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Chinese family values (Hello China #70)

Chinese family values (Hello China #70)

There’s a pig and two people. The two people drive the pig into a house
and raise it together. Thus making the Chinese character ‘jia’ which means ‘family’. In Chinese daily life, the whole family includes
three generations: Grandparents, parents and children live together. Taking care of each other, looking after the
young and supporting the parents are the traditional values of Chinese people. You can easily find a typical Chinese jia all over the world.

5 comments on “Chinese family values (Hello China #70)

  1. great video!
    AND If you guys are interested in why China is called 'China' in English, check out this video:

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  3. Many Chinese are very narcissistic and should not have children. They have no solid values and it is all for show. It might even give a parent face if their child commits suicide – then it makes the parent look really good. It demonstrates how much power a parent has over another.

    Other than that the Chinese see their children as potential sacrifices to the gods. Kill enough of them and the gods will be pleased. The best sacrifice is a baby girl as they say.

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