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Change The Unlocked Note 10  & Note 10+ Firmware

Change The Unlocked Note 10 & Note 10+ Firmware

Hello Techies this is Miguelina Betty
aka Catwoman from Tech Valor! For this video I will show you why and how I changed the firmware on my husband’s Note 10 Plus. I
will list the timestamps and below so you can fast-forward to the tutorial. Why I Changed The Firmware. Mr. Catwoman
wanted the Aura Blue Note 10+ and decided to take advantage of the deal
that Samsung has to offer by trading in his S10 Plus. The unlocked version of
Samsung phones used to be the creme de la creme but not anymore.
If you want the best connectivity and to be first in line for Android updates,
it’s best to add the carrier firmware to your unlock phone. Keep in mind that
following these steps will delete all of the data off of your phone so back it up
using Samsung Smart Switch. Materials You Will Need. Your Note 10, A Windows PC, USB
Type-C Cable and OTG adapter. Files You Will Need. I will leave links below to
download all the correct files needed. Android USB Driver for Windows, Odin, Your
Firmware. If you have the unlocked version of the Note 10 Plus then the
baseband will start with an N975U1. The carrier version is N975U(S). Our
carrier is with AT&T but the T-Mobile firmware will work
because they have the same baseband version. If you have Sprint, then use the
Verizon file. Just make sure to have your desired carrier SIM in your phone when
you install the firmware and your phone will configure the correct one. Set Up Phone.
Breeze through the welcome prompts to get to the homescreen. Tap the arrow. Choose “I
have read and agree to all of the above” and then “Next.” Choose “Skip this for now”
and then “Next.” Choose “Skip” and then “Skip Anyway” Choose “Next” – “More” – “Accept.” Choose
“Not now” and “Skip Anyway.” “Skip” “Skip” and now “Finish.” Now let’s turn on “USB debugging mode” and
“Verify apps over USB.” Just pull down the notification shade and tap on the gear
icon to enter “Settings.” Scroll all the way down and tap on “About phone.” Tap
“Software information” find “Build number” and tap on that section multiple times
until you can get a prompt that developer mode is turned on. Go back
twice and scroll down again. Tap on “Developer options.” It should be turned on.
Now find “USB debugging mode” and toggle that “On.” Choose “Ok.” Scroll down to “Verify
apps over USB” and make sure that is toggled “On.” Go back to your home screen. Do not connect your phone to your PC
until you install the latest version of Android USB Driver for Windows. Click on “Next” – “Next” – “Install” and then
“Finish.” Connect your phone to your PC via a USB type-c cable. Allow your PC to have
access to your data on your phone. The new Dex app will try to start running on
your phone and PC. Just tap on the home screen button on your phone and exit out
of the program on your PC. Set Up PC. Let’s extract the Odin and firmware files from
the zip. Right click on the Odin file. Choose “Extract all” and then “Extract.” A
new window will open with the folder we created. Do the same thing to the
firmware file. Because it’s a larger file, let’s focus back on our phone. Turn off
the Note 10 by holding down the BIXBY button and VOLUME DOWN button. Tap “Power off” and then “Power off” again. Once the phone has completely shut down,
hold down the BIXBY button, VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN button all at once. Let go
once you see the blue warning screen. Then press the VOLUME UP button to
continue. You should now see a blue screen that
says “Downloading.” After your firmware is done extracting, close that window and go back to your Download folder. It is very important to add the SIM of your desired
carrier to your phone before installing the firmware. Doing so will ensure proper
network configuration. Flash Odin. Go back to the download folder
and enter the Odin folder. Right click on the Odin program and select “Run as Administrator.” Click “Yes.” You will know the phone has a proper connection with
the Odin program because the ID COM will have a blue active COM slot. Also, the
log tab will indicate that an ID has been added. Begin loading the firmware by
clicking on the BL button. Locate the folder that has your firmware files and
choose the file that starts with BL. Do the same thing with the AP button.
Depending on how much processing power your PC has, this can take up to 20
minutes to load. It will even say that it’s (Not Responding) so please be patient.
Once that has completed, do the same thing with the CP button. Once you get to
CSC, choose CSC and not HOME_CSC. Do not load USERDATA. Now that everything is
loaded, you can hit the “Start” button. It is very important that you do not
disconnect your phone from your PC while Odin is installing the firmware. The
installation process will vary. Mine took about 4 minutes. If you made it this far
in the installation process then it is time to give yourself a big pat on the
back! This is not an easy process and you’ve come a long way. I am very very
proud of you and you should be proud of yourself as well. Odin will now indicate
that the installation has passed and your phone will restart into “Recovery
Mode.” “Reboot system now” should be highlighted so just press the BIXBY
button to restart the phone again. This is another time wil you will need to be
patient while the phone and the sim pull up the best network settings and bonus
feature for your carrier. I was so happy that I was able to get
all of the carrier apps on my husband’s unlock Note 10 Plus. He was able to get
native visual voicemail and AT&T Video Calling. That is so important for us to have
working together because he is a truck driver. Restore Your Data. I connected the
OTG adapter to the Note 10+ and the other end of the USB type-c cable to the
S10+. I followed the prompts on the Samsung Smart Switch app and everything
transferred seamlessly. If you backed up your information on your PC just run the
Samsung Smart Switch program and choose to “Restore.” If you come across any
problems, just hit me up in the comments and I will do my best to help you. If
there’s anyone that needs this information, please send them my way. And
don’t forget to subscribe for more detailed tutorials like this in the
future. In the meantime Catwoman out!

