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Change your narrative

Change your narrative

So I wanted to prove that all marketing is
the same thing. No matter what you’re selling, it was always
the same thing. And good marketing talked about the buyer. And bad marketing talked about the seller. Make sense? “I” versus “you.” So to illustrate my point I wanted to prove that what the homeless do and what Microsoft does is the same thing. So if you think about what the homeless do there is advertising. They sit there with a little sign that says, “I’m homeless, I’m hungry,
I’ve got six kids, I’m a veteran …” trying to appeal to everybody. That’s called a little billboard. Microsoft has a billboard that says, “More memory, bigger screen …” all the rest of it. More RAM, more ROM. And what the homeless are selling is goodwill. So if you walk past a homeless person and you put money in their cup,
you feel good. If you give them nothing,
you either feel nothing or feel bad. You paid for that feeling. There was an exchange of consideration. I sold you goodwill, you paid for it,
you got it. They’re selling goodwill,
that’s what they’re doing. They’re selling the feeling of goodwill. So I found a homeless person who was
willing to help me and her sign was pretty typical and I found out that she makes between twenty
and thirty dollars a day selling goodwill. And she works an eight to ten-hour day. Thirty dollars is considered a good day,
selling goodwill. And like I said, her sign was pretty typical. So I asked her if I could change her sign and we did. And the sign that I gave her,
she made forty dollars in two hours. The sign that I gave her said, “If you only give once a month,
please think of me next time.” It wasn’t about the seller, it was about the giver. What are the reasons people say they don’t give? How do I know that they’re genuine,
I can’t give to everyone. So I simply answered the questions. If you can only give once a month,
please think of me next time. I know you can’t give to everybody,
I’m legit. That’s all. Now here’s the point I was going to make. She could have made one hundred and fifty dollars
that day. But after she made her forty dollars in two hours,
she left. Because one of the reasons she’s homeless, or we could surmise that
one of the reasons she’s homeless is she’s decided that she needs
twenty or thirty dollars to live per day. So once she had it, she moved on. That’s a narrative. So she’ll stay there because she didn’t sit longer. That’s a narrative. So there’s a wonderful little trick you can
use with your narrative. Just add the word ‘yet’ at the end. I’m not famous, yet. I’m not that talented, yet. I’m not good at auditions, I need to get better
at auditions, I suck at auditions, for now. You can just add a couple of words of hope or opportunity,
or the potential for future, or some sort of infinite component
that will profoundly change your narrative.

76 comments on “Change your narrative

  1. Sir, This is a college student from IINDIA. Can you please make a video on what do college students do wrong and what are things they should know before which you would have wished to know before you passed college to succeed in life.

  2. You're the man Simon!!! Love it brother, just sent a link to one of my favorite "non typical millennials". She was just in my office and had never heard of you. Now she knows…

  3. Amazing, I like your thoughts always focusing on others than US or MYSELF.

    I am building an FEW BUSINESSES IN INDIA and wonder whether you will be interested to put up a show in Mumbai, INDIA

  4. If you can think only once a month, think of me next time. I know you can't think of everybody. I'm legit. lol

  5. Interestingly, when I decided to try be more optimistic, I naturally added the word "yet" to those descriptor sentences. I think these words are merely reflecting the mindset that we all have, it's just a matter of whether we choose to tap into the 'positive' mindset or the 'negative' one.

  6. Unfortunately it is too much about the future, aspiring to something better, chasing, not about the now. The sign is great though, well done!

  7. This is good…however, the BLAST of music at the end was quite startling. I was driving, and totally into what Simon was saying, then the disproportionately loud music at the end took my breath away. Just a heads up.

  8. You're a crazy man, Simon. And when I say crest I mean, I adore you for it. There's some raw passion in your words, actions and the way you present your ideas. Thank you dearly for this video and please upload more regularly (and short, I really like that factor). Is the word narrative which you use here, the same idea as "attitude" "mindset" ?
    The word narrative feels a little like complex, i would really appreciate if you could explain this. Thank you 🙂
    Love your work, looking forward to meeting you soon.

  9. My first look at Simon and I absolutely hated the guy, I thought he was lip service for project managers with the usual empty speel. Man how wrong was I….

  10. Who said ruminating on apparent minutia <wouldn't>edit pay off?

    PLEASE adjust the AUDIO levels on the outtro…


  11. looooove the # loooove it! We are looking for our WHY here in Paraguay Simon! Keep going the way you're going!

  12. how does this guy not have millions of subscribers? He’s the most reasonable and honest “life coach”. Keep rockin as you are!

  13. Maybe she quit after making $40 because being homeless while asking for money is very stressful and undignified you elitist fuck. Also we have no idea what caused her to be homeless but I guarantee it wasn't her CHOICE. Goddamn. Fuck Simon Sinek

  14. You are a gardener of souls, thankyou for tending to mine.
    You are medicine, thankyou for the dispensation.
    All the best. I'm a disciple now.

  15. Does "starting with why" not clash with this? You have to talk about yourself to start with the why, right?

  16. Let's see if understand correctly: I live in Italy and I want to sell a small plot of farmland (about one acre), usually the advertising sign is: "Agricultural land for sale phone 349 6543210". Thinking about the buyer I should write: "If you are interested in a small plot of farmland phone 349 6543210". You think this goes?

  17. So clear, humourous & pertinent as always but can I suggest Simon cuts the label out of his shirt before he does his next presentation so that it doesn't drive him mad!

  18. What about his body language, anybody who can interpret that? From Lie to Me I know all that means something.

  19. jesus christ only sociopathic marketing cunts can think that people are only homeless because they have some kind of quitter attitude. You are the fucking worst. Fuck off

  20. well i always loved to be alone and isolated. But since, i started to watch Your videos and worked on my behavior i got some admiration from people I admire.
    God that feels really nice.☺
    Thank you…

  21. I thought the change in the homeless person's pitch was the payoff – it was insightful and invaluable. Had to rewatch it to realize it was changing the narrative to change the reality that was the point of the story. A two for one value. Thanks Simon!

  22. Dear Simon, if you read this. Your message confuses me a little bit.
    If I'm a good seller I'm talking about you instead of me. But on the other side, you said, we should always talk about the why (our why). Which comes from our story.
    So am I supposed to speak about the why or about the customer?

  23. Sounds like Carol Dweck's "growth mindset" with the college kids who had not passed getting a report card that, instead of saying "Failed", said "Not yet".

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