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Change the system, not the climate! #ClimateEmergency

Change the system, not the climate! #ClimateEmergency

The World Meteorological Organisation has
said that the last five years have been the hottest on record… I’ve always been told that every little helps. That if we do our bit for the environment,
everything will be ok. And it’s true that our choices as consumers
impact the economy, society and the environment. But changes in lifestyle are not enough… Governments and corporations want us to believe
that changing our habits will be enough to solve climate chaos. Scientists issue warning after warning
that time is running out. We are hitting the point of no return. Leading a sustainable lifestyle is an important
first step but what we really need is radical, sweeping change to tackle this climate crisis. Big business needs to start paying up,
and governments must implement emergency measures. Just 20 fossil fuel companies are responsible
for more than one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions. This economic model based on using the earth’s
resources as an infinite pool to exploit, while corporations profit,
is leading us to a dead end. This is the future if we don’t take action
NOW. It is time to change the system. Mobilise. Organise. Educate. Protest! Capitalism is killing the planet. We need to kick big polluters out of politics
and invest in a just transition and a sustainable future for all. Change the system, not the climate.

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