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    00:26 – Why I Changed The Firmware
    01:07 – Materials You Will Need
    01:21 – Files You Will Need
    02:09 – Set Up Phone
    04:18 – Set Up PC
    05:36 – Flash Odin
    08:02 – Restore Your Data

  2. Wow great work putting my tutorial to shame I have to send people this way from now on well keep up the great work and I'll catch you on the next one. Have a good one.

  3. Nice step by step video! Very useful and easy to understand. With carrier firmware installed will you receive updates from the carrier?

  4. Thank you very much for this awesome video. It worked like a charm. Could not get WIFI calling to work with ATT, but I think this is just them being bad! Quick ? If I ever wanted to go back to the unlocked Stock version, where would I download it? Also, if I switch to TMO, do I have to repeat the process so that the phone will program itself with a TMO SIM card?

  5. Truly can't thank you enough for this tutorial. I recently purchased the unlocked version fromSamsung attempting to save money and have had nothing but network issues from. I attempted to contact AT&T and they told me to contact Samsung. I contacted Samsung and they told me to contact AT&T. What a hassle. This video has been a great help that's for sure. Thank you for your time putting this together.

  6. Att said that the unlocked version is an international version and that they cannot activate either wifi calling, advance messages or be on the fastest network. This sux.

    But great tutorial best one I could follow and do the procedures.

  7. hello i have a verizon note 10+ 5G unlocked with a tmobile sim card. if i have it flashed will i lose my 5G capibilities?

  8. awesome job on the video…i used to be good with rooting and stuff like that but haven't done so in a while. You're video was very clear and detailed. Also, it's really cool to see a chick who is tech savvy!

  9. How long this process can take, mine got stuck & I restarted. Not sure if it will work again. Is there any recovery for this?

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    comment section. Just want to make sure that I have everything that I need before my phone arrives tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance. Great video BTW.

  12. Seems the note 10 plus unlocked is the only variant getting the beta android 10 and all of the carrier branded are not eligible.

  13. Regards from the Dominican Republic, I would like to know if you can help me to get the firmware of the note 10 plus at & t n975u please still have the software that I brought and when I give you to look for updates it tells me that my device is updated

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  18. Hi, i just buy a note 10+ but it's off Verizon and I want to remove the logo that appears when I turn on the phone, double you know what firmware comes whit out the Verizon image?

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  23. hola. podrias ayudarme con esta duda, cuando estuve en EEUU compre la versiรณn N975U(spectrum), pero ahora me encuentro en otro pais (lo libere por IMEI para poder usarlo en mi pais ) y quisiera saber si puedo ponerle el firmware de la versiรณn N975U1(sin bloatware) ya que no me gustan las apps ni el logo de spectrum ya que no los necesito. gracias

  24. I have an Unlocked Note10+ bought from samsung. US cellular told me VoLTE will not work bc it is unlocked device. (VoLTE si available in our area) If i download the USCell firmware will VoLTE be enabled?

  25. Hello, I have an unlocked SM-N975U1. With the unlocked version I am not being able to use VoLTE . So I am trying to download the T-MOBILE Firmware.

    But I see that there are two different firmwares.



    As my phone is N975U1 should I download and Flash it with the TMOBILE N975U1?

    Or I should flash directly the TMOBILE 975U ?

  26. i have the exact same phone you do in this video. followed step by step but get failed error on final step in odin. what am i missing

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  30. This worked for me perfectly from a factory unlocked 10 plus to the AT&T firmware! Thank you so much your a lifesaver, a lack of volte was driving me nuts!

  31. I keep getting an error when trying to flash my note 10+ with Odin. I am currently using a Verizon Note 10+ and trying to convert it to AT&T.

    <ID:0/004> Complete(Write) operation failed.

    <OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  32. Hey, thanks for the vid. Still a little confused as to which firmware versions I need to download from the firmware page on your website. I have a T-Mobile N975U that I want to flash to U1 and then probably to Verizon. To get from U to U1 it's this one ? And then to get from U1 to VZN is it or ? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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