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Chief Petty Officer Advancement Ceremony at MMMBT

Chief Petty Officer Advancement Ceremony at MMMBT

In the beginning I was just going to do it
in Base Portsmouth, but I wanted to capture if I’m moving forward and not in the Virginia
area, because I live in Newport news and I work in Portsmouth, it’s kind of cool because
I drive every day over here and then I was on the cutter before, so I feel like having
a background of the tunnel and the water have a big significance in my career while I was
here in Virginia so that’s why I chose to capture both aspects of my career while here I saw this facility Tuesday, I was like wow
this is really clean and taken care of by the crew so it’s kind of amazing to see
this side of the tunnel. You’re not thinking about yourself anymore. You’re thinking of the people that’s under
you and how to take care of them, so I think that’s a big responsibility on my shoulder
but I think I can do it.

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