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Change Your Mind | Steven Universe Animatic

Change Your Mind | Steven Universe Animatic

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  1. Pink did do alot of terrible things but she was trying to save the planet Earth. She did,but at what sacrifice? Losing friends, breaking promises & and flat out lying, then leaving it all for her son. She wasn't the villains of course nor the hero but she played a big part in the show but I would like to think of her as a anti hero someone who wants to do well but breaks morals to do so.

  2. In one side we can see some terrible villain, treacherous, secretist, did psychological torture
    , selfish, emotionless. Right his next side it is Spinel.

  3. I watched the movie when it aired yesterday. My poor baby Spinel didn't know who to trust after those 6k years of waiting :')

  4. If you haven't watched paranorman:, you can understand. After watching this movie, I thought of the 2012 film paranorman and I thought of the main character Norman and the villan somewhat of the story agatha prendergast. Agathas backstory really hit her hard so did spinels they both turned evil and wanted to hurt the ones that hurt them they tend to forget that there's still someone good out there for you somewhere. I simply think this is a parallel since spinel is almost like agatha and Stevens like Norman when they talked it out at this scene and at the end. Tell me if I'm wrong pls

  5. Some may say that this did not age well, but if Spinel really was able to see pink again, maybe she would apologize. Alas, we'll never know and Pink still stands as a bad person.

  6. i think pink loves herself a little bit too much. i don't like seeing spinel forgiving pink. it makes me angry, because pink doesn't deserve forgiveness after what she did

  7. Imagine spinel came back to earth then Steven brought her to his room in the temple then Steven wished to see pink diamond/rose

  8. When people say omg this villains backstory is so sad!
    Me: Spinel is not the real villain its Pink Diamond!! She is the cause of Spinels sadness

  9. …pink diamond…
    a gem…that is loved…
    by her fellow diamonds,her soldiers and her pearl

    pink is a JERK

  10. People keep acting like Pink Diamond is the sole villain but are we forgetting it took an intergalactic war for personal autonomy for the other diamonds to even consider other gems worthy of life outside them in any way? Spinel feels like she was a no win situation, there was no way for Pink to leave without hurting her, so Pink decided that if Spinel was going to hate her she at least didn't want to be there for it, after all, her fellow diamonds had shown she wasn't really worth listening to, why would anyone else care so much as to wait for her.

  11. In my opinion,

    I feel there is a grey area with what Pink Diamond did with leaving Spinel on Home-World for 6000 years. I think what she did was symbolically represented as growing up and “putting away the toys”. Obviously i’m not for the idea of leaving Spinel behind on Home-World, but maybe if she had communicated her feelings with Spinel that she needed change in her life, maybe Spinel would’ve understood that Pink was about to embark on this new journey that didn’t necessarily require Spinel anymore.


  12. I pity Spinel she was just a very playful gem who wanted to play with pink but pink got annoyed with her because she can't always play pink left her there for a long time Spinel doesn't deserve the pain

  13. You knew the movie before it even came out it is confirmed you are a timetraveler

  14. I wish Pink Diamond could have made amends with the people she left. The Diamonds will never see her again, Greg will never see her again, Pearl will never see her again…and Spinel will never see her again.

  15. I think it's strange that Rebecca sugar brings and characterizes Pink and Rose and then suddenly yeets it out the window of all of her character development with spinel's abandonment, I hope that we're given answers as to why, it's not like Sugar to do anything with Steven Universe without purpose. I hope that we will be given more information from season 6.

  16. I’m gonna restate a lot of arguments here, but I don’t wanna start any either. This is just an opinion. Pink grew as a diamond wanting to have fun and play with blue, yellow, and white. And they did play with her, but they would also leave her alone in a room for extended periods of time if she crossed a line they didn’t like. They treated her like a child, someone who wasn’t equal despite her being a diamond as well. I think when she left Spinel for earth, she kind of unconsciously decided it was her time to grow up, to finally be treated as an actual diamond, and she thought Spinel would never be ready for that. It was a harsh move, yes, but I’ll get back to that. She reached earth, and found out what a gem colony really did: gut a planet of it’s resources and drain it of all life. I think this was the first time she felt empathy. It was the first time she realized her actions had consequences. I think she felt bad for starting a war when she said to Pearl, “No. I needed to see this.” Yes, it was harsh to silence Pearl for all those years, to make her go through with their fake shattering plan. To start a war that would kill thousands. I think she secretly felt guilty about it. Pink, now Rose, retreated to Earth after the war, and lived out her days hiding away the knowledge of what she’d done. She learned to live and laugh and love. She learned to appreciate gems like Garnet and Amethyst, learning more about Pearl and the lot as time went on. She was kind. She was harsh. She was loving. She was insensitive. She wasn’t good. She wasn’t bad. She was plainly and simply FLAWED. The diamonds treated her like a child, so why are we surprised, then, that she acted like one? She had to learn to be an adult on her own, and she struggled too. It is not entirely the Diamonds’ fault that she was who she was, but they had a hand in what she did. She made bad decisions and good decisions. And to wrap this up, I think she’s probably the most human gem of them all. I’m not excusing her actions, I’m merely trying to present a cause to the effect. This restates what a lot of people have said, but I do think it needs to be said again: she was, in a strange, quirky, odd way, human. Humans are flawed. And so was she.

  17. I wouldve preferred something like this at the end over rhe Diamonds appearing out of nowhere and the big Finale song. Would have had more of an emotional high note than Steven peacock.

  18. I can't tell who was worse: the Diamond Authority who didn't care for their gems and would sometimes shatter them on a whim, or Pink who said she cared but leaves Spinel in her garden and leaves Bismuth trapped in a bubble inside Lion's mane. Think about that for a second. If Pink never had Steven, what're the odds that both Bismuth and Spinel would've been trapped in their respective prisons for a longer period of time, possibly even forever? And now I'm starting to wonder if there are any other Gems Pink 'forgot' about.

  19. Pink diamond is so terrible, there’s no excuse for a lot of the things she did. But I like how the creators made Rose just as evil as she was good, cool dynamic even if it’s frustrating

  20. Out of all the things Pink/Rose did, good and bad, I’m genuinely shocked she actually did something truly cruel. She truly was like the other diamonds at one time and didn’t even realize it. She didn’t just take sweet innocent Spinel for granted she outright abandoned her. Spinel deserved better than that

  21. Pink may have been a selfish diamond who never thought about her actions but all the other diamonds were, too. They just never left homeworld unless they were conquering so they never made any friends to betray. At least Rose learned a little bit of selflessness but she was still pretty selfish for leaving Steven and the Crystal Gems to deal with all of her mistakes.

  22. Этот фильм меня обратно к стивену… Похоже придется посмотреть все те филлеры, эх

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