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Change Comes to Chicago – Chicago PD (Episode Highlight)

Change Comes to Chicago – Chicago PD (Episode Highlight)

– Hey. IAD is here to arrest you. I told them
they couldn’t come up. That I’d take you down. Save you the scene. – All right.
– No, no, no. This isn’t happening.
– Hell nah, bro. You don’t got to go down there. – Misconduct? – And obstruction. – Right.
– We’ll come down. – No. I appreciate that,
but I’d… kinda rather you didn’t. ♪ – Hold up. I’m gonna call your FOP lawyer
and Voight. Anything we can do,
you know we’re going to do. But I need you to listen to me. You’re gonna have to do more than keep your head down
in there. If they book you into general, if they try to deny you bail,
you… ♪ – I’ll be all right. [somber music] ♪ – Today… we have made history. Together
we have elected change. Change for our city,
our children, our communities,
our neighborhoods. For ourselves. Because of your hard work
and determination, today we have brought promise
back to Chicago. [applause] A promise of transparency, justice, and reform. A promise of order. A promise
that if you’re of moral heart, and work hard, that this city
will provide you with every opportunity
to succeed. Because today, Chicago, your voices have been heard. [cheers and applause]
[camera flashes] Today… we have brought change
to Chicago. Today is the start of a new beginning. [cheers and applause]
Thank you, thank you. Thank you. – That was mayor elect,
Brian Kelton, giving his acceptance speech
just a short time ago. ♪ – What the hell is going on?
– I don’t know. I just got the call. ♪ [ominous music] ♪

100 comments on “Change Comes to Chicago – Chicago PD (Episode Highlight)

  1. This show without ANY DOUBT is the BEST SHOW EVER!!!! I hope Adam gets out and noone hurts him in there. AMAZING SHOW!!!!

  2. I think it was Antonio, it only makes sense for one he had drugs and for two who knew he couldn’t stand seeing his friend in jail

  3. This is why there is alot of Rogue US Army and US Justice personnel in the world hiding and waiting for the right time to strike because the Politicians are corrupted

  4. Chicago PD and The Shield from a few years back, to me are the two best cop shows and my favorites. Voight and Vic MacKey have a lot of things in common, however, Mackey was at the end just a murderer with no redeeming qualities, while Voight's character development is kind of the opposite.
    When he was introduced in Chicago Fire, he was a crooked, vicious cop that was willing to do anything to keep his son out of jail; even trying to set Lt Casey up by planting drugs in his apartment, here is hoping Voight's ending is better than Mackey's.


  6. He told the deputy commissioner tell kelton im coming for him next and he wasnt playing amd games as i can see i cant wait until the fall so this can come back on tv

  7. Love this show!! Olinsky getting killed off was worst thing ever. He's my fav! Now if anything happens to Ruznek, I'll be really wondering. Very under-rated show!

  8. I can’t wait until Thursdays n Sunday to watch on ION TV
    Yea I’ve watched all the episode but I still watch like it’s my first time🤣🤣🙈🙈

  9. I've rewatched this scene and I realised
    What if she is involved? Because if Hank did this that would be too simple of a twist

  10. In all the years that I have watch Cop series & there's a lot of them Chicago P.D. has to be #1 … Intensity , Crime drama , & related team members quest for good work . This show without a doubt is the best ,. Thank you Mr. Wolf you truly hit it out of the ballpark with this 1 … !!! #Chicago1

  11. You know who would be a perfect replacement for Antonio next season is the woman who played Antonio's partner in Chicago Justice. But I do hope we see Antonio in the season 7 premier (and possibly a quick goodbye to Sylvie Brett).

  12. except for Voight taking Woods down seeing Kelton lying on the floor shot dead was one of the most satisfying scenes ever….I think Brennen shot him….

  13. The best American Television police series , very interesting , very emotional , romantic , of tears and laughter , I really like it very much , please do not disappear , keep recording episodes

  14. I posted this on another clip…
    I'm an avid Chicago series fan fire/pd/med .. justice was kind of dumb.. but I'm glad stone is with L&O svu or was.. anyways in p.d. season 1 episode 10 what is halstad talking about when he mentions "the browning thing" when olinsky and voight didn't transfer Browning to jail.. what did Browning do for them to not transfer/kill him?… kill a fellow cop? Just wondering …

  15. I just happen to see this on TV last year amd oh my goodness…I was hooked! Love this show so much and love how voight doesnt mess around when nabbing the bad guys!!! Love everybody on the whole show…cant wait for the new season of episodes

  16. I watch to show for marina squerciatti….what a total babe. My tv fantasy girl….even my wife no longer gets jealous, she just learned to deal with it. Total fox. Gorgeous woman. And good at acting as well.

  17. Do you remember that episode where a Latin murderer was going to go free because of the testimony of a child? and voigth I speak with a latin gang and you know the next day the murderer ended up dead and nothing for me that same voigth did in this

    episode with kelton.

  18. What first Al now him what the what??? I have been hoping that AL is still alive and that he didn't die in the hospital…

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