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College Speaker Daniel Lerner: A Metric for Thriving

College Speaker Daniel Lerner: A Metric for Thriving

Positive emotions are one thing. They’re incredibly important. We all want positive emotions. If we’re going to talk about thriving, it’s
a much richer concept. One way of looking at thriving, this is Martin
Seligman’s way, from the University of Pennsylvania, is PERMA. That stands for Positive Emotions, Engagement,
Relationships, Meaning, and Achievement. Each of those are essentially buckets. And we need to have something in each bucket
to be thriving. Even a little bit. They don’t all have to be overflowing, but
we need a little bit of positive emotion, the bare minimum, we need a little bit of
engagement, a little bit of positive relationships, some meaning, and some achievement. Now for some people, they’re really going
to be high on achievement. They want their bucket overflowing with achievement. You know what, if their bucket is dry when
it comes to the R, the relationships, they have no one to share it with. It’s really tough to thrive, no matter how
successful you are, in you have no one to share it with. You can look at relationships, no matter how
many wonderful relationships you have, if you don’t have something meaningful to you,
the M, or something engaging to you, the E, the odds of your thriving go way down. Sports are great because we can measure how
high someone jumps, how fast someone runs. It’s a lot tougher when it comes to emotions. But I think that something like PERMA, or
a number of other metrics that we look at, allow us to measure and get a sense of where
we are and then shoot for a goal that we know will be helpful.

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