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Churchill: The Man Who Saved the Free World

Churchill: The Man Who Saved the Free World

In May 1940, Adolf Hitler and his Nazi war
machine were sweeping across the European continent. The future of the free world hung in the balance. An isolationist-leaning United States was
an ocean away. There was one man who stood between Hitler’s
seemingly invincible army and crushing defeat. That one man was Winston Churchill. He was born on November 30, 1874. Though we think of him as the quintessential
Englishman, he was actually half American. His mother, Jennie, was the daughter of a
wealthy New York stock speculator. His father, Lord Randolph Churchill, was of
English nobility and a major political figure. From his early school days, Churchill recognized
the power of words. Throughout his life, he used them with consummate
skill. They never let him down. He first made a name for himself as a war
correspondent in the 1890s, covering conflicts in Cuba, Northern India, the Sudan, and South
Africa. Though he never abandoned journalism, and
became one the greatest historians of his age, Churchill used his family connections
and his own fame to launch himself into politics. His confident manner and matchless oratory
marked him as a natural leader. 1914 and World War I found him in the key
position of First Lord of the Admiralty where he did much to modernize Britain’s navy. In 1915, Churchill thought he could bring
a speedy end to the war by opening a new front in Turkey, which he perceived as the weak
link in the German alliance against the allies. This led to the infamous Gallipoli campaign. Badly underestimating the fighting strength
of the Turks, thousands of British, Australian and New Zealand soldiers were killed in battles
that proved to be every bit as indecisive and bloody as the campaigns on Europe’s
Western front. Churchill took the blame. This was perhaps the low point of his life. Dismissed from the war cabinet, five months
later he enlisted in the army, where he saw action in France. He rose again in British politics throughout
the 1920s, making money—as he always did— through his writing and speaking. As Adolph Hitler took power in Germany in
the 1930s, Churchill was one of the first and certainly the loudest voice in England
sounding the alarm. But it was an alarm few in England wanted
to hear. The English had been traumatized, as had all
of Europe, by the shocking amount of death and destruction of the First World War. No one wanted to face the possibility that
it could happen again. Churchill, however, saw that a new confrontation
with Germany was inevitable. And when the inevitable arrived with the stunning
German attack on France in May 1940, a desperate nation turned to him. He was ready. His weapons were his pen, his voice and his
words. “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil,
tears and sweat,” he told the House of Commons in his first speech as Prime Minister. Things quickly turned from bad to worse. France collapsed, Belgium surrendered, and
a quarter of a million British soldiers barely managed to escape from Dunkirk. Even as the war news moved from dangerous
to desperate to disastrous, Churchill never wavered. In speech after speech, he infused the British
with the spirit to fight on against Hitler’s monstrous tyranny. “We shall not flag or fail,” he said after
Dunkirk. “We shall go on to the end. We shall defend our island, whatever the cost
may be…we shall never surrender.” The point about Churchill in 1940 is not that
he stopped a German invasion, but that he stopped the British Government making peace. If Churchill had not been Prime Minister,
the pro-appeasement foreign secretary Lord Halifax would have been. We know that Halifax was open to negotiating
with Hitler. We’d be mistaken to assume that the German
Fuhrer’s terms would not have been reasonable; they would probably have been very reasonable,
as Hitler wanted to fight a one-front war against Russia. And an agreement with Britain would have allowed
him to do just that. Churchill made this impossible. Had he not rallied the British people in the
face of defeat after defeat, preventing Hitler from concentrating his full efforts on Russia,
the entire history of the free world would have been much different. And, undoubtedly, much darker. Because of Churchill’s efforts and the marvelous
resilience of the British people, the United States had an unsinkable “aircraft carrier”
—Britain— from which to mount the liberation of the European continent in June of 1944. For this and so much more, free people everywhere
can thank the greatest man of his age —Winston Churchill. I’m Andrew Roberts for Prager University.

100 comments on “Churchill: The Man Who Saved the Free World

  1. Carpet bombing Dresden and other non military targets, idealized the famine in India, took part in the Boers war….great achivements!!

