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Child & Family Development

The Child and Family Development program at
St. Louis Community College offers the students an opportunity to learn about
the physical, cognitive, language, and social-emotional development of young
children. It gives them a chance to have some time to learn the theories of child
development and then apply those theories to the practices in the
classroom. We offer courses at the Florissant Valley location, at Forest
Park, and the Meramec campuses. Our instructors work in a variety of social
service agencies. They work diligently to make sure that the students are
extremely prepared and equipped to go straight into the workforce. How many of you have set up paint before for children? And the first thing they do is take your brush and start going all around – what are they doing? They’re experimenting. They’re mixing the colors. So whatever conclusions you find out, I want you to write them on the paper that is there. One, two, three. [cars fly down ramp] They welcomed me with open arms, and any questions I had, they answered them for me. So, coming from a
previous university where I didn’t know what a degree audit was,
they were there to help me, and they went through with me step-by-step. 80% of the
teachers that are employed here – that mentor our students – have graduated from
this program at St. Louis Community College. They help the students to
understand how to build an environment that is conducive to learning to the
children. They provide opportunities for the students to ask questions in the
moment, they help the students understand what environments should look like, and
how to make things inviting for children to come over and engage in their lessons. Where is nine? High five, Riley! Let’s see what it made! [child exclaims] Whoa! It is a great place to start off. You can
start in stages by going from the infant classes to the preschool classes. You can
create your own activities, and they really work with you as far as your home
life and what you have going on there, and they’ll make adjustments. We ask that
students individualized for children in the same way that we individualize for
them. Our students are encouraged to gain the techniques and skills to work with a
variety of children from a variety of different levels of education. The Child and Family Development program is important because it offers individuals who are
interested in working with children the opportunity to have a hands-on learning
experience through meaningful observations, through the opportunity to
understand assessment and curriculum for young children.

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