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Climate Change: Warmest Decade on Record

Climate Change: Warmest Decade on Record

2019 was the second warmest year we’ve
seen so far, and in fact it was the warmest year that we’ve seen that didn’t
have a El Nino going on in the Pacific Ocean, that normally warms things up even
more. So that was really an unprecedented scorcher of a year, and I think anybody
who’s been watching the news knows that. You look last summer at what was going
on in Europe, unprecedented heat wave, hotter than ever before. What’s been
going on in Australia more recently, there summer,
literally the whole country’s on fire and that’s a result of these unusually
hot temperatures we’re getting. It’s you know vividly clear that if we don’t stop
releasing these greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, primarily through the burning
of fossil fuels, this warming is just going to continue, and it’s gonna perhaps
get faster and faster, if we burn more and more. So we really have to stop
climate change dead in its tracks if we don’t want to see more
record-breaking years like this, if we don’t want to see more huge
conflagrations of wildfire and drought, if we don’t want to see big changes in
sea level. It all comes back to let’s get out of fossil fuels and move to a
cheaper cleaner renewable energy

6 comments on “Climate Change: Warmest Decade on Record

  1. The problem is that our records only go back to the coldest days of the little ice age. IF you use proxies, we are not the hottest decade in proxy record

  2. "literally the whole country is on fire" this guy is clearly not an articulate, serious academic, but a mawkish activist. Another university who's head honcho's lack intellectual integrity.

  3. Climate Change is a hoax. These academics don't have a clue. The fires in Australia were the result of arson. Check out the latest Global Satellite Temp. Data. NO signs of alarmist warming.

  4. Hey Mr. Overpeck, Can you show me the Alarmist Warming in the Global Satellite Temp. Data? Quit spouting alarmist nonsense….The DATA shows ONLY a 0.8-deg-C temp. rise over the past 40 years, well within NATURAL warming trends. The effect of CO2 is at best half of this…only 0.4-deg-C over the past 40 years. The DAILY temp. change is ~15 deg C.

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