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Classic Clips: “Mary Poppins” Costume Quick Change (2011)

Classic Clips: “Mary Poppins” Costume Quick Change (2011)

[music] We’re gonna run this Mary Poppins
quick-change in real time. Are we ready? Yes! Alright. Here we go. I’m exiting. [music] That was fantastic! And what was great is that we got to
see you actually drop the lipstick. Of course, it does. Because
it’s in real flow and it’s backstage. Now you would have to run on whether you could change it or not, the lipstick. You have to go.So you’ve got new hat, new dress, and none of this is to tear away, because
you got to dance and stuff. So you’re gonna go off like you do
in the show, and we’re actually gonna watch you put the clothes back on again in the
same real time change that you do. [music]

28 comments on “Classic Clips: “Mary Poppins” Costume Quick Change (2011)

  1. I love watching this. I play Mary in my school's production, and these changes are RIDICULOUS. It's fun to see exactly how the pros do it. I don't have three or four people helping me (maybe one or two) but it's nice to know how quickly it could go once we get it down pat 🙂

  2. Ah makes me remember the good old days when me and six dancers were literally ripping the clothes of our only male dancer because he had to do a complete outfit and makeup change in two minutes. Poor guy 😉

  3. I was Mrs.Brill in Mary Poppins and I had to help with this exact quick change (Bert also had to get changed at the same time)

  4. during the first one I barely scrolled down to see when the video was posted and by the time I looked up she was completely changed

  5. I have to quick change in 2 minutes! I have to leave stage, put on a dress, style a wig, put it on, move a prop, keep the wig on, and move a wall. (This is from SUPERCAL to Playing the game) lol

  6. I remember bring in a version of the nutcracker where we all were multiple parts, and some parts had different colored tights, so there would be around 30 people bare-ass naked right behind the wings because they had to be in a COMPLETELY different costume in 50 seconds.

  7. I had a quick change that was 1 minute 30 seconds in children of eden from storyteller to animal it was hard.

  8. When I did this show, I had 2 characters who had multiple back to back or one short scene apart quick changes, from a male character to a female character and BOI WAS IT STRESSFULL

  9. We're doing Mary Poppins this year and I am not prepared for the s t r e s s that comes with Jolly Holiday's costume change 😓

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