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Change of Plans | MostlySane

There’s a school reunion this evening. We’ve been planning this for the last 5 years but couldn’t work it out. Everytime it gets cancelled. Sometimes it’s because of someone’s wedding, or someone’s birthday or someone’s parents won’t allow them. This time finally everyone is free. Why aren’t you ready yet? I have to be there by evening mom. No, we have to leave in half an hour. Where? Prajakta! Sheela’s daughter is getting married today. Who Sheela? Come on. Get up. I am not coming. You guys aren’t ready yet. Prajakta. What’s the matter with you? Go get ready! Why? What do you mean by why? I just told you we have to go for a Sheela’s son’s wedding. Who Sheela? How can you as who is Sheela? Mom, I have a school reunion today. I had informed you. The wedding is more important or your reunion. Who is this Sheela’s daughter. I have never seen her before. How will you see her when you won’t come for any family functions? You won’t attend any family function and then you’ll complain that you don’t recognize anyone. Everytime you’re with friends. You can’t see anything beyond them. Everytime you have a new excuse. Someone’s birthday, someone’s farewell. Now you have this reunion. You don’t want to spend time with your famliy. Reunions take place once in 5 years. Is Sheela’s daughter going to get married again and again? Why aren’t you getting ready? I’ll be ready in 2 minutes. You think I’m a fool creating such a big fuss? Why don’t you guys go for the wedding? Have fun… Prajakta. I won’t say this again. Get up fast! Mom. I also won’t say it for the 100th time. I have a reunion today. Don’t argue with me. Mom, I’m 25 years old. Don’t try to scare me. I don’t want to come. Did I ask you? Did I give you an option? No right? Then get up and get ready. I’m going to come back in 2 minutes to check if you guys are ready or not. No. My mom is taking me to some stupid wedding. No. I told her. I’m trying to leave early from the wedding. Please wait for some time. What are you wearing? You don’t have other clothes? Everyone will think Mr. & Mrs. Koli spend all the money on their colthes. Go back upstairs and wear that blue dress. Please go and change. Yes. I’m going. I had worn this same saree at Sheela’s sister in law’s 25th anniversary right? I’ll change and come. You also get ready. Is this fine? Yes. Now you’re looking so beautiful. Go and put some lipstick and a bindi. Firstly I don’t even want to come. Secondly because of your lipstick and bindi and this stupid wedding, my friends have already left for Lonavala. Oh god! What should I do with this man. Since when he’s getting ready. If it’s just gonna take you two minutes then why don’t you… Hi Meenu. No. Today I’m going for Sheela’s daughter’s wedding so I won’t be able to come for the evening walk. Call Leela, she’ll come. I’m ready. Let’s go. How long are you gonna take to wear your shoes? Only 2 minutes Archu. Okay listen. Satish had called saying we’ll go together. They must have had a tiff. We don’t have to get involved into it. Don’t call. Anyway, since he’s come back from America, he has changed. You should have also waited a little bit longer na. What do you mean by you’re leaving. Hey. Keep the phone down. Come here. Did I refuel the car? I’ll have to stop on the way. I should also get the servicing done. Why hasn’t Satish called yet, I don’t understand. I’ll ask him when I meet him. Hey Archu. Should I take a bottle of water for the way? It’s so hot outside. Once in 5 years we have a reunion. Prajakta. Stop it now. Do you have a problem if for once you come with us? If you won’t come with us then how will you meet others. You’re looking so nice. Did you switch off the lights? Did you switch off the geyser. You took the house keys right? Last time we had forgotten to take the house keys. Yes mom. The lights are off, the geuser is off and we’ve locked the door. Give her the invitation they had sent. It has the address of the venue. I know the address. Let’s go. Everytime you say this and then we get lost on the way. It’s written right here. What’s the date? Today’s 25th October. The wedding was last week. Congratulations. You should have checked the date once. You’re also wearing a nice saree. I’m also wearing this suit. Let’s go and eat Pav Bhaji. Yes. I haven’t eaten Pav Bhaji for so long. Aren’t we a little overdressed?

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