  2. As a proud Brit, I am forever in debt to the great Winston Churchill, the greatest man to ever live, god bless him

  3. As much as I like this channels videos, this one is a disappointment. I'm not gonna go into too much detail, but note this:
    The British empire ruled half the globe before churchill, after his reign they lost everything slowly but steadily to become the modern day UK no deal brexit country. Wanna know what's the funniest thing? Hitler predicted this in one of his speeches.

  4. This is definetely the most parcial and extreamly biased, non objective analisys i have ever seen on my entire life. The only one who stoped hitler was iosif stalin's red army, who made up for the loss of 130 german divisions, or 7 million man (90% german casualties), at the extreamly high cost of 27 million russian lives. The impact of britain was minimum. Also, without the soviet union, those 7 million soldiers (with 10,000 tanks and planes) lost on the eastern front would have been guarding the coast of france, instead of the 50,000 men that where defending it on D day, leaving 0 chance for a allied asault. But as you are a far right youtube channel, you will prefer to die or manipulate history after recognicing a communist achievement

  5. for gods sake, the British Empire was one of the worst sort of nazism before the actual nazi, it was they who set the standard for concentration camps, churchill even said of his passion for murder and war, that"God forgive me, for i love it so much" today the English still will not, do not accept that they are through colonialism the worst sort of bastard that has ever lived.

  6. Hitler was a boss. Without him, Churchill would have never existed on the historical landscape. He made Churchill. He made all of them. Their names are not their own, but always singularly attached to Hitler's legacy.

  7. The man who save the free world???
    this drunk, is no more than another tyrant, pig, vile and dirty scum, there are his more than 4 million dead thanks to the Bengali famine and this is not taught, because it does not suit them, damn hypocrites and also cursed be the mason and his lies.

  8. Shouldn’t judge people by today’s standards. Different times, different men. Churchill was a man of his time and brought us British people from the brink of annihilation. May he rest in peace ✌️

  9. Douchebaggery as usual by Prager. Asshole….check the facts….Churchill perpetrated the killing of 4 million plus Bengalis in India by depriving them of food grains for 2 years in 1942 and 43. That's was his revenge against bengalis for fighting colonial torture by the Brits.

  10. Thanks Churchill but really thanks to the American and British men who died in Dunkirk and Normandy…. those men went into the devil's butthole and some came out alive….?????????

  11. Technically it was Stalin who saved the free world, although he was a tyrant, without him ww2 could not be won (without USSR).

  12. Winston Churchill quite literally did save England from the Nazis , including defending against corrupt Nazis in "the Crown", several , most repugnantly , Edward VIII & his Nazi wife – the invented " cover story" of his abdicating the throne because of " marrying a commoner" was BOGUS , she was a common Nazi & the couple were intimate friends of adolph hitler's & stayed with him at Eagles Nest , Bavaria, Winston made all the efforts to get the traitor royal out .
    Edward the Nazi who might have been King was sent to be governor general of the Bahamas where he aided the Nazis in many ways ,

  13. I am from Bengal… Churchill was responsible for Bengal famine. He had killed my ancestor by HUNGER.
    I really want to ask west still he is your hero???

  14. As an American, I often feel guilty for how little other Americans know of the sacrifice of Britain for years before the US got involved in WWII. It was literally the last front. Akin to the Spartans. Every modern world citizen owes a debt of gratitude to the UK.

  15. So funny to see that Americans think they put an end to Nazi Germany… it was the Soviet Union who defeated the Nazis, America came just on time to insure that whole Europe would not become communist

  16. Search up on Youtube -> Europa: The Last Battle
    Definitely keep an open mind! We've honestly all been lied to.

  17. Churchill might have been a hero for the West but for Indians, he'll be remembered as a Hinduphobic and a butcher of Indians.

  18. Thanks to him and his handlers, Mosques are being built all over Europe….creating more tension…hardly a recipe for peace

  19. Churchill is responsible for tens of thousands innocent civilians who'm he let burn alive. He isnt any better as Hitler or Stalin.

  20. the UK not only saved the world from nazis and communists but also from american exeptionalism in 1812. the UK was created by god in order kick the asses of evil regimes.

