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Classy Kids Testimonial by 9/8 Central 864-326-5646

Classy Kids Testimonial by 9/8 Central 864-326-5646

When we took over as second generation owners,
we wanted a chance to create what our vision is and how we’re modernizing Classy Kids. And we wanted to capture that in a video to
share with the community what we are now offering and who we are and what our mission is today. I found 9/8 Central and it was exactly what
we wanted. They had quality equipment. It was a great experience from start to finish. The final product of our video was everything
we could have wanted and more. We had 25,000 people see our video. Our phones did not stop ringing off the hook. It brought in a ton of new business because
they were able to capture exactly what we were trying to share with the community.

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