple seconds and start up again. That didn’t feel good But I had to start up and I had to start up again I love it because the results when I get done running it feels so good and if I’m sitting here working and I haven’t run I’m like I have to I don’t always want to but I have to I’m so Driven, this is how your life should be? and This is an amazing feeling. That’s the journey Coming home be maybe a little sore out of breath and going kind. It felt really good cuz it’s good for me It’s good for everyone What are you gonna do? Go get those tools. Come join me. If you want to this is a free workshop. You don’t like it unsubscribe Quit telling yourself some stupid story in there. They’re stupid now. They’re really young cuz they’re not real those stupids No limitations, I can’t with you. I the Internet I’m a well what do you think sis the Trainings for its to teach you how to do it If you don’t know that it’s like saying well, I don’t know how to knit. I don’t know how to knit I want to knit. Well, I can’t take I can’t go to the class because I don’t know how to knit Well, that’s what the class is for Oh, we tell ourselves all kinds of stupid stuff don’t we are you ready to give it up? find that thing you want to do and find the tools to do it and Then you will not quit. You’re gonna say wow, okay I’m actually learning how to do this thing that I feel passionate about and I’ll find whatever ways I can be involved in that thing and I deserve to have money I deserve to be abundant. I deserve to flourish and I deserve to have all this and I’ll show other people how to do it because we want other people to be happy and Flourishing and if anybody picks on you or says stuff tell him to talk to the hand Talk to the hand I’m gonna go forward in my life and you can sit there and watch it pass by and tell yourself stories and eat Cheetos and Watch the garbage on TV Take drugs and eat fast food and all the stuff we’ve been program. That is so wrong That’s making money for people that don’t have our best intentions in mind. I Just said, you know we have free energy. We have the cure for kids. We have no one should ever go hungry Why isn’t it happening? Because there are people that are not mandating that You can make a difference and you can be powerful if you go after what you truly believe in value giving helping others never doing anything that would ever harm a person an animal a child a plant Let’s be responsible it starts with you Every single day with your thoughts. Are you ready to join me? If you want to come on the internet market You know anybody is my student will tell you I’m there when you come over I greet you You get to go on my life webinars you get to ask me questions personally. I work with the members I do that because I want you to succeed I Want you to do well, so it gives us much information as I have from my 25-year investment-banking career and my successful online businesses To help accelerate your success we’re supposed to do this together. We’re in it together and that community is amazing people helping each other It’s crazy. Great. Great is it? Come on over Find the tools go after your life find the passion find the passion first. Not the money forget the damn money Forget the money go after what you love your life will change you should get up every day. Loving your life your whole and perfect strong and powerful Loving harmonious and happy Blessings to you my friend every month. I have a webinar if you go to land record calm I have a webinar once a month for three hours if you don’t make the live one you get a Recording everybody gets the recording. Anyways, you can watch it over and over and over again. We talked about all of this Get the help. We’re all here for one another it’s time for us to elevate our Hopefully in it and it doesn’t take a big percentage of us to do that. The light is powerful. The light is powerful Your whole imperfect strong and powerful Loving harmonious and happy that’s from the master key system it heals people I hope it heals you in whatever area of life that you want to change I wish you peace light love abundance and awakening my friend namaste

13 comments on “Change Anything with Law of Attraction, Awakening and Your Spiritual Butt Kick with Landria Onkka

  1. Right now I'm homeless, living in a hotel, and I hate my job but right now this is the only stable thing I have in my life. I really need to save money, get an apartment, then I can work on my career.

  2. Hm. I don't know about the intro…maybe a little close to the cam? Yes there are some things you say that I disagree with like many times in my life things I want happen without hard work but I agree that we just have to do what we have to do with the challenges that face us. It's really all about our perception and what we do about these things.

  3. I am getting out of the current situation because I've shifted my awareness. I'm focusing on the process instead of goals. And it's taking me there ❤

  4. Yesss I'm living a wonderful life and I'm planing for a
    job which resonates with me!! Love and light from my country to you love you so much!!

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