  21. 'We're ready for the decisive war that will destroy Israel' – not an inspiring quote from a senior diplomat but from a mad man in the 2019's – visions of Anti-Semitism in the 1930's of a similar mad man which started a war that killed more than 80 million people on earth – Same EU appeasement of an extreme racist and authoritarian regime hell bent on producing an atom bomb to achieve their goal

  22. Churchill the man who killed 4 million Bengalis and called Indians not live worthy.
    He was worst then Hitler.

  23. As an Indian and more so as a human being, I will never forget Churchill for starving 4 million Bengali people… But when it comes against Jew murdering mass maniac Hitler , Churchill was better… It's not about being good or bad , it's about being less worst..

  24. Praising a man that killed thousands of people in Africa when he was just a young officer?

    How retarded are you?

  25. Churchill saved the free world? Well those millions of people that died had nothing to do with it. Churchill was a war monger.

  26. ….what a terrible, historical shortend report………no word, and not a correct map about the situation of germany after WW1 and the so called "Versailler-treaty". Germany was pressed out in every way…….the industry in the Rhein and Ruhr was occupied by the french……..the polish corridor seperated large parts of ost-preussen from the german weimar republic. In 1929 millions of germans were poor and without a job.
    This were the major reasons for the rise of the national socialists and Hitler.
    One thing in the report is right….but the comment fails in total……not germany declared war to Britain and France……just the other way around is a historical fact. To fight against the this western countries was a reaction of this war-declaration!
    The main target was the ideological enemy……the communists and Stalin (who killed more of his own russian people as during the war with germany). This is no excuse for the terrible holocaust against the jewish people…….but please… not so "one dimensional"…….i' am pissed of about this kind of general anti-german Propaganda.
    The war against Stalin saved west-europe to come under communistic regime (you all know "Warschauer Pakt"….. and communistic dictatorship up to 1989).
    God with us…..and the free nations in Europa.

  27. No man is guilty of his father's sins so no disrespect to German people

    Winston Churchill really was a great man he was the only one who new did the fuhrer of Nazi Germany could not be negotiated with he knew how to use the whole Army he must have read The Art of War because he conducted Total War on his enemy

  28. America was traumatized by WWI too

    The reason the United States of America was such an overwhelming Force in World War II is because everybody remember WWI their brothers their fathers their sons the way they came home they were destroyed no legs no arms half a face they laid in the bed until it they were finally dead they came home instead of being Heroes leaving them on the battlefield like they deserved it was horrible so when the United States went back to war they remembered how their family members came back and they would be damned they came back like that again so everyone every man woman and child old and young clocked in and and would not clock out until the Fathers and Sons came home in one goddamn piece that's the truth

  29. Smoked cigars chronically and was obese, but still lived past 90 years old in the 1900s. This man is not completely human.

  30. Churchill was a bloody racist pig he was responsible for death and killing of millions of Indians because they were not whites or European. Bloody hypocrite Christian murderer

  31. I wont even watch this. What are talking about?? R u serious?? Hitler was about to defeat leftist threat and you are saying the man who fight against hitler was a hero?? I dont know how can ppl be today blinded celebrating the rise of leftism when ww2 was lost. Hitler fought against leftism. Uk was in favor of leftism in ww2. Saying churchill was a hero is the same stupidity we were tought at school. What next? Putin is a hero?

  32. There are so many sources out there that is embarrassing to watch this video that embraces this alcoholic maniac Churchill. He was the one that declare a war to Germany not the opposite. Hitler didnt want a war with the British people

  33. The man was against d day
    (The one thing that worked )
    But he gave good speeches
    And now he is this great war hero ??

  34. I have a doubt , If England had helped Germany to invade Russia wouldnt It be the end of Comunism?( Comunism alone killed more than 100 Million ppl and are destroying still today through the leftists) What was the kind of economy of Nazis? It seems they cured and raised German economy. Anyway Hitlers megalomanic personality and the superior race stuff and the rage to the Judes was crazy and evil.

  35. The only difference between Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler is that Hitler killing 6 million innocent Jews, whereas Churchill starved to death nearly 3 million Indians. A murderer, I wish he burn in hell.

  36. I am no sure whether the people of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania or Bulgaria agree that he saved the free world.

  37. Many comments say Churchill allowed Stalin to occupy Poland and other parts of eastern Europe; Churchill knew very well what Stalin was like, but knew that during the war, he was necessary as an ally against Hitler. Roosevelt, and then Truman, retained too much suspicion of British intentions, and too little of Stalin's. By 1945, Russia had enormous armed forces in possession of much of Europe, so Churchill thought the best he could do was to argue for democratic elections. That didn't go well. My parents lived/fought through the war, so I can testify that (a) they had had enough of war, and (b) had been fed pro-Russian propaganda during the war, so the country was totally unprepared to start fighting people they still thought of as allies. Finally, there were many communist sympathisers, and a Labour government were elected in May 1945, who immediately withdrew recognition from the Polish government in exile in London, and granted it to the Polish government set up by the Russians. (Many Poles in Britain refused to recognise that government, and when they heard what was happening to repatriated Poles, refused to return. My father-in law was one.) The Labour government rapidly realised that Stalin wasn't friendly, but not before they had given him 50 jet engines as a goodwill gesture to Russia, which was copied and made the MIG 15 a formidable fighter. I had a Polish friend (another who thought it dangerous to return) who told me that for the Poles, the war didn't end in 1945. I'm sorry to say that he died before 1989. He was a proud Polish patriot, and a proud British patriot.

  38. Sorry to break it to ya but he wasnt best man ever in what you all call occupied Yugoslavia he(england) suported chetniks they were monsters who fought against croats who were under Hitler sure that sounds very bad to you and yes there were war crimes in that country but that army and that country were not country and army of crimes briths army also stoped that army and handed them over to tito and his monsteres who tormented and killed most of them he is responsible partly for that to

  39. They should of made a non aggression pact with Germany. Then sit back and allow the German and Russians to go to town on eachother. (In the meantime build up the British military) After Russia completely falls to Germany and the German army is best up take action or not. Communist Russian was just as bad as the Nazis.

  40. Does the free world only mean Western Europe and the USA? Because the rest of the world suffered because of this monster and Stalin for decades.
    But those billions don't matter right?
    He saved the bankers, that's all that's important.

    Winston Churchill has the blood of as many people as Stalin on his hands. Hundreds of Millions.

  41. What Britain needs now is a leader similar to Trump stop all these terrorists from entering their country and countries like Canada need to get rid of their pathetic dirty corrupt prime minister they call Little potato Justin Trudeau

  42. I thought Britain and France TOGETHER declared war on Germany after the Germans took over Poland? This video says France fell first?

  43. That man was responsible for the death of 4 million people, a racist man who hated Indians was responsible for the Bengal Famine. You glorify him?? Some times I feel Hitler was much kinder then Churchill a mass murderer

  44. Even though large tracts of Europe and many old and famous States have fallen or may fall into the grip of the Gestapo and all the odious apparatus of Nazi rule, we shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender, and if, which I do not for a moment believe, this island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God's good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old.-Winston Churchill. June 4 1940

  45. Actually it was Bulgaria who destroyed Churchill's army and because of that he lost power.That's the reason he hated bulgarians and called them '' people who say congradulations after bath''.

  46. Europe may look at him as an hero but to us Indians he is worse then hitler. In fact I belive that he was worse then hitler. Due to him the bengal famine happened in 1942 more 2.5 million people died.

  47. Churchill was a villain and if he was alive today he’d put you all jews in your places once he sees how far you went with your anti white agenda

  48. Winston Churchill was nothing more than a selfish mass killer, you want to tell good things say, but also say how if killed millions of people

  49. Socialism is a disease
    it breeds evil and hate
    read Gulag Archipelago and save our future from suffering under Socialism

  50. It's kinda difficult to say Churchill saved the free world when Hitler did so many fatal mistakes, Hitler could have kept all of Europe and build up for years and then develop the best weapons and try again against tiny Britain, or expand into Africa, but Hitler was too dumb as a Commander